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As a guitar player and a general music lover, reviewing instruments, microphones, or equipment in general are my favorites. But, I also enjoy reviewing a variety of things. From automotive to music to even apparel, I am willing to give my feedback.
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Pretty Good Budget Package

19 Feb, 2021
I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to test this mic, but from what I did test it worked pretty well. I will go through each item that came with the mic: The pop filter did a good... read more »

Durable For Car Related Trunk Loads

17 Feb, 2018
This trunk mat is pretty heavy duty. The quality seems good, and it is durable enough to haul tools or small equipment without ripping or tearing. It will probably outlast my car. The mat is quite a b... read more »

Great Performance For Size

16 Feb, 2018
Great portable power bank. The aesthetics of this power back is nice, and it is lightweight. It works how it is supposed to, and it has all the features needed including a power level indicator. I did... read more »

Works Just Fine

09 Feb, 2018
The item doesn't work. I have it fully charged (the shaver says that it is fully charged), and the "breathing" light indicates that there is power, but pushing the power switch doesn'... read more »

Does Its Job

09 Feb, 2018
This credit card holder is very slim, very light, and it holds a fair stack of credit cards without a problem - no cards slip out. The straps are in great colors and they hold the cards tightly. Cash... read more »

Beautiful Ukulele

07 Feb, 2018
As a guitar player, I checked some things that I would on a guitar. First off, I didn't see any blemishes on the ukulele and there was no glue smeared out from the joints. Appearance wise, the uku... read more »

Wide Range of Effect Variety

02 Feb, 2018
The mugig delay pedal came with more effects than expected. The pedal allows you to adjust the amount of time for fading, the amount of times a note is repeated, and the volume of what's repeated.... read more »

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