Pevor Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners Suspenders, Cover Grippers Holder Clips, White, Set of 4
Price: $6.99
3.65 / 5   (20 Reviews)


I couldn’t keep them on my bed.

29 Sep, 2020
I love the concept of this product however I was unable to keep them on my sheet. I used them as directed and maybe we move too much but they kept popping off.  read more »

Metal is better

17 May, 2019
These are a very neat item, would work amazingly, but I don't have the time or desire right now to even make these works...   read more »

Cheap and plastic

15 May, 2019
Do not recommend. They are not strong enough to stay on the bed very long...  Shopping for the metal version soon read more »

Keeps the sheets from coming off t grrrrr e matress!

05 May, 2019
These straps by #Pevor are great for keeping the fitted sheets from coming off of my mattress. I like how easy they are to use the and I love how they are easily adjustable. These truly do hold my she... read more »


19 Apr, 2019
These adjustable bed sheet fastener suspenders are not as convienent as I thought they would be.  You almost have to be under the mattress completely in order to get them in place and then the li... read more »

Secure sleep

12 Apr, 2019
This simple component has upgraded my sleep. No more waking up with my sheets off of my bed due to my movements.  Awesome product  read more »

Not very strong

05 Apr, 2019
I was hopeful for these to work however they are not strong enough to hold the sheets. The plastic parts that are supposed to hold the sheet and then slide into the holder are very weak and if the she... read more »

Awesome Sheet Fasteners

31 Mar, 2019
For those of you that have problem with your sheets falling off your bed because of too much movement, then these are a must buy!!  Easy to use and work flawlessly. read more »

not very good. flimsy. non-intuitive operating

21 Mar, 2019
not very good. flimsy. non-intuitive. basically they dont work very well.break easily read more »

Keeping the sheet in place

01 Mar, 2019
These are good basic bed sheet fasteners for the money. So far they are holding fine. They were a little tight to put on with a normal thicknes fitted sheet fabric but did hook ok. Take a look at http... read more »


23 Jan, 2019
Keeps bed sheets where they should be.  No more slipping. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #zorvo read more »

Holds strong

19 Jan, 2019
What can I say. I flip and flop!! read more »

Holds tight

10 Nov, 2018
Good and sturdy  keeps my sheets on very tightly now.  read more »


09 Nov, 2018
It took me 20 minutes just to grip one corner of my sheet while also having to hold up the mattress with my other shoulder. About five minutes into the next corner, I gave up. The way these grip the s... read more »

A must have for every bed!

01 Nov, 2018
I. Love. These. Grippers. I hate bed sheets that pop off or are so loose that I have massive wrinkles with my fitted sheet. These prevent all of that! The plastic gripper part don't damage my shee... read more »

Broke while trying to use the first time

30 Oct, 2018
Broke while trying to put on for the first time.  Going to return   read more »

Work great - but wish it was metal instead of plastic

30 Oct, 2018
The baby has a tendency to pull her sheets off her mattress in her crib, so I thought maybe we could use these sheet fasteners to help her keep them on. They have plenty of stretch and pull to allow y... read more »

Keeps sheet in place.

22 Oct, 2018
Great, works just like a garter built. Keeps sheet in place. Pevor Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners Suspenders, Cover Grippers Holder Clips, White, Set of 4 read more »


16 Oct, 2018
With these my sheets don't get messed up and come off of the corners like they used to! Really great product! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Must haves!

26 Sep, 2018
The worst part about having a huge mattress is the fact that sheets don’t always stay where they’re supposed to. My sheets seem to always want to pop off the bottom of my mattress. I love... read more »

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