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Wife loves it

27 Dec, 2019
Simple, flat mat (no padding, fluf -- just flat textured, weaved like mat). Nice size for bathroom or entryway. read more »

Exactly as advertised -- all in one power station

08 Jul, 2019
Having a new phone with a wireless charger, I was looking for a product that would let my phone stand up. This adds benefits of additional plug options (and who doesn't want those). So far loving... read more »

Had others before that loved -- these didn't last

04 Feb, 2019
Maybe I got a defect, but these worked great for a week (took me a little time to get put up). The were fun to change colors, although we typically left them as white (although they looked a little bl... read more »

Good shorts - maybe a little big

26 Dec, 2018
Seems exactly as advertised. Nice material, light weight and moisture wicking (although haven't put to extreme test). If anything, seems they run just a little bigger than I would have expected (&... read more »

Didn't find helpful - could be my issue beyond simple mouth guard

26 Dec, 2018
In fairness, I have been struggling with cold/congestion/sore throat for over a week, but I just couldn't get used to having this appliance in my mouth to sleep. I had to be truly exhausted to act... read more »

Light weight, super long sleeping pad

04 Dec, 2018
First thing I noticed about the #AKKEE pad is that it is super long ... being only 5'9", this isn't typically an issue for me anyway, and the integrated pillow adds to the length, but it... read more »

Don't over expect, but good wallet

28 Nov, 2018
In fairness, the #Piboshi Slim Minimalist wallet works as advertised. It is pretty small, while still holding multiple cards, cash, etc.  I was probably holding some unrealistic expectations that... read more »

Look ma, no cords!

28 Nov, 2018
Love the #AOTINA Echo Dot mount. We are so tired of all the cords around the house (on the counter, under the window ledge, sticking out of corners), this is an awesome alternative (plus the kids don&... read more »

Only used a few times, but love it so far

28 Nov, 2018
The #Tohsssik Air Fryer is a lot bigger than I expected (I was thinking toaster oven, and it takes about the same footprint on the counter, but it is so tall it won't fit under the cabinet). Assid... read more »

Totally nerding out over these UPDATED

20 Nov, 2018
Love these things! So easy to set up (instructions not only in English, but they MAKE SENSE!). Can rename each plug and easy to see on app. Turn on/off remotely, program for timer, even turn all on/of... read more »

Works pretty well -- dogs are not fans (yet)

11 Nov, 2018
While the dogs haven't gotten used to it yet, the Pecute Dog Nail Griner seems to work well. Not noisy at all (at first, I didn't know if it was on), seems to grind away at the toe nails witho... read more »

So far so good -- look really nice and fairly comfortable

14 Oct, 2018
The Camel men's dress shoe is a no nonsense leather upper with rubber sole. Fairly comfortable (I use them for work in a general office environment, but spend a fair amount of time walking between... read more »

Good off-brand tracker

20 Jul, 2018
Tracker was purchased for my son's birthday which is coming up, so this hasn't been used extensively yet. So far, seems to track accurately (used while using my own tracker). Display is nice a... read more »

Good earbuds for the price

20 Jul, 2018
Excellent earbuds for the price. Truly wireless, they have the advertised 4-6 listening time (I can't tell you talk time, I haven't used them that way). Decent sound quality (nothing amazing,... read more »

Good flood light

22 May, 2018
Good, solid light. Hinged arm for easy positioning, that can be adjusted for holding in a specific position. Allen wrench tightends the hinge to hold. Only con, the light is a direct plug with no swit... read more »

Get what you pay for, I guess

14 May, 2018
My wife and I (both fairly tech savvy) struggled to get this "smart" watch to pair and sync with her Samsung Galaxy 8 Note. Documentation is non-existent (the little bit they provide is... read more »

Won't sync with iPhone 6

14 May, 2018
Documentation is non-existent for this "smart" watch (the little bit they provide is 6 point type, broken english, and more just "what colors are available" than anything useful to... read more »

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