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Nice cable

26 Sep, 2021
They are nice cables. Easy to store and use. Hard to break. See video for details. read more »

Nice iphone charging cables

18 Sep, 2021
I am looking for long cables to charge iPhone. These cables are nicely made and working fine. You can see the video for more details and cable demo. I try it and it work good. Fast charging. read more »

Great board for craft

03 Sep, 2021
It's a great wooden sheets. Used to create different crafts for the kids. It can be used for painting and making any other wooden structure to be painted and fun. read more »

Great quality AUX cable

20 Aug, 2021
Simple and easy to use design. One 90 deg angle AUX connector. Fits well and nice sound quality. read more »

Nice collection of charging ports

12 Aug, 2021
This is great design in.vertical height tower. It have collection of fast wireless charger, usb ports, electric outlets. Overload protection and retractable cable.     read more »

Nice rugged iphone 12 case

12 Aug, 2021
This is nice case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. This is rugged case with millitary grade protection. The buttons and the quality looks really great and the case really fits well. it's a nice ca... read more »

Great protection for the mattress

08 Aug, 2021
This is a queen mattress pad protector. This can be used on your queen mattress for the protection as this is waterproof. This is bamboo clothes for breathable design. 8 to 21 inches deep pocket to ca... read more »

Nice set of microfiber clothes

08 Aug, 2021
21 Microfiber clothes. They are absorbent and nice. Double-sided easy to clean and dry. nice set of pairs of clothes. See video for details. read more »

Fun jumbo dino egg

26 Jul, 2021
This is great dino egg surprise kit. It have dino chart kit, tools, dino cards.. It have plastic dinosaurs inside egg. This is great toy for kids to explore and have dino. Its one tube use kit for... read more »

Nice dino toy cars

26 Jul, 2021
This is great toy cars. It comes with stickers. Just pull back and release to have fun. Good for kids. read more »

Nice pool drink holder

26 Jul, 2021
These are great pool drink holders. 8 pc ones with fruit design. Light weight. Easy to inflate and use. Nice holders.Its read more »

Famous bingo game

16 Jul, 2021
Bingo game is very famous among kids and adults. They are used to play bingo on many occasions whether it's a personal or official. Bingo game is fun everywhere. It's fun way to... read more »

Rubber bumper set

16 Jul, 2021
These are self-adhesive with 3M adhesive bumper set. This comes in set of 7. Its great flexibility and it's really good quality. the adhesive is really strong. you can just rem... read more »

Great nylon thread

16 Jul, 2021
This is a great set of nylon threads. This comes in different shades, shiny and satin look. It comes in really nice colors. You can use it in many other designs or jewelry designs or any oth... read more »

Great toothbrush caps

11 Jul, 2021
Nice colors nice toothbrush cap set. Covers comes with the suction cap so its easy to stick on bathroom tiles/glass. Easy to clean and use. read more »

Great stationary set

11 Jul, 2021
This is a 141 pieces office set. This is a stationery items with the paper clips and small little clips. it have different sizes of the paper clips. These are handy easy to use and easy... read more »

Great set of paper cutter

11 Jul, 2021
 This is a great set of letter  paper cutter. This comes with the rubber hand strap. Really great colour combinations and a good quality cutter. I presented all this in the video that you ca... read more »

Good deodorising sticks

21 Jun, 2021
This is great set of drain sticks. 1 used for each month. This is flexible and use to put in the drain. During taking out, I eit break a bit but it have good deodrizing property.   read more »

Flexible funnel

21 Jun, 2021
Great flexible silicone funnel. Easy to clean, store and use. read more »

Great soap dispenser

19 Jun, 2021
This is a great soap dispenser. This can be used in the kitchen for scrubbing. You can put the soap inside it and put the strainer on the top and then supplied sponge. When yo... read more »

Nice stamps

13 Jun, 2021
It's nice teachers stamp for checking and motivating kids. Self ink and easy to store and use. read more »

Nice portable travel magnetic chess set

06 Jun, 2021
This is a great portable three in one chess set checker etc. this can be easily used to play during travel. it have a magnetic board which will not let picks fall from the board while t... read more »

Toothpaste tube squeezer

06 Jun, 2021
It's easy to use and really effective. It is easy to clean and then it have a hole to hang the tube. It is easy to use. you can put the tube in it and it will help squeeze the tube. It c... read more »

Great brain teaser set

05 Jun, 2021
This is a great brainteaser set for kids and adults. This can be used for both parents and kids to have fun in their free time. This can also be used for the kids as a stem or as a brainteaser pu... read more »

Great baking rolling pin set

05 Jun, 2021
This is a great rolling pin set and fun for both kids and parents. This one is used for fun in the baking work. The set includes silicon small pin and the big rolling pin. It also have the s... read more »

Stainless steel spoons

03 Jun, 2021
It's a great set of stainless steel kitchen spoons. they are three sets for the serving spoon and three for the other spoon and these are made of real stainless steel. Its heavy quality aroun... read more »

Great kids harmonica

03 Jun, 2021
It's a great gets a harmonica. It is used for kids to have fun or to do practice with harmonica. this also comes with the box and manual that how to use it. You can use this for practising and to... read more »

Nice painting kit set

03 Jun, 2021
There is a great painting set. It has everything a person need to paint. It has six  pellets and have multiple brushes,cans and everything that you will need to do a painting. it can be used... read more »

Nice egg holder

03 Jun, 2021
This is a great egg holder. It have two levels so each level can hold up to 10 Egge so total 20 eggs can be put inside it. And these are made made of plastic and easy to clean and wash.... read more »

Great metallic markers

03 Jun, 2021
These are great combination metallic markers. These markers are 12 in number and can be used in multiple functions. These colours also came along with the 8 stencils. Those stencils are having li... read more »

Great long spoons

03 Jun, 2021
It's a great addition to your kitchen. You can use it anywhere you want. these spoons are 12 inches in length and you can use it as a serving spoon or in the cooking or like in any other purp... read more »

Great domino set

03 Jun, 2021
It's a great tool for kids to play. it's a domino set with almost hundred pieces and different add-ons that you can use to make different games and fun or tricks. these are made of real w... read more »

Great wooden spoons

02 Jun, 2021
These are the great Wooden Spoons. These spoons are 5 in in length and can be used for any purpose like for spice or anything. These spoons are thick and made of really good quality wood. you can use... read more »

Great quality water fun for all

02 Jun, 2021
Great play tool for kids to play in water in summer. This can be used with the water hose and it can be used both ways as a simple water fun or the wavy water fun. Its easy to store like the pipes goe... read more »

Nice summer toy

23 May, 2021
A great summer toy for kids. It can be used with the water hose. This water hose can also be put in a different way so that the water comes out as fun or just for the water flow. you can also put this... read more »

Nice acorn

23 May, 2021
These artificially acorn are of good quality and these are good for the craft for the kids and everywhere else.. these are really pretty and they're hundred pieces that can be used in various purp... read more »

Nice handy bsg sealer

12 May, 2021
This is nice handy bag sealer and cutter. It need 2 AA batteries. It will be better if seller include manual or instruction in package. But instruction are available on amazon website and I added in v... read more »

Nice microphone for computer or recording

10 May, 2021
This is nice mictophone with metal build and USB connection. It can be used for recording, voice chat etc. nice quality, auto installed. Check video for more.. read more »

Nice accurate size CDC vaccination card protector

09 May, 2021
This is great quality card protector for CDC vaccination.  The card fits well .. see video.. waterproof and easy to clean surface.. read more »

Great quality stencils

29 Apr, 2021
This is good quality stencils. Different designs and easy to clean after use. Multi item stencil with nice designs. Great for kid projects. We are making its video too and will upload to YouTube.. nic... read more »

Great fun slime for cleaning

12 Apr, 2021
Its good concept to get sticky slime to clean. Electronics and small space things can be easily clean by this slime. Comes in 5 colors. Knead it for 5-10min before use. It will stick dust and hair wit... read more »

Great pump with accessories

12 Apr, 2021
This is a great mini fish tank pump. It comes with filter, silicon pipe and pump clip. Its very quiet. Easy to hold. Light weight. Function well. read more »

Great fun cap

10 Apr, 2021
This is a great fun cap. Covers full head. Fun wig. Adjustable size.    Fun for all read more »

Outdoor sprinkler fun for kids

03 Apr, 2021
This is great outdoor fun sprinkler. Summers  are approaching so kids need water play and this is great tool for water fun. 3 sprinklers in one.. two hose or pipe attachments to fit both side of... read more »

Great tool and umbrella cape

03 Apr, 2021
This is great helpful tool during haircuts especially these pandemic time when you need to do your own  haircut. It helps in clean cut and easy to clean as it will stop hair falls and collect all... read more »

Nice pair of cable connector

03 Apr, 2021
This is a great wire connector kit. Comes in pair. One side will have cable connected to its free end and then you can connect the plastic connectors together. It's easy to remove and use. Very he... read more »

Nice fun cap

03 Apr, 2021
Its fun cap. Size is adjustable and looks good. Cover full head. Hairs looks real.    Overall it's a good cap read more »

Nice emergency use tool

24 Mar, 2021
It is good to have them in case of adjusting your jeans waist bu 2 inch without changing it.    Just put one end on your existing button and the button and in your jeans and done. Your... read more »

Great belt

26 Jan, 2021
This belt covers with adjustment accessories. Have curved belly side for pregnancy. Comfortable, easy to clean and can be adjusted to different sizes. One size  fit all.   read more »

Great explorer tool set for kids

17 Jan, 2021
This is a great combination of explorer tool set and bug catcher kit for kids. It have a bag, butterfly catcher, small boxes, compass, tong, magnifier glass, binoculars etc Its a great kit and f... read more »

Great push back car toys for gift

16 Jan, 2021
Valentines is coming and kids have to gift small toys and cards to friends. This is a great set of push back car toys for this purpose. There are 24 pcs of these card in different colors. Good built.... read more »

Great birthday fun cake decoration

13 Jan, 2021
This is a great set. I got this pack little late may be due to some weather issues but the product itself is good. Its good quality and nice decoration pieces.   read more »

Good quality rope

07 Jan, 2021
Shipment cubes in time. Quality is good. The size is as described in the product details. It comes with hook. It can be used for multiple purposes but product mentioned that it should not be used for... read more »

Good idea for surface devices

07 Nov, 2020
Its great cable with usb c for charging of surface devices. Cable length and quality is.good . I am not sure but I.see a small metal piece in the pack. May be extra or some issue. I do not have surfac... read more »

Great design and fabric

24 Oct, 2020
First impression is good. Nice cool and comfortable fabric. There is a pocket to add filter pad for petition from virus. Flexible fabric and easy to wash and use. read more »

Great halloween light gloves

16 Oct, 2020
Great halloween light gloves. Its one size fits all.. Different light pattern by clicking button again and again... read more »

Great emoji erasers for kids

16 Oct, 2020
These are pack of 200 emoji eraser .. All yellow in color with emoji prints. Star shaped. Nice erasers for kids and to gift in goodies bag. Details in video.Overall its great erasers. read more »

Worked well than my inbuilt wifi adapter

05 Oct, 2020
I have old laptop without 5ghz band. I.attach this one and the speed went up. I made the full video of installation and speed test. Hope that help. Overall good product. read more »

Its beautiful lights

05 Oct, 2020
I got it in time and its 3 pack of beautiful flower lights. All have different style and color. Beautiful lights changing colors. I made video too. read more »

Great set of pen colors

27 Sep, 2020
Hi, its a great collection of fine point color paint pens. Easy to use and good combination of colors. It works well with me.   read more »

Great child safety thing

03 Sep, 2020
These are great 5pc kids safety foam kit ton protect kid. Nice quality and useful. read more »

Nice travel size kids magnetic board

21 Aug, 2020
Great magnetic drawing board for kids. Comes with additional pen and stickers. Travel size so you can very easily. read more »

Great wooden eggs

21 Aug, 2020
This is original looking wooden eggs for easter. Kids can color and have fun with it. read more »

Barber cape

19 Aug, 2020
Its a nice full size barber cope with velcro to adjust the neck size. Easy to clean and use.     read more »

Great quality silver M20 pulley

14 Aug, 2020
Its a good quality strong stainless steel pulley read more »

Rolling pins for kids

25 Jul, 2020
This is a great quality mini rolling pins.Nice wooden handles and silicon rolling part. Easy to clean and use. read more »

Great quality and packing

10 Jun, 2020
Its a rajy good packing and quality ear plugs. I posted video on youtube for it. Easy to carry and clean.  read more »

Nice flying ball

10 Apr, 2020
Its a nice light weight flying ball. Nice color Its for big kids as there is no protective cover on the blades and small kids can touch the blades. Its plastic blades but the speed is really goo... read more »

Great quality and fits well

23 Mar, 2020
This is a good quality and fit case for new ipad 10 inch one. All charging ports are easily accessible. Looks great read more »

Great controller

23 Mar, 2020
Its a good controller and do Its job. This is for nintendo u, switch and pc.   Works well and controllers fits easily. read more »

Great practice floss for kids

23 Mar, 2020
This is a great practice floss set for kids. Its fun. My kid love it and try to floss. They like the design and want to try it. Helpful in cleaning and holding. read more »

Great portable fun

23 Mar, 2020
Its great portable gun for kids. It comes with marker set and wipes. Great drawing fun on the go. read more »

Great fun handheld game

17 Mar, 2020
Its great. pros: handy lightweight crisp color screen well consoles  volume can be controlled  good collection of games  good accessories  cons  ... read more »

Great handy small snore brush

05 Mar, 2020
This is a small factor great snow scraper. Easy to store and clean. Easy to use and remove snow. read more »

Great magnetic car phone holder

16 Feb, 2020
It's a great 360 rotating car phone holder. String magnet to hold the phone well. Very helpful. read more »

Great kid pouch

01 Feb, 2020
This is a great kid pouch. Easy to use and fun to play.  Kids enjoy it. It's large pick which hold all there school stuff. read more »

Great clear case

21 Jan, 2020
Its a great clear case. I do not see any issue in fitting and shedding the buttons. It will be great if the seller add a good screen protector in the packing so it will be a complete protection packag... read more »

Great SD card with great price

21 Jan, 2020
This is a nice sd card for fast data transfer. I put it in a dash cam and it work perfectly fine. Video storage and playback is great and without any issue. read more »

Great portable 3 in 1 cable

30 Dec, 2019
Great quality cable with micro usv, usb c and lightning port for charging. Work well and great cable. read more »

Great quality cables

13 Dec, 2019
Its great. 3 cables with three different length for current purposes. Solid built. Easy to carry. Flexible and attach easily. read more »

Nice quality clip

13 Dec, 2019
This is a great quality baby clip. It can hold any towel to avoid mess. Nice magnetic clips.easy to carry, clean and use. read more »

Great locket

01 Dec, 2019
Its a great dad-son message . I like it. Good solid quality. read more »

Great case for Wyzecam

01 Dec, 2019
Its light outdoor case. It fits well on wyze cam. See video. read more »

Great tool set

01 Dec, 2019
This is a great collection of tools for mobile repair and work. read more »

Nice portable cloth hanger

22 Nov, 2019
Its nice and elastic. Easy to carry and use. read more »

Good quality socks

21 Nov, 2019
These socks are comfortable and made of high quality material. Very relaxing and nice. read more »

Good fit case

06 Nov, 2019
This is a nice fit screen protector.Durable, fits all corner.  read more »

One set comfortable

06 Nov, 2019
This is one pair of socks. It need to make compression effect but I do not feel a tight compression. It can be my personal definition of compression. Quality wise, its good product and  stretc... read more »

Nice small spatulas

06 Nov, 2019
This is nice small spatula set. Easy to clean and use. Its 8 inch. It can ne a little longer for easy handling cooking stuff but it is as it described.   no issues. read more »

Great kitchen tools

22 Oct, 2019
Its a great kitchen set. Easy to clean and use. read more »

Nice product

15 Oct, 2019
This is a great product. Flexible and fit most sizes. We will make a youtube video as well for this product. read more »

Good quality glycerine

29 Jul, 2017
This is a good quality glycerine product. Glycerine can be used in many ways as emollient, moisturizer and even for mouth ulcers. Its good read more »

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