Cat Toys Wand With Feather Caterpillar to Cat Interactive Toys Cat Teaser Wand YYVIGO (Red)
Price: $10.99
4.50 / 5   (42 Reviews)



19 Feb, 2021
My cats are seriously addicted to these! I have bought several more since these! read more »

SPOT Feather Dangler Teaser Wand | Cat Wand Toys With Feathers | Elastic String | Interactive Cat Toy | 18" Wand |

23 Jan, 2020
I purchased this Feather Dangler Teaser Wand | Cat Wand Toys With Feathers | Elastic String | Interactive Cat Toy | 18" Wand | By Ethical Pet for my cats. I'm always trying to find new a... read more »

Our cat loved it!

08 Apr, 2018
We got the red and out new kitten absoutly loved playingwith it! There were no loose peices that came off which was great so we were rather pleased with both the design and price! Some notes from... read more »

Okay toy but misleading

01 Apr, 2018
This set looks like it comes with 4 toys but it is actually a toy with multiple exchangable heads. So i was dissapointed out the gate. but my cat likes the toy alot. read more »


23 Mar, 2018
bought this for my friend. after a few minutes of the cat playing with it...the string snapped very disappointing and its in the trash read more »

Fishing for Kitties!

08 Mar, 2018
This toy was LOADS of fun! Because it has a swivel hook on it, changing out attachments is a snap, literally. One cat loved the feathers, while the other liked the poofy, caterpillar attachment. I had... read more »


18 Feb, 2018
My cats obsessed with this fishing pole like you. Comes w 3 different toys to tease my cats with. My toddler did rip out 3 feathers but I was able to glue them back in . read more »

Great Wand!

08 Feb, 2018
My cat really enjoys this wonderful retractable wand. It works very well and I love how it withdraws and expands!  My Kitten adores frolicking with the feathers and will jump and play for hours.... read more »

Fun time with our cats

07 Feb, 2018
Our cats love this toy especially the caterpillers. Both really, but I like the caterpillers. :) It's fun to play with them and give them something to do. The pole is telescopic and aluminum I thi... read more »

Love it

07 Feb, 2018
So fun! This has a great reach, you can play with your kitty without being scratched up. Good quality and can stand up to my playful kitty.  read more »

Hours of Fun

06 Feb, 2018
Oh My, the kids spent hours playing with the cats! The kids and cats had a lot of fun! Pretty durable and eye catching. Worth it! read more »

Fishing for a Teaser

02 Feb, 2018
I will say when you first look at this product you may think to yourself "Wow, I could have made this myself with a few parts from my local hardware & fishing shop. And this very well maybe t... read more »

It's a kitty fishing pole!!

01 Feb, 2018
My cats adore this wand toy. It's definitely not your average cat toy wand from Walmart that falls apart after a few uses. (I've had several of those too.) I attached one of the feather a... read more »

Fun for all

30 Jan, 2018
You get 1 wand that extends and has a piece of fishing line attached to the end. The end of the line has a clasp for you to put 1 of the 2 feather attachments or 1 of the 2 ball and worm attachments.... read more »

Kitties love this

25 Jan, 2018
My kitties looovvveee this good product I like that it comes with four toys for the cats. Entertainment all day. read more »


20 Jan, 2018

Cat Toys Wand With Feather Caterpillar to Cat Interactive Toys Cat Teaser Wand YYVIGO (Red)

17 Jan, 2018
I was not able to review this item as I never recieved it and had to contact Amazon for a refund.  read more »

Kitten Approved

17 Jan, 2018
Both Jasper and Baby Kitten seem to enjoy their present. They played for about 10 minutes until Jasper grabbed a wand and took off running through the house. I have yet to find that one! read more »

Cat wand with feathers and caterpillars

16 Jan, 2018
This is an awesome cat wand!  This comes with 4 separate pieces that can be attached as you like.  The set includes 2 feather pieces and two caterpillar pieces.  The wand is also a... read more »

Very colorful, bright, and vivid, well designed & sturdy even for rough play, my cats love the feathers on them, LOTS of fun to play with.

16 Jan, 2018
I always get presents and toys for my dog, and this time it was our cat's turn.  These feather wand toys are fantastic and all 3 of my cats enjoy playing with them and like them so much that... read more »

Fun while it lasted

13 Jan, 2018
Cat teaser toy- Your package comes with one rod, 2 feather toys , and 2 caterpillar toys. The rod extends about 40". The rod actually reminds me of miniature version of a fishing pole. I do like... read more »

My Cat's LOVE!

12 Jan, 2018
My Cat's Are LOVING Their New Wand with Feather Caterpillar Cat Teaser toys! Work Great & Very Durable!! read more »

No product to review

11 Jan, 2018
This item was never delivered.  Amazon said it was damaged in transit and would not be shipped. read more »

Awesome toy for playtime.

10 Jan, 2018
My cat loves to play. She has a huge box full of toys. Some she likes more than others and in less than a day this has become her new favorite. The telescoping wand is perfect, lightweight and sturdy.... read more »

Cats Go Crazy!

10 Jan, 2018
When I was unopening these toys my 1.5 year old cat was stalking the photo shoot While I was setting up to take pictures.  She went crazy for the caterpillar . We had hours of play with it all ov... read more »

Cat Toys

08 Jan, 2018
My cat just loves this toy she really likes the feathers she is so much a princess. She has tons of fun with it she will even go to her toy box and pull it out and bring it to me so we can play togeth... read more »

cat toy

27 Dec, 2017
was a good toy  breaks easily  read more »


27 Dec, 2017
My cats love this thing! It doesn't just dangle like other toys I've seen like this. It dances and wooshes around, and you can make it fly through the air like a bird does. Highly durable, too... read more »

cat toy

24 Dec, 2017
My cats love feather toys , rod is like fishing pole and four different cat lures to change out. Both my feline babies love it . Would buy again for sure. read more »

Cat toy

23 Dec, 2017
My cat has lots of fun playing with this!!   And I like that it comes with a few different toys so we can change what you to play with. read more »

Success with all three cats!

22 Dec, 2017
I have three cats. All three of them absolutely love this toy. Right now I have it set with just one of the flowers and one of the worms and they are having a blast with it. I thought about putting al... read more »

Cat's Love It

21 Dec, 2017
This litlle cat toy is really cute. It actually was well made. I expected it to be the dollar store type, but it was actually the pet store type and made of a better quality material. The cats really... read more »

Best cat toy I've ever purchased!

21 Dec, 2017
When I say this is the best cat toy I've ever purchased, I couldn't be more happier with a cat toy. My littlest kitty is always so hyper and picky about what she'll play with but she absol... read more »

Best Cat Toys Ever!

20 Dec, 2017
My daughter has 2 cats  - one loves to play and the other is lazy. Both cats go crazy for this. It is like a fishing rod and can be short or long - it comes with interchangeable toys - her cats l... read more »

Kitty LOVES it

19 Dec, 2017
Even if we don't have it all on the line, our cat likes to play with it. Keeps her busy. Nicely made, and very durable. #KittyLoves #Rankboosterreview #Interactive read more »

Great Cat Toy!

18 Dec, 2017
This cat toy has been great for our two cats.  The other cat teasers we have purchased didn't last long.  This one comes with a nice long pole so that even the kids can play with the cat... read more »

Cat toys

18 Dec, 2017
I got my fur babies Cat Toy Wand with Feather by YYVIGO. Pretty impressive cat toy. Comes with one wand, two feathers and two caterpillars. They get great exercise out of this toy and it never gets ol... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
My cat goes crazy over these. Great product! read more »

Great cat toy

17 Dec, 2017
Check out this cool new cat toy I got for my cat! It's made good, and reminds me of a fishing rod. Comes with a retractable rod, 2 feather toys, and 2 caterpillar toys. You put these toys at the e... read more »

Addicted Cats

15 Dec, 2017
My cats are obsessed with this toys and it even keeps my one year old busy with them for 20 minutes. Best $2 bucks I've spent EVER! read more »

my cat loves this toy.

15 Dec, 2017
Some cats are so picky. My Munkie is a brat. She fetches and brings back her little mice. She loves to play. I needed to find some more toys because she's so bored all the time. I purchased this c... read more »

Keep your cat in shape while having fun

15 Dec, 2017
Every cat likes to hunt.  It's a natural instinct.  This wand mimics a flying bird or bug and is irresistable to any cat.  The pole is long, as it the string, so you can get some se... read more »

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