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Lovely Hamper!

04 Dec, 2017
Good little hamper for the bathroom or a corner in a room. It's a lot sturdier than I expected (never had bamboo before) &  I've also never had one like this that you could fold... read more »

Works nicely

04 Dec, 2017
Great charging station. Works wonderfully & does a great job charging all my devices with no overheating or shorting. The cord is has decent length to reach where I need.   #RankBoosterRev... read more »

Wish I tried this sooner!

29 Nov, 2017
I have 3 Norwegian Forest Cats that have very long, thick coats that tend to shed often when the heat is high in the house. My couch covers seem to be a fur magnets & collect it all. I have the va... read more »

No flaws.

18 Nov, 2017
I just got this scale today & it's so great I'm already doing a quick review. I also submitted a demonstration with the nickel test that's waiting on approval. Excellent scale for w... read more »

I'm a happy camper

16 Nov, 2017
What an awesome hair straightener, I couldn't be more pleased. & it's pink!  It's a lot less bulky than my old one, way nicer looking, too. I needed an upgrade.  The pa... read more »

Great Replacement

15 Nov, 2017
This is a great replacement charger for my Samsung Galaxy. The original charger that came with my phone wouldn't charge it to 100% anymore after an update Samsung installed. I order... read more »

I think I'm a ZoiyTop fan

11 Nov, 2017
This is a fantastic option for anyone who loves to do their own nails. This little UV Lamp performs just as well as the ones at the Salon. It's very light & easy to travel with, it&#... read more »

Perfect LED lamp

08 Nov, 2017
Fantastic Desk Lamp. It's exactly as described & works wonderfully. Very cool space saving design. It came in the nicest packaging I've ever seen! The quality is A+. Don't let the... read more »

Better than Revlon

06 Oct, 2017
I am blown away by the greatness of these tweezers! They are amazing & work just as they should. Better than any name brand I've had, for sure. & the little pouch the tweezers came in, is... read more »

Incredible Value

06 Oct, 2017
I work at an Auto Parts Store (won't say which), & we sell 10 piece fuse kits for $5.This is an unbelievably good deal! From my experience so far, they've been great in both quality &am... read more »


26 Sep, 2017
I've never tried anything like this before but decided to try something different & I had fun doing it. This Hair Coloring Chalk is a great novelty item that you can enjoy yourself & even... read more »

Light Up the Night

15 Sep, 2017
What a cool thing to have a kids party! My nephews party was a hit with a couple of these Disco Balls lighting up the livingroom night!!  The lights are much brighter than expected. I'm ve... read more »

LovKitchen never disappoints!

08 Sep, 2017
ANOTHER great product from LovKitchen! Soon, my entire kitchen will be filled with LovKitchen This is great for making small or individual meals. You could use it for large meals as well, but you&#... read more »

Pocket Buddy

08 Sep, 2017
This is a nice, simple little speaker. Cool design, works well, it's small & easy to carry around. It's small enough that I can stick it in the back pockets of my jeans. It also has volume... read more »

Worth More Than Priced

29 Aug, 2017
HOLY WOW!!! First of all, the nicest packaging I've ever seen. I never talk score packaging but this was worth mentioning. You will be impressed as well. I've provided pictures for you. You... read more »

Good Little Speaker

26 Aug, 2017
Such a small speaker to make big noise! read more »

Everyone Needs This

26 Aug, 2017
The clutter in the back of my SUV was irritating!! Constantly hearing things rolling around, banging on the sides & tailgate everytime I turned a corner! I needed something big enough to hold it a... read more »

Look No Further

22 Aug, 2017
If you're looking for the best clip on lens kit, look no further, this one hits the jackpot. This kit includes 2 lenses, wide & macro, phone clip, cleaning cloth & a cute carrying pouch... read more »

Great Brand!!

18 Aug, 2017
In my humble opinion this is a top of the line Bluetooth ear piece. Perfect clarity on both ends of the call, no static, no delay. It fits well on my ear with the sleeve, a bit loose without. It's... read more »

Nice Groomer for Men

17 Aug, 2017
Great kit! Got for my dad & loves it. He said it's better than the last one that he paid a lot more for! He said he never had one with a stand like this one has. A nice little display so yo... read more »

Who knew!

16 Aug, 2017
Simplicity at its finest! Good little nail dryer that works well. Definitely better than getting lightheaded from blowing on wet nails, or waving my hands around! I usually only use the 90 secon... read more »

Best Budget Tracker on the Market

15 Aug, 2017
This is one of the best Fitness Trackers I've tried.. I've tried a few, & I usually end up returning them. Not this one. I was blown away by the features it has. It does more than your... read more »

Nifty Belt

13 Aug, 2017
This Fanny Pack, as ridiculous as it may look, is somewhat genius- the perfect buddy to hold all my stuff, & it can hold a quite a bit! I get the best use out of this when I go to my nephews ba... read more »

Good to have.

13 Aug, 2017
Neat adapter kit that allows you to convert data cables to either, Apple or Android. Perfect for people who bounce between Apple & Android devices, also for people who accidentally ordered the wro... read more »

Problem Solver

12 Aug, 2017
I never want to go back to the life I had before this organizer! Before this, I had everything thrown in a bin with no dividers or cubbies. It was annoying, & it took too long to find what I ne... read more »

Awesome speaker

09 Aug, 2017
AWESOME SPEAKER!!  This is a great value for what this Bluetooth speaker has to offer. It's a bit heavier than I anticipated but still very portable.  I was WOW'd when I heard th... read more »

Very nice knives

08 Aug, 2017
Holy cow!! Don't let the ceramic blade fool you, these are SHARP!! I have to be honest, I thought these knives were going to feel cheap & dull... they are NOT. I love this set, it's ve... read more »

Perfect Mini Tripod

08 Aug, 2017
I could rant & rave about this mini flexible tripod all day long because it's amazing! Wonderful addition to my Canon PowerShot accessories. I like to consider myself an amateur photographe... read more »

Great Buy

08 Aug, 2017
Another great product from LovKitchen. Again, as with the ceramic knife set, I was expecting this to be cheaply made, & again, I was very wrong. This slicer seems to be solid, not flimsy in any... read more »

Worth a try

01 Aug, 2017
I've been seeing a lot of hype over these silicone makeup applicators so I thought I'd try them out. These sponges are great for applying liquid foundation evenly. I found that I use a lot... read more »

Nice gadget

01 Aug, 2017
Good little arm pouch. I've been wanting one for a while.    There's a big pocket that zips, & a front pocket has a flap that is kept closed with velcro. I usually keep my... read more »

True Love

31 Jul, 2017
A spinner for your phone! Yes! I'm a spinner fanatic, I have them in every shape, size & form. Of course I was excited to see this. It's a spinner, it's a phone stand, & a grip. I... read more »

Cool Accessory

31 Jul, 2017
Very cool accessory for a phone! Especially for amateur photography. I take a million photos a day & so far this has been great for quick shots on the go. Good value for what you get! This lens... read more »

Perfect for any activity!

28 Jul, 2017
Great for Kayaking! Provides WONDERFUL protection!! I wear it around my neck & don't have to worry about losing or ruining my phone. My phone is fully functional inside the dry bag... I'... read more »

Best On-The-Go Spinner

26 Jul, 2017
The best spinner for on-the-go fidgeting. I don't usually like to take any of my spinners with me when I leave the house because I'm scared of losing, scratching, or dropping them, so, of cour... read more »

Best On-The-Go Spinner

26 Jul, 2017
The best spinner for on-the-go fidgeting. I don't usually like to take any of my spinners with me when I leave the house because I'm scared of losing, scratching, or dropping them, so, of cour... read more »

Better to have & not need..

26 Jul, 2017
I picked this up because I'd like to think of myself as prepared. This Survival Kit by Micogo is a great addition to one of my 'Bug-Out Bags'. I have a couple ready to go in case that D... read more »

it's got more than one use!

25 Jul, 2017
Well, I got this little pouch because I loved the look & materials it's made of, but I am not using it for its intended purpose  This little pouch was designed to carry AirPods to use... read more »

A Good Buy

21 Jul, 2017
WOW. That's the first thing I have to say about this SEREE Camcorder. For the price, I never expected such a well made piece of equipment. I'm very picky when it comes to quality in my cameras... read more »

Great Compact Phone Stand!

21 Jul, 2017
This is the cutest phone stand I think I've ever seen. It's so cute, & compact, simple & effective. It's made of a lighter wood, perfectly crafted with smooth edges all around- th... read more »

I got 2!

20 Jul, 2017
Very light aluminum spinner, great for kids. It's a fast one, & produces a 3+ spin time. There is no wobble. There is feedback as all Bar spinners have.. people seem to confuse the differ... read more »

Decent Bar Spinner

20 Jul, 2017
Very light aluminum spinner, great for kids. It's a fast one, & produces a 3+ spin time. There is no wobble. There is feedback as all Bar spinners have.. people seem to confuse the difference... read more »

Excellent for Techies

19 Jul, 2017
This little storage case for memory cards is so nice! No idea why it took me so long to get one. I finally have a place to store my cards neatly, in the same place. I needed this badly because I have... read more »

Entertained For Days!

17 Jul, 2017
My  Rainbow Tri didn't come with the cool Maibtkey button as showed in pic but since the spinner is so great itself, I'll let that slide lol No, really, I can't complain, especiall... read more »


14 Jul, 2017
NONI Mini Titanium Fidget Spinner WOW!! I'm so impressed, (obvious?) with this little spinner. I don't think I've been this excited over one, yet, until now. It's tiny! & perfe... read more »

Give it a try!

14 Jul, 2017
I'm very happy with my spinner from these guys. It's GREAT for kids as it's very, very light but it's the smoothest & quietest Claw spinner I have so far.  I get at least 1... read more »

Not a good spinner

14 Jul, 2017
Drowsebuster LLC Snow White Fidget Spinner This is a good spinner for kids, I wouldn't recommend for adults. It just feels cheap all around. Doesn't spin very long, can't get 2 minutes... read more »

Staying Hydrated!

14 Jul, 2017
This Raniaco hydration bladder works way better than the way I've been doing things. I've been going on 'nature walks' throughout the  Pittsburgh trails, & the water bottle I... read more »

Greatest Kitchen Scissors, ever.

13 Jul, 2017
Chef Jacques has designed the best pair of Kitchen Scissors I've ever used. They are light, & comfortable to grip, no slip, smooth & SHARP!  Has an ambidextrous handle, so it's ma... read more »

Handy Dandy

10 Jul, 2017
This steamer works great! Surpassed my expectations. It's nice & lightweight, comfortable to hold.  & small enough to travel with- would fit snuggly in a corner of a suitcase. Only an... read more »

Fantastic Spinner!

10 Jul, 2017
Very interesting spinner! This is hands-down the coolest spinner I have.   Beautifully constructed, very light-weight gear spinner. Wonderful craftsmanship. I get easily mesmerized watching... read more »

Great item!

08 Jul, 2017
I needed a set of stainless steels bowls to replace the plastic ones for my outside cats. The plastic bowls were giving one of my cats 'chin acne' a common problem due to the bacteria build up... read more »

Great for kids & adults!

08 Jul, 2017
This is a very lightweight spinner, & spins SO smoothly, I love it. I only get about a minute of spin time but spin time isn't always what makes a spinner a good one. I enjoy this one very mu... read more »

The best!

05 Jul, 2017
Great Tea Infuser! I must say, I love it!  This little guy is made of Stainless Steel, it is beautifully designed, & well constructed.  The holes are sooo tiny that none of the loose... read more »

I'm in love

01 Jul, 2017
WooCool Stainless Steel Spinner I've got maybe 20 spinners in my fidget collection now mostly made of Aluminum, brass or plastic & now one Stainless Steel. I'm excited to have this new... read more »

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