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So cute!

30 Nov, 2020
I couldn't resist putting this on our front door.    Super cute and an excellent value.     ????   read more »

Great for the novice and the artistic

29 Nov, 2020
I love doodling  while others in my family are fantastic at drawing.    These are  great and easy to use. read more »

Great gadget for whipped creamer

28 Nov, 2020
I use this powerful frother for creamy coffee.   Recommend.  read more »

Great to keep hydrated

19 Nov, 2020
Great water bottle that you can use for your favorite  herbs, lemon or fruit.  Recommend.     read more »

So cute!

16 Nov, 2020
I got this as a gift for a friend and fellow cat lover.  So ???? cute! read more »

Fits well and it's made well. Super fun button up shirt for men.

09 Jun, 2019
Got this for my son.  He loves it.  It is made very well and fits true to size.  Very happy with my purchase. read more »

I love this soft medium weight robe.

13 May, 2019
This is a soft and comfy robe.  Size is true to fit and it is soft and luxurious.  I love the hood too.  Attention to detail went into this robe.  It is a great value.  I have... read more »

Works with my Samsung devices. We all have Samsung phones and this charging stand charges the

12 May, 2019
We all have Samsung phones and this charging stand charges them all so fast.   We keep this one in the kitchen, so every can use it.  Saves us so much time waiting around for our phones... read more »

Best Collar Yet. I got one for each dog. Leash is really great too.

12 May, 2019
Lilly loves her new collar and leash set.  I got hers first.  She liked it so much, I ordered a second one for Shamus, so they match.   These are really well made, don't confus... read more »

I have a cleaner clearer face

11 May, 2019
This facial brush rocks!  I have been using it with my favorite cleansing cream and I have really noticed a difference.  Way less blackheads and my pores are smaller.  This is a great b... read more »

best battery operated tea lights with a remote control

06 May, 2019
These are the prettiest tea lights that I own.  Set the timer, and beautiful glowing candles will fill the room with peaceful lighting.  Great price and a great product. read more »

Why pay twice as much for the exact same Replacement brushes?

23 Apr, 2019
These are great.  They look and feel just like the name brand only these are way less expensive.  Recommend. read more »

You will feel like a purrfect Princess in it.

19 Apr, 2019
So cute and comfortable.  Well made and a great price. read more »

Loved it.

14 Apr, 2019
Great tweezers.  Perfect for those short little eyebrow hairs.  Recommend. read more »

Some of the best green tea you will ever try.

09 Apr, 2019
This tea is wonderful.  Smooth and relaxing and so refreshing.  Great price too. Recommend. read more »

Cute Sweat Pants Especially for those of us who love cats.

09 Apr, 2019
Very well-made and true to size, these sweatpants are so comfortable to wear and look adorable too.  Easy to wash and dry.  Recommend. read more »

Super cute and protects clothing beautifully

05 Apr, 2019
This is a super cute oil proof cooking apron.  It even has pockets!  You can adjust the top straps for the best fit.  Comfortable too.  Recommend. read more »

Lightweight and Super Comfortable

03 Apr, 2019
These fit my son perfectly.  They are lightweight and made very nicely.  Comfortable and Stylish too. read more »

Everything about it is Luxury!

02 Apr, 2019
What an amazing find.  A beautiful box with all the extras that the consumer needs.  It comes with an awesome glass jar that is airtight and gorgeous.  Great grinder for the herbs.... read more »

Luxury at a great price.

13 Mar, 2019
I love this robe.  Everything from the sewing to the cut of the fabric is luxury.   Keeps me warm at night and it's washable.  I love it. read more »

Really fun to use

13 Mar, 2019
Join in the fun.  Turn up the music and start drumming.  Very fun for kids and adults. read more »

Perfect for starting my seedlings indoors.

07 Mar, 2019
Great lights.  You get 3 in 1 and the price is great.   It has a timer and dimmable modes too.   My new seedlings love it. read more »

Great fun for kids and adults

06 Mar, 2019
We have bongos and a steel drum here at the house.  We had a party and everyone loved playing the instruments.   These Marimba Mallets held up really well.  Great sound from them a... read more »

Fun for hours

04 Mar, 2019
What to get the kitty that has everything?   This Electric toy is amazing.  It keeps my cat entertained for hours.  Best device yet for a cat toy.  My cat loves it and recomme... read more »

Really easy to use these.

26 Feb, 2019
I thought why not try these towelette tanners.  They looked easy to use and I was rather pasty looking.   Thank goodness they make your skin a lovely light tan color.  Very impress... read more »

Great Light for starting my seedlings indoors.

21 Feb, 2019
Big enough to use on my 2 big trays of seedlings.  Very well-made and I will use it for years to come.  Love it. read more »

Best Colored Pencil Set

17 Feb, 2019
I have purchased many colored pencil sets and this one is the best.  Colors are vibrant and go on smooth.  They blend easily and are very artist friendly.  Huge set that will last a ver... read more »

Luxury at a great price.

17 Feb, 2019
I love this throw blanket.  It keeps me warm while I watch television.  The microfiber is so soft and feels luxurious.  The inside is soft and warm.  I have seen blanket throws tha... read more »

Super Cute for my hubby

11 Feb, 2019
I am giving this to my hubby for Valentine's Day.  It is really cute and well made.  This way, my husband is always reminded of how much I love him.  Get one for your husband for hi... read more »

Great Palette that will fix any flaw

09 Feb, 2019
I just love this contour palette.  It has everything you need to have a flawless looking face.  I will never use anything else.  Recommend. read more »

My son loves this Hoodie!

31 Jan, 2019
Brilliant colors and true to size.  Well made from zipper to seams.  Recommend! read more »

Great Lighted Mirror perfect for my purse.

31 Jan, 2019
Good quality mirror.  Rotates so you can use it easily to see other angels, not just front view.   Mirror is a very good quality and it's a great price. read more »

Everything you need to keep your nails in shape.

30 Jan, 2019
Compact so it can go wherever you go.  Keep it in your purse for those times you break a nail.  It even buffs!  Recommend. read more »

Great Colors that apply nicely.

26 Jan, 2019
Great price for this palette.  I really like the glow it adds to my face.  Recommend. read more »

Even prettier than I expected.

26 Jan, 2019
It is gorgeous.  You can custom fit it to your wrist.  Looks like an expensive piece of jewelry.  Love it. read more »

Big sound from a small speaker.

25 Jan, 2019
Great sound.  I use it to listen to my audible books, music outside.  Such a great price for a terrific portable speaker. read more »

So cute and washes really well.

24 Jan, 2019
Very impressed with this mat.  I am using it in my kitchen by the sink.  It is think and absorbent, and so adorable too.  I have washed it 5 times  and it still looks brand new.&nb... read more »

Very Nice Kit with everything you will need.

24 Jan, 2019
My son took my last sewing kit and I found this one online at a very reasonable price.  Comes with everything that you need to fix and repair clothing.  It even comes with a tape measure and... read more »

If you are short like me, these will fit you perfectly!

22 Jan, 2019
I am 5'1'' and these pants fit me perfectly!   No having to roll them up from the top.  They fit great!  Very comfortable too.  I am getting more of these because... read more »

Perfect Size for my fridge

22 Jan, 2019
I was looking for a glass pitcher that was the perfect size and I found it.  Fits in the fridge but still holds 60 ounces of you favorite beverage.  It has a strainer so you can add your fav... read more »

Great Colors and it comes with a bonus make up remover.

16 Jan, 2019
Love these great colors.  They go on very nicely and last all day.  I get compliments all the time on the colors.  Recommend. read more »

Every Color you will ever need

16 Jan, 2019
Goes on soft and smooth.  Lasts a very long time.  Great colors.  Happy with this great deal. read more »

What a lovely gift this makes.

15 Jan, 2019
Even more beautiful than the pictures show.  It makes a lovely gift, especially when you add a bottle of sake with it.  I purchased two of them since they were such a great price. Recommend. read more »

Every household should have one.

07 Jan, 2019
What happens when the power goes out?   Everything.  Now you can feel safer with this power bank.  You can charge it by plugging it in or by solar.  You won't ever be with... read more »

Make every night a magical night with these beautiful solar stake lights.

04 Jan, 2019
I love these stake lights.  So beautiful and whimsical at night.  They stay light from evening until dawn.  Easy to assemble.  Very well-made too.  Recommend. read more »

Great sound from a small speaker

04 Jan, 2019
We are using this every evening to listen to our Audible books.  The sound is crisp and clear.  It sounds great outside too.  Big sound for a little speaker.  Well made and just th... read more »

Every household should have one.

31 Dec, 2018
Tape measures are now a thing of the past!  Measure accurately every time with this laser Measure.   Works for almost 400 feet!   So easy to use.  I think everyone should... read more »

Super Fun for Hours. My cats love it.

31 Dec, 2018
From the minute I put it down andspun some of the balls, they came running.  Well made, nothing comes apart while they are playing.  Just enough stimulation to  keep them interested in... read more »


28 Dec, 2018
This one little Music Player does more than just play music!  Comes with a charging cable too.  Best sound, and you can store a ton of stuff on this including pictres.  Use it as a voic... read more »

I know these are for nail Polish but they are great for intricate work on all painted surfaces.

27 Dec, 2018
I love this brush set.  I use them to create small designs on rocks, glassware, ect.  They don't shed and are well made. read more »

Magical and It will last for years.

27 Dec, 2018
We don't have to bother with bulb lights anymore.  This is an amazing show that projects onto the entire front of our house.  Everyone loves it.  Recommend. read more »

Cute Stocking Stuffer

26 Dec, 2018
Very well made and soft.  I gave it to my daughter as a socking stuffer and she loves it.  Recommend. read more »

Changes Colors and it is so beautiful day or night

24 Dec, 2018
I love this solar Hummingbird windchime.  It is very vivid even in daylight.  The daylight sparkles off each hummingbird.  At night, they light up beautifully.  Makes a great gift... read more »

This is the nicest mattress pad I have seen.

19 Dec, 2018
Thick and well made.  Very soft and looks very absorbent.  Purchased it for our guest room.  Now I have to order one for my bed as well. Recommend. read more »

Very Strong for such a compact Heater

18 Dec, 2018
Wow this heater is very strong.  2 Settings.  It will keep an entire bedroom warm and toasty.  I only wish it had a fan to blow air as well.  Otherwise, super well made and very af... read more »

Best Corn light for your money.

16 Dec, 2018
I have purchased several of these Corn Lights for an outdoor Greenhouse.  I have seen my plants grow bigger and healthier using these lights.  They don't pull very much electricity and c... read more »

What to get your kid this Christmas.

15 Dec, 2018
3 D graphics make this a bold and stand out sweatshirt.  Full hoodie with zipper.  My son loves it.  Get a size up for those who like a roomier fit.  So cute and washes really well... read more »

Our furry friends love the Holidays too.

15 Dec, 2018
Our dogs really do think they are part of the family.  So, we got them a bag full of Christmas chew toys.  Nice big bag with squeeky and non squeeky chew toys.  They look very well made... read more »

He said he needed socks...

12 Dec, 2018
So I got him a huge pack of socks at a great price.  Super cute and fun to wear.   They also hold up beautifully.  Recommend. read more »

Cutest and Warmest Slipper Socks.

11 Dec, 2018
Love, Love, Love.  Super cute and fit well.  Soft warm and cozy.  I got a few pairs as gifts for loved ones as well. Recommend. read more »

One of the cutest SweatShirts of the year.

11 Dec, 2018
My son loves these cat themed sweatshirts.  This is the nicest one.  Great fit and so well made.  Recommend. read more »

Great Holiday Gift

09 Dec, 2018
I puchased several of these slipper socks.   They are very thick and warm and fit well too.  I bought a pair for myself and a few for Christmas gifts.  I have already washed them a... read more »

How cute is this for your small dog!

08 Dec, 2018
First let me say these run very small.  My dog is 20 lbs and he wears a large.  Now for the good part, it is the cutest snap up sweatshirt ever.  Shamus gets really cold and he loves th... read more »

How cute are these?

08 Dec, 2018
Unisex socks that are so cute and fun to wear.  Super well-made and stay up!  My family loves them and the price is good too.  Recommend. read more »

Perfect Bath Robe for Cold Nights

05 Dec, 2018
I needed a new bathrobe and this one caught my eye.  It comes in lots of colors too.  Fit is true to size and it is very well-made.   The best part about this robe are the ties.&nb... read more »

Nothing Ugly About It. Super Cute Christmas Cats Sweat Shirt.

02 Dec, 2018
Too cute!  Fits as described and is very well-made.  Cutest design that is perfect for men or women.  A great gift for someone who loves Cats.  Recommend. read more »

great light for your winter seedlings

06 Nov, 2018
Perfect for my starter plants.  I love the timer feature and you can use this multidirectionally.  It's so useful and well made.  Very happy,., read more »

super cute gift for her

17 Sep, 2018
First, let me say this isn't a big coffee mug.  Now, here is what to love about it.  It's adorable and well-made.  The fish where you put your tea is solidly put together and no... read more »

Easy to Operate and Works as well as the big name brands.

29 Aug, 2018
I am very happy with my new water flosser.  Easy to operate and clean.  Comes with a really big selection of irrigation tools.  Why pay more for a big name brand when you can save money... read more »

No more wrestling with sticky tape! This is washable.

18 Jul, 2018
Great for our never ending pet hair.  Takes off the pet hair on our sofa and our clothing.  This is much more cost efficient and is much easier to use.  Great bonus gifts too. ... read more »

No flame but lots of heat!

17 Jul, 2018
It's so much safer than a flame.  Plasma lighter!  It's rechargable which is a lot less expensive than re-fillable.  My go to lighter for outside.  Easy to use, even in win... read more »

These are adorable! Great gift for yourself or someone special

16 Jul, 2018
I love these mugs.  I am surprised how comfortable they are in my hand.  This is a set of  6 good sized mugs.  Easy to hold for anyone.  Well made and stylish. Recommend. read more »

A life saver for my son's feet.

12 Jul, 2018
My son has used othotic insoles before but not like these!  He says his foot and knee pain are gone!  We will be getting these from now on. Recommend. read more »

I have these all over the house.

10 Jul, 2018
I love these flickering tea light candles.  Led, no flame and no worry.  Adorable in glass jars.  I love the timer option. read more »

Wow this brand new model is really clear and easy to use.

08 Jul, 2018
A few years ago we put a dash cam in our son's car.  The thing about dash cams is if you leave your car unlocked, people steal them. Especially when they are not plugged in!  So now we g... read more »

I like getting some exercise in the privacy of my family room.

28 Jun, 2018
I didn't want any fancy equiptment, so I looked for resistance bands.  It worked out perfectly!  My husband uses the jump rope.  It's very well made and well balanced.  I l... read more »

Great to have 2 pairs for the price of 1. Plus you get a useful gift.

21 Jun, 2018
Somehow I am losing or misplacing my tongs.  I am happy with thse from WishPool.  They are study and grip well.  Get an awesome paster for free.  Recommend. read more »

So cute even your dog will know they are special

20 Jun, 2018
First we got the adorable collar with bones on it.  Then I saw the leash and I (er my dog) just had to have it.  Super cute and well-made.   For small to medium dogs.  Recomme... read more »

I made my hubby feel like a King !

18 Jun, 2018
I got this pullover hoodie for my hubby for Valentine's Day.  I am so please at how well-made it is and it is thick too.  He will use it all the time in the Fall.  Great value! ... read more »

Great Hamper With Lid

18 Jun, 2018
I love this hamper.  It's big, it's sturdy and it has a flip top lid.   Very durable and looks nice too.  My laundry room is right off the family room and I hate when peopl... read more »

I am in love with this clever and beautiful Incense Holder

18 Jun, 2018
I love my new incense holder.  You can use a stick type or a cone type.  It will even catch ashes.  It's gorgeous and a great price.  I have mine outside on my patio table.&nbs... read more »

Super Cute Baseball hat for Summer

18 Jun, 2018
I love this baseball style cap.  It is adjustable so you can find your perfect fit.  Well made and very comfortable too.  Recommend. read more »

Great Grinder for your herbs.

18 Jun, 2018
Works fast and it's so well-made.  Grind your herbs fresh each time.  May the force be with you.  Recommend! read more »

If you have an I phone or an I pad, and you love beautiful photos...this is for you!

21 May, 2018
This is a very cool adapter.  Super fast using the latest 3.0 adapter cable, and supports most I phones and pads.  If you are a photo buff like me, I love how easy this makes transferring my... read more »

Really great sunglasses. They work well and fit perfectly.

20 May, 2018
I really like these sunglasses.  They are light-weight, well-made and offer great protection.  I recommend them. read more »

So important for my health

19 Apr, 2018
I know I am not the only person who is always low on Vitamin D.  With these 5000 IU softgels, I only need to use them every other day to maintain consistently good levels of Vitamin D. These a... read more »

Best Brush for Dogs with thick fur

14 Apr, 2018
This brush has been wonderful for my Lily.  She has very thick and coarse fur and this brush really gets the loose fur and dirt out of her coat.  Great value for it's price and how well... read more »

Great For Your Skin. My new fav.

12 Apr, 2018
This is the best cleanser for my face!  It leaves my face feeling and looking softer.  Great ingredients and an excellent price.  This one is a winner. read more »

Adorable Gift Set of Knee-High Socks

11 Apr, 2018
Great gift set of adorable knee-high socks.  These will fit girls and smaller women.  Super comfortable with that extra bit of support from the light compression.  Adorable and well mad... read more »

Awesome wet/dry shaver

02 Apr, 2018
I love this shaver.  Super easy to use and it doesn't nick or cut.  I love that I can use it in the shower to shave my legs.  Recommending it for its great value and also that it wo... read more »

The guys like making their own favorite burger and it's so easy with the press kit and grill mat

17 Mar, 2018
My husband and my son have really enjoyed using this burger press.  They make stuffed burger of their creation and they turn out great!  The grill mat makes cleaning up super easy.  I r... read more »

Very Soft and Comfortable.

13 Mar, 2018
It's pretty and it's super soft.  Easy to care for.  I love it.  I ordered 1 size up for a looser fit.  These are Asian sizes so they run a bit smaller than US sizes do.&nb... read more »

Hubby has a new pair of swim trunks and they look great on him

13 Mar, 2018
I got swim trunks for my husband.  He is doing physical therapy and water therapy can be part of the process.  These swim trunks look great on him.  They are really nice looking and wel... read more »

The best Squishy Yet. This one is for hubby.

10 Mar, 2018
I have been collecting squishy toys lately.  My husband destroyed one of them by using it too much.  This one is large and sturdy.  It's super cute and well-made.  It's sce... read more »

Softer and more even toned skin.

08 Mar, 2018
This serum has all the best ingredients.  Vitamin C for an evener skin tone and Retinol and Hyaluronic acid are known to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  This bottle is a great price and... read more »

Multi Use Fitness/Exercise Ball

08 Mar, 2018
Great for yoga, pilates, squats against the wall and even core training. My Mom-in-Law has a large exercise ball and I thought t to get this smaller work-out ball for her as well.  She lo... read more »

Quiet, Tranquil and perfect for the bedroom.

05 Mar, 2018
I love diffusers, and I am always on the lookout for unusual ones.  This one is beautiful.  Puts out a good amount of mist too.  Easy to use and the results are relaxation, a cleaner sm... read more »

sleek design and keeps everything organized beautifully

05 Mar, 2018
I had cute jars on my counter for everything.  Each one was cute, but as a collection, it was starting to look dated.    What I needed was organization, and I found it with these beauti... read more »

Soft bristles that pick up everything and the dustbin is excellent

02 Mar, 2018
#rankbooster #socialreview #thinkfilmsolution   Great broom for small jobs around the house.  Easy to use and the dustbin is excellent, keeping all the swept-up stuff in the bin. ... read more »

Who doesn't want whiter teeth? This kit makes it easy!

28 Feb, 2018
Great invention.  Whiten your teeth with the latest in technology.  It doesn't hurt at all, and teeth get a lot whiter.  Recommend for a beautiful smile at a great price. read more »

Keeps your days organized so you are more productive.

23 Feb, 2018
This daily planner is great for my son who is in college.  It keeps him on track of what he needs to do each day.  Studying, school activities and social activities are easy for him to manag... read more »

cute little pendant and chain

19 Feb, 2018
Cute pendant and chain.  Very feminine and delicate.  Pretty! read more »

I went back for more!

18 Feb, 2018
I purchased a package of 2 of these solar mason jar lights.  They were so pretty, that I went back and ordered the 4 pack of these all white ones.  Very pretty at night and they work great.&... read more »

Cute hanger for small items. Lights, plants and more!

15 Feb, 2018
I purchased this cute little hanger for a little glass mason jar.  I filled the mason jar with some small airplants and it looks adorable!  You can move this around to any area.  So man... read more »

My bother loves wood carving and he loves this detail carving knife for precision fine cuts.

14 Feb, 2018
I got this for my youngest brothers birthday.  He has been carving small figurines and boxes as a hobby.  For his birthday I got him this Beaver Craft carving knife.  It is really sturd... read more »

Do you eyebrows and any unwanted facial hair in a breeze!

14 Feb, 2018
So easy to use.  Just pop in one AAA battery and you are ready to trim eyebrows, bikini line, facial hair and more.  Comes with two blades and everything you need to keep it clean. Have y... read more »

Best Blow Dryer for my thick wavy hair.

12 Feb, 2018
I am in love with this Magnifeko Hair Dryer.  It's powerful but the Ionic conditioning leaves my hair in great condition.  Fast and easy to operate.  Dries hair fast and styles... read more »

Super Cute for a small space or a child's room

12 Feb, 2018
I love this little mushroom diffuser.  It sits on my desk and I breathe in wonderful essential oils while I am on the computer.  It's very easy to use and it's adorable too.  Gr... read more »

This one was for the hubby

12 Feb, 2018
Men like clean skin too.  Hubster saw my new one and wanted one for himself.  We got him this one with the back brush as well.  He loves the way his skin feels afterward.  It comes... read more »

2 adorable solar lights that are so fun and festive.

11 Feb, 2018
I got this package of 2 solar hanging lights.  Just open up the lid and flip the switch to the ON position and leave in the sun to charge.  These are really bright and pretty.  They hol... read more »

Best Wet Dry Mop Ever

09 Feb, 2018
I use it to clean my faux wood floors and my tile floors.  It has so many features too.  It has a telescoping handle so it adjusts to the best height for you.  It swivels too.  Gre... read more »

It's cute it's squishy and it's fun.

09 Feb, 2018
Perfect while I am sitting on the phone.  Great fidget toy.  It's so cute and fun to use. read more »

Super Soft and Very cute

07 Feb, 2018
I admit I am a sock fanatic.  I love socks that are not super thin and are well-made.  These fit my criteria, and I am not disappointed.  Soft and pretty.  They wear well too. read more »

With one use my face felt softer and my pores looked smaller

07 Feb, 2018
I love this face brush.  It clears away dead skin cells and clears pores too.  I recommend this to people of all age that what to have clear, healthy looking skin. read more »

So cute on. Super Cute and Comfy

05 Feb, 2018
I love these socks!  They are totally adorable and even better is that they are really comfortable.  Recommend them. read more »

Amazing Gift Size of Backflow Incense.

05 Feb, 2018
Huge container of yummy backflow incense.  Burn time is great and so are the scents.  I love them.  Makes a great gift with a backflow burner too. read more »

Finally, something that is strong

01 Feb, 2018
Does the job and does it well. Recommend for relaxation. read more »

These work great in the yard

01 Feb, 2018
We have a garden fence that we use these cable ties on.  These are the heavy duty kind.  The large size  is perfect for just about any job.  Love them. read more »

So Pretty at Night

26 Jan, 2018
All these beautiful solar lights just use one solar panel to charge them all.  Stay on all night.  Beautiful too. read more »

Super cute and fashionable

26 Jan, 2018
Great looking sunglasses and a pair of regular glasses as a bonus.  Super cute! read more »

Super Cute

26 Jan, 2018
But I got one and I was expecting 3 of them.  Overall still happy with my new poop pen. read more »

Great Solar Lights and there are 2 to a pack!

22 Jan, 2018
Great solar lights. You can wind them around trees, posts, ect.  They are flexible.  Easy to use and charge up quickly.  We love them in our yard. read more »

super cute T shirt.

19 Jan, 2018
This T-shirt is very soft and comfortable.  It's stylish but casual.  Great for weekends or lounging at home. read more »

Great Accent Lighting. Solar!

17 Jan, 2018
Beautiful solar stake lights.  Well made and holds a charge. read more »

Beautiful way to say thank you.

17 Jan, 2018
Super Pretty Thank You Cards.  Beautiful cards at a great price. read more »

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