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08 Oct, 2021
It's ok I guess. It's pretty comfortable, ut there's nothing special about it. Not as wide as I thugh it was going to be either. It is about the length of a single keyboard, so you really... read more »

Massive Case....

08 Oct, 2021
I really like the screwdrivers but the case is huge! Like needlessly huge. We're not protecting a national treasure here, they're just screwdrivers, lol. The yare very nice and have a very nic... read more »

Nice Tools

08 Oct, 2021
Not sure if they're very magnetic, but they have a very nice case to keep the m organized and clean. has everything you need! read more »

I love it so much that I bought it 3 times!

05 Oct, 2021
I absolutely love these things, Every time they show up on here I alwas request a coupon! This is my third one! All the features work great. The cord is super long. The base rtates, and it even has a... read more »

Really Great! Strong!

05 Oct, 2021
Very high quality materials, I am shocked they didn' sell better. Even the packaging is super high quality and really think, so that the cables are well protected during shippng. I ordered some fo... read more »

I Have The Power of a Thousand Suns!!!

27 Sep, 2021
This thing is BRIGHT! you can put it in any standard outlet and it only uses 50 watts of power! Love this one I bought 6 more! read more »


27 Sep, 2021
Very hard to fill properly. I have to fill it half way, freeze it and thn fill it the rest of the  way to make the spheres. Too much work for making ice cubes.... read more »

Pretty Good

27 Sep, 2021
Easy to drop into a drain, seems like I get much better drainage without buildup of water in my sink now. A+ item! read more »

High Quality Materials

27 Sep, 2021
I love this ring, tungsten ca never get scratched so I can wear it all the time. read more »

Frequent disconnects

27 Sep, 2021
It works really well when it is first connected, but I've tried it on 3 different devices and it loses connectio intermittently intermittently. read more »

Does The Job Painfree

06 Feb, 2021
Works as intended with only one AA battery. Has a nice light on it too! Trims my nose hair pain free every time. Washes under warm water and cleans itself if you turn it on and let it run under the wa... read more »


06 Feb, 2021
I got this for my mom to remind her of her beach house when she can't be there. She loves it so much! Came with 2 wall mount devices and clips so you don't have to punch holes through the actu... read more »

Very Nice!

06 Feb, 2021
Works great as a back massager and even better as an intimate massager! Great batttery life too! read more »

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