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Have several years of experience testing and reviewing numerous types of products. Have multiple live-streaming channels for coverage of products as well as social channels for product exposure.
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Works as expected

20 Jul, 2021
Saw several reviews stating magnets were no good on this timer, but I tested the magnets on both a frdige door and stovetop and it worked as described. Also like that there's a little kickstand on... read more »

Little pixelated but looks good

30 Jun, 2021
Nice sized clock and looks good but when you're up close it looks a little grainy with pixelation. Overall though looks nice. read more »

Good size and looks cool

30 Jun, 2021
Bigger than I thought it would be. The printing on the clock looks a little pixelated but overall a good looking clock that catches the eye. read more »

Fun gag gift

28 Apr, 2021
It's fun to wear for a little bit, but doesn't seem to fit me unless the strap is undone. Fun for the moment but probably wouldn't wear it all day long unless they came out with a design t... read more »

Looks good and fits the wife good

28 Apr, 2021
Good design and seems to fit my wife well. Unique slogan on the inside so she liked that. Not bad, just wish the sizing was adjustable but overall a nice little unique gift. read more »

A bit small

30 Mar, 2021
Definitely runs on the small side, like child-size small. Looks as described on Amazon, but one of the pics shows a guy wearing the ring on his thumb and there's no way unless you have tiny finger... read more »

Looks good but small

30 Mar, 2021
Definitely runs on the small side, like child-size small. Looks as described on Amazon, but one of the pics shows a guy wearing the ring on his thumb and there's no way unless you have tiny finger... read more »

Fun for a laugh

30 Mar, 2021
Got this as a gag gift to wear when out and about. Definitely eye-catching and got some laughs. Only downside is it was snug and wouldn't fit my head unless the back was undone. But fit snug enoug... read more »

Can feel the difference

30 Sep, 2020
I won't say this has me turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger but it definitely feels a little different in a good way. I'm an introvert more often than not, so this has given me more confidence... read more »

Great for kids

10 Sep, 2020
My two girls that are 3 and 4 love these. They take them with them in the car and wherever they go. Seems to be a comfort to them even if they're just holding them. Great for kids who just need a... read more »

Colors are different

16 Mar, 2020
Looks like decent to ok material, but the color, specifically the blue strip across the flag, is a bit off from how it's pictured in the Amazon listing. The posting shows a blue stripe, where the... read more »

Great to have on hand

10 Dec, 2019
Bright blue light to see the valve at night, quick response to read pressure and accurate from multiple reads. Great to have this in the glove box when you need a quick read on the tires.  read more »

Looks as shown, works as expected

16 Jul, 2019
Got this for my girls to use. Works as expected and is durable enough to handle them using it as well as dropping it here and there. Only downside is the girls trying to get the wristbands off the bot... read more »

USA Pride

03 May, 2019
Wanted an American flag, got an American flag, and it looks good. Not a bad price either. I can't complain so I would recommend this to someone who doesn't want to spend a handful for a flag t... read more »

Different Alternative

03 May, 2019
Never had one of these, so I was curious to try it out. Upon opening the package, I noticed it's very squishy and lifelike. Makes for a fun alternative a time or two. But the only main downsides a... read more »

Nothing too impressive

26 Feb, 2019
I wasn't expecting much from this but was hopeful, and received what I expected. The body of the player feels heavier than expected so that was a nice surprise for quality. However, the front glas... read more »

Such great quality

26 Feb, 2019
I usually don't do too many 5 star reviews because let's face it - not many products out there are worthy of 5 stars no matter how hard they try. But when I got this book, the cover for the fr... read more »

Loose lid

07 Jan, 2019
This is a solid cup with a durable lid and grip around the cup. However, the main drawback of this cup is the lid. When you put the lid back on the cup, it never really seems to stay on there and feel... read more »

Strong beads, not string

14 Dec, 2018
Beads feel sturdy and strong, but the string I wouldn't want to test out on durability. Regardless, super easy to wrap around the wrist a few times and let it show off itself. Minor hair tugging a... read more »

Helped a little

25 Nov, 2018
Tried the different sizes, all seemed to be a snug fit. Did notice a little bit longer of a time while wearing these, so that was fun. Works as expected, just no fun when you're trying to get them... read more »

Fun little light

23 Nov, 2018
Got this as kind of a gimmick, but have to admit it's a fun little light to use. Seems to work well, is bright, lasts awhile without burning through batteries, and easy enough to carry around. read more »

Needs tighter cap

23 Nov, 2018
I love the size and the grip and definitely love that it holds as much as I will need for a workout session in the gym. My only distraction is that while the lid closes, it doesn't seem to close s... read more »

Works good

10 Oct, 2018
Have two little puppies so I was going to need these sooner than later. They work quickly as in how quickly the lock locks the leash and releases it. Not too long unless you have an aggressive or supe... read more »

Durable little bowl

10 Oct, 2018
I wasn't even sure what a bread basket was, so I was just getting this bowl to use as a spare change or key basket. I was surprised by how sturdy the bowl itself feels, wasn't expecting it to... read more »

Bigger than expected

10 Oct, 2018
Never had a basket like this before so I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I ended up giving it to family members but it's a good sized bowl and the liner it comes with is pretty durable... read more »

Looks good & durable

10 Oct, 2018
I have two 12-week old puppies that are aggressive chewers and sometimes like to toss around blankets here and there, this pillow being no exception. After them laying on it and moving it around for a... read more »

Super fragile, but works

25 Sep, 2018
I was getting ready to leave a pretty low review due to the eraser not working like a traditional one. But then realized getting the sponge wet, it wipes the boards clean every time with no trouble at... read more »

Convenient & works

25 Sep, 2018
Put these down in the garage where I'd noticed a few mice running around and after they were down I checked them an hour or two later, bam got one. Checked the others the next morning, bam another... read more »

Seems to work

11 Sep, 2018
I don't know why, but I always liked car chargers that light up when plugging them in. I think it's so you know it's working and not faulty when you think it's charging, but in any eve... read more »

Not worth it

11 Sep, 2018
I got this just to keep up on nose hairs here and there, so I wasn't expecting some amazing trimmer that does it all. But when I got it, it looked promising with a light to use and attachments. Ho... read more »

Good grips, straps a little loose

11 Sep, 2018
I've had the same Gold's Gym gloves for awhile now, so I was jazzed up to try some new ones out. Never tried ones that leave your hands exposed so I was curious how they would work and feel. T... read more »

Lid gets stuck, but durable

07 Sep, 2018
A tough little trashcan for minimal use when tossing things away. Works great for a desk or cubicle, but wouldn't be useful for anything bigger than that. The body is for sure durable. However, th... read more »

Don't work

06 Sep, 2018
Tried these for several days and didn't notice any difference at all. Mosquitos flew right by these things. Worthless, don't waste your time. read more »

Powerful little toy

06 Sep, 2018
I really like the slick feel of this and the numerous vibrating options it has between the modes. It's convenient how you can flip it and reverse it to go either way. It stays snug around your mem... read more »

Looks like, fits loose

06 Sep, 2018
I really liked how this looked, but the way it clasps together, it always seems to come undone and sometimes you don't even feel it come undone unless you notice it's not there. Nice material... read more »

Looks good, fits good

16 Apr, 2018
I was a little worried about these not fitting like I would want them to, but they actually fit pretty good. Drawstring helps if they ever end up getting loose, but just casual walking around and I do... read more »

Not advertised correctly

16 Apr, 2018
I was pretty stoked to get this mic, but when it came and did not pick up anything, it was a major disappointment. I read through the little manual it comes with, made sure it was plugged in correctly... read more »

Actually work

16 Apr, 2018
I didn't expect these to work any more than a pair of tinted shades. But much to my surprise, they do work quite well and really dim down the headlights out there at night. With all those LED and... read more »

Convenient buttons, a little long

16 Apr, 2018
While the material seems pretty durable, somewhat even more so than the average poncho, the size seems a bit long even for a rain coat. Bright pink to be spotted easily and the buttons are a convenien... read more »

Soft touch after a few weeks

16 Apr, 2018
Soft to the touch and a value with this six pack. After using them for a few weeks, I expected them to be come tattered and whatnot, but they still have the soft touch and are holding up as expected.... read more »

Fits nice, feels fitted

16 Apr, 2018
I don't usually like hats that aren't fitted or able to stretch, and dislike hats that have straps or the Velcro one like this one does. But surprisingly this hat fits nicely and the back stra... read more »

Have the look, needs a stronger frame

16 Apr, 2018
Love the aviator/cop style look and they fit nicely. Wish the frame was a little more durable or tough-feeling I guess you could say. The frame feels a little breakable even when lightly handling the... read more »

Tons of options

06 Mar, 2018
Literally dozens upon dozens and then even more of the different types of chores to put on the chart and several different types of rewards to put on the chart. This could really be of use to a family... read more »

Good size, good quality

24 Feb, 2018
Good quality & durable. I'm actually jazzed up to have my own personal spork now. It's decent size too so it should be able to handle whatever you're eating instead of being smaller li... read more »

Subtle style for your keys

27 Jan, 2018
Not a bad keychain. Nice quality, feels like sturdy material, and the rings are even nice sturdy quality as well. I like that it has a little gloss on it but not too over the top shiny. My only downsi... read more »

Sleek & useful

21 Jan, 2018
This looks sleek and has 6 pockets for plenty of cards you need to hold as well as the magnetic clip. A useful product that doesn't overdo the gloss and results in an urban refined look with some... read more »

Looks Great

21 Jan, 2018
Pretty nice quality on this money clip. I was thinking it was going to look or feel cheap, but that is certainly not the case here. Can't wait to start stacking bills in my pocket just to whip thi... read more »

Pretty nice & works good

17 Jan, 2018
Was stoked about getting these, and they lived up to the hype for the most part. Even has a flashlight on them which was a nice surprise. They're smaller than I expected, but that actually worked... read more »

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