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Gaming is my thing.
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Came with extra charge pieces!

15 Nov, 2018
My kids love their PS4 that they got over the summer.  I love when they are able to play it and leave me alone to my quiet time.  But the one charger we had for their controllers stopped wor... read more »

Super soft!

26 Oct, 2018
You never know what you lose and then need again until you move. Recently, I have moved to a new state and into a much tinier home than before.  I now how have hardwood floors and desperately nee... read more »

Great set to carry on the go!

09 Jun, 2018
I have a teenager who is getting into makeup and how to blend.  She needed brushes cause I was tired of replacing mine after she used them.  I have looked at brushes online for a while but I... read more »

Just a basic brush

21 May, 2018
My dog sheds constantly even for a short haired dog.  I am always finding his fur everywhere.  My vet recommended that I get him an undercoat brush as it will help with the shedding problem... read more »

Very powerful mic!

07 May, 2018
I do a lot of gaming and voice-overs on my pc a lot.  So having a good mic is key!  I use my laptop when I am on the go but my professional condenser mic has too much power to it so I needed... read more »

It so soft and Pink!

07 May, 2018
I love the color pink.  All shades of pink and all things pink!  When I came across this rug, I had to have it.  I was at first skeptical because I wasn't sure of the size and if it... read more »

No more rubber hose!

25 Apr, 2018
It's getting to be that time of year where I will plant something in the yard and I have found that all of my hoses are dried out and leak a lot.  I have told the husband we needed a differen... read more »

This is genius!

12 Apr, 2018
I hate cleaning in general.  It seems as soon as I am done and the room is nice and tidy, the kids go in and destroy it in a matter of seconds.  What's worse is cleaning out kitchen and... read more »

Perfect thickness for my car!

30 Mar, 2018
I had these really cheap carpeted floormats from the dealership in my car for the longest time.  They were super cheap as the car I purchased is a used one.  They slid around a lot and folde... read more »

The complete starter kit!

30 Mar, 2018
I am just getting back into painting again.  I'm not a pro, but I do love to paint when I have the chance and challenge myself.  I haven't had the chance to really play with oil pain... read more »

Rechargeable....Enough Said!

16 Mar, 2018
If there is anything you need when it comes to flashlights, its batteries.  We go through batteries like candy in my house.  We are always needing them for everything and when it comes time... read more »

Perfect for that glass of whiskey after a long day!

11 Mar, 2018
We don't usually drink that much here at home.  But every now and then, I love to sit back and drink a whiskey after that very long and drawn out day.  It helps with stress and relaxes m... read more »

Perfect Lighting for my Computer!

11 Mar, 2018
I have always wanted some LED light strips to put behind my dual monitors on my pc.  My pc is decked out in RGB lights on the keyboard, mouse, and even case.  So, adding some lights behind t... read more »

Melts evenly!

05 Mar, 2018
I have always wanted to try waxing from home because most places I go, charge way too much.  After doing my research, I knew that I would need everything so I could get the job done right. ... read more »

Absolutely adorable!

24 Feb, 2018
My girls love saving money in piggy banks of all kinds.  My youngest loves cats and I felt that this peradix money bank would be perfect for her.  This takes two AAA batteries and is ea... read more »

This works amazing!

24 Feb, 2018
I am very sensitive to different kinds of toothpaste and keeping my teeth clean and cavity-free can be a bit challenging.  I have heard about people using activated charcoal for their teeth to wh... read more »

Excellent quality

24 Feb, 2018
So I have done a review on a dash cam before but due to unfortunate circumstances, it fell in my car and broke within a months time.  So, I had to replace it with another one.  This one feel... read more »

Great Camera for outdoors!

17 Feb, 2018
We do a lot of things outdoors when we can.  We have quite the fishing family and love to capture our moments on a camera that has a great resolution.  This underwater sports camera from Zon... read more »

Amazing Brush!

11 Feb, 2018
I have super deep pores on my face and some cleansers do not clean them deep enough.  I have often used facial brushes but the last one I had, didn't clean well. The bristles of the brush wer... read more »

Very quiet

08 Feb, 2018
I have a pretty good marriage for the most part, but sometimes you need to spice it up in the bed.  I have had toys before, but they were all battery operated or too loud.  When you have kid... read more »

No more dust!

08 Feb, 2018
I have used the Swiffer duster religiously for years.  But I hate that I have to buy the refills after I have used it a couple of times.  I live in the south so the dust accumulate... read more »

Best eyeliner ever!

07 Feb, 2018
I hate doing eyeliner on myself.  It has taken years of practice to get that perfect line and perfect wing.  Most of the time I am in such a hurry, I forget to do the wing and just go. ... read more »

Soft and Durable!

05 Feb, 2018
  My husband works as a mechanic on his days off from driving a truck.  He has bent his wedding band so many times just by wearing it to work.  We never thought about getting a repla... read more »

The exact comfort I needed!

02 Feb, 2018
I had a severe spinal and neck injury about 13 years ago due to a wreck.  It has taken a long time to get everything straightened out on my neck as it was the worst part of the injury.  I ha... read more »

Perfect size and perfect color!

31 Jan, 2018
I have two girls and they both love lights in their room.  I usually get the Christmas lights when they are discounted and hang them up, but sometimes, those are not as durable as I would like th... read more »

Love the sparkles in these rings!

27 Jan, 2018
As I have mentioned before, I adore jewelry.  I have not been able to find the right small stackable rings that have the small diamonds all around it that were thin and actually stackable. ... read more »

Absolutely Stunning!

27 Jan, 2018
I have been looking for a replacement engagement set for a while.  I did not want to pay the hefty price of some and I did not want something huge.  I have a beautiful set but sometimes seei... read more »

Comfy and Fold-able!

27 Jan, 2018
Headphones are a must in my house.  Between phones, tablets, laptops and overall noise reducers, we are constantly losing or breaking them.  We go through them a lot.  Especially the on... read more »

Amazing for macro images!

22 Jan, 2018
I am always using my phone more than my actual camera for photos.  It's just easier to take photos with and sometimes those photos come out better than my camera.  This combo lens by YEL... read more »

Great for gaming!

20 Jan, 2018
I love gaming.  It's my thing in life sometimes.  I am a pc gamer so having a great mouse, keyboard, monitors, mic, headset, is always something that I am going through.  I cannot c... read more »

Just set up and go!

20 Jan, 2018
I live in the south metro area of Atlanta, and it has the highest wreck rates in the whole state.  I have an older car that is paid for and I would like to keep that around a bit longer.  My... read more »

Great for costume!

18 Jan, 2018
My daughter is in love with anything cosplay and especially characters that are gothic.  She loves chokers and with this being a pack of 10 different chokers, I knew this would be perfect for her... read more »

Such a great quality

16 Jan, 2018
I am always needing new brushes for makeup.  I use them for just about everything you can imagine.  I also use them for face masks and paints. But finding a great basic set for my everyday w... read more »

Quick and Easy Clean-up!

15 Jan, 2018
I love to use my grill as much as possible.  But my grill racks have gotten a bit dirty and rusty.  I am thankful to have found these grill mats from Wishpool.  I got three pack of them... read more »

Gives my selfies a better glow!

12 Jan, 2018
  Lighting is always important when it comes to photography.  That’s the key factor in getting a great image even on a not so great camera.  Lately, I have found that taking ph... read more »

Easy to grip and clip with!

10 Jan, 2018
Keeping up with your pet's nails can sometimes be a chore.  Sometimes, it can be worse than a chore.  I am fortunate enough that my dog is okay with me clipping away at his nai... read more »

Small and Packs some heat!

07 Jan, 2018
The one thing I hate most about traveling is the packing routine. I am always worried about what hairstyles I want while I am away and what curling irons, straighteners, dryers, and accessories that I... read more »

Sent the stray cats running from my yard!

03 Jan, 2018
My cats are indoor cats.  We have this one tomcat that likes to roam around my house and mark his territory around the base of the house.  We have tried to catch him but he is just too slick... read more »

Finally getting a good nights sleep without the snoring of my daughter waking me up!

03 Jan, 2018
Everyone snores to a certain extent.  Or at least, that’s what I tell myself when I hear myself or my girls snoring.  I know I snore.  But mine is due to my neck not being in prop... read more »

It works really nicely with my hair!

03 Jan, 2018
As I get older, I get more and more worried about the amount of hair I lose when I wash it. I feel like I have bald spots that are visible and I am always self-conscious about it. I want to prevent it... read more »

Left my body completely moisturized for days!

03 Jan, 2018
I love body scrubs. I don’t use them as much as I should but when I do, I fall in love with them. But, some scrubs leave my body very dried out and I have to put extra lotion on myself. With the... read more »

My dog can't get enough of these!

03 Jan, 2018
I just cannot get enough of these Jack&Pup dog treats and neither can my dog.  They have made some awesome jerky and the size of them are amazing.  This jerky is made with grass-fed... read more »

Amazing quality for a security cam

28 Dec, 2017
We are now in an age where security cameras are a necessity.  Whether it's to check on your baby down the hall or to keep an eye on your own property, this has become the most vital... read more »

Natural and Grass-fed Beef

23 Dec, 2017
My dog is getting really spoiled lately with all these bones I have been giving him. But honestly, I am okay with that. These bones are great for him. They digest well and I am glad to know that they... read more »

My dried hair is now soft and healthy again!

23 Dec, 2017
I bleached my hair blonde on a whim back in October of 2016. My hair hasn't been the same since. It severely dried it out and it's been a long journey of hair treatments, cutting the damaged o... read more »

Humane and no touch!

23 Dec, 2017
I have two cats and you would think that I would not have a problem with mice. Well, I don’t for the most part. But I do hear them scurrying in the attic from time to time. We keep our storage s... read more »

Keeps my dog busy and are great for his gums!

23 Dec, 2017
Since the knuckle bones from @jackandpup were a hit with my dog, I picked up the rib bones too. Of course, he loves them. He loves them so much that I found the bag of them in his kennel. Thank goodne... read more »

My feet have never been so soft!

23 Dec, 2017
Most pedicures you get come with a nice scrub down on your feet and ankles. I am in love with all the products I have tried with @CalilyLife so far, so I tried their tea tree body and feet scrub. Just... read more »

Helps my back so much!

23 Dec, 2017
I was in a pretty bad car wreck when I was 17. I have had problems with my spine and neck being in alignment since then. I go to the chiropractor every chance I can but sometimes you have to do things... read more »

Best foot soother!

23 Dec, 2017
I love going to get pedicures done but they can be quite costly. I am always on the look-out for great products where I can do my own pedicure at home that doesn’t have a high price tag. After a... read more »

Amazing mask that shrinks pores.

23 Dec, 2017
My oldest daughter has hit the age of puberty where her skin is full of acne. I have been teaching her the importance of her skin care routine is but some of the products we have been using are lackin... read more »

Neat little trap!

23 Dec, 2017
I love my pets very much. They are like my kids. But sometimes these kids have unwanted guests that live within their fur. Fleas. Especially being in the warmer area, fleas are always a problem when i... read more »

Plug it in and forget!

23 Dec, 2017
I live in the south. No matter how clean your house is or how many time pest control comes to your house, you will always have those bugs that just appear in your house. We have anything from fleas, t... read more »

Perfect for on the go!

23 Dec, 2017
Guitar picks are a necessity when your daughter is learning to play.  She loses hers constantly.  She just seems to misplace them or they get lost somewhere in the house.  She never rea... read more »

Better than my Astro A40's mic!

20 Dec, 2017
I am an online gamer via pc.  I love making videos and editing them for tutorials for other people to see.  My mic has been an issue as of lately due to it being the one from my webcam. ... read more »

Colorful and very effective!

20 Dec, 2017
You always need a spatula in the kitchen.  No matter what the task is, its always a needed thing.  I usually get the ones that have various sizes, but something my mom taught me a while ago,... read more »

Beautiful piece!

18 Dec, 2017
My daughter is obsessed with guitars and learning more about them.  She pointed out that she could do a lot more notes if she had a capo and could incorporate that with her lessons.  I came... read more »

A great way to relax

16 Dec, 2017
After a long day of being a mom and the stresses that go with it, I love to relax in my jacuzzi tub with bubbles. I love all types of bubble baths but I will take anything that will relax me quicker t... read more »

Amazing cleansing duo!

16 Dec, 2017
I have always struggled with shampoo and conditioners that actually cleanse properly. Some of the mainstream stuff just doesn’t cut it. Becoming the natural junkie I have shifted into these past... read more »

The must have for a kids kindle!

14 Dec, 2017
I picked up a kindle fire 7 while it was on sale for Black Friday.  My daughter lives on her kindle and the one she has now the charge port is loose and its getting the normal wear and tear... read more »

Quickest Charge I have seen in a while!

14 Dec, 2017
As I have mentioned in another review, chargers are always something needed in my house.  And its not just the cables, we also need the adapters so we can plug them into the wall. ... read more »

Beautifully crafted!

13 Dec, 2017
My oldest is very musically inclined.  She taught herself how to play the piano before she entered kindergarten.  Musical instruments have always been a necessity in my h... read more »

Absolute love this!

13 Dec, 2017
I am approaching my mid 30s soon and I am starting to see fine lines and wrinkles in my face.  As much as I would love to reverse my age and go back to my early 20s, I know&nb... read more »

Great for phone without a bulky case!

12 Dec, 2017
I am always dropping my phone while I am driving my car.  I do not have that fancy center console that has a cell phone holder and my cup holder doesn't really do.  So, having a place to... read more »

Natural and Effective

10 Dec, 2017
I have natural dark circles under my eyes and have since I was a kid. When I saw that the Hyaluronic acid + vitamin E eye gel from Calily Life helps reduce those dark circles, I just had to give a try... read more »

Cat proof and in Pink!

09 Dec, 2017
The one thing that my household is always in need of are charging USB cables for our phones and tablets.   I have two kids that&nb... read more »

Durable and quiet!

06 Dec, 2017
If you have a lot of technology like I do, you will know how important it is to keep it nice and cool at all times.  I use my notebook a lot and it tends to get really hot and will shut off to ke... read more »

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