L'émouchet Mini Sleep Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Fan Sounds, White Noise, Timer Option or All-night, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Burlaps Bags with Drawstring(GAINE M1)
Price: $24.99
5.00 / 5   (19 Reviews)


Best One I've Used

31 Oct, 2019
I love this.   I usually sleep with a small box fan running but they wear out quickly for some reason and I keep having to replace them.  I have used other sound machines but none have... read more »

L'émouchet sound machine love the windchime's on this 1

21 Oct, 2019
This is a cute little sound MACHINE by L'émouchet  great for small spaces or when you travel it is small in size but louder than the big ones out there it has 5 diff Sound... read more »

Nicely Packaged and Attractive Unit for Bedroom

10 Oct, 2019
This Sleep Sound Machine is the best. It has multiple sounds and runs on a timer. I really like this for when it's too noisy to sleep, usually from people's lawnmowers. I'm so happy to hav... read more »


01 Oct, 2019
I'm enjoying my L'emouchet Mini Sleep Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds. I'm very partial to the rain fall sound which helps me meet Mr. Sandman faster. The mini sleep machine fits nicely... read more »

Sound machine

28 Sep, 2019
If you want an amazing product to help sleep or as a toy for a toddler to hear different sounds and noises this is what to get. My nephew loves this and loves to play with it and hear the sounds it pl... read more »


27 Sep, 2019
It is great to use. Love it read more »

Great buy

17 Sep, 2019
I was having night terrors, night sweats and insomnia especially during the hot summer months. Then when I would finally fall asleep, I was tired the next day, regardless of how much or little I slept... read more »

Small and portabl3

01 Sep, 2019
All the relaxing sounds in one small place. So portable read more »

Sleeping momma

18 Aug, 2019
I seriously don't know why it took me so long to get one of these machines. It's just what I needed to drown out the gurgly noises my husband makes in his sleep. I have gotten the most glor... read more »

Just what you need for those kids that don't sleep well

29 May, 2019
This device is just what the doctor ordered for those kids that have a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep. It has six different sounds and can either run for a certain amount of time or s... read more »

Great Sound Machine

11 Sep, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/L%C3%A9mouchet-Wireless-All-Night-Rechargeable-Drawstring/dp/B079HQN26Z I am a shift worker and I needed something that would help lull me to sleep with white noises. This sound... read more »

Nature Sounds

11 Sep, 2018
Abosolutely LOVE this! The size is perfect with such realistic sounds! I would recommend this item! read more »

makes travel easier

30 Aug, 2018
I use these for guests, as helps relax in a new environment and makes the travel experience more enjoyable to get a good nights sleep. read more »


03 Aug, 2018
Really nice to have since I have toddlers who take forever to fall asleep sometimes. When I put this on they definitely relax much faster! #rankboosterreview  read more »


29 Jul, 2018
I almost gave this a 1 star! Just kidding but it does have a wind chime sound that sounds just like wind chimes which to me is like nails against a chalk board! But my favorite sound sounds like the o... read more »


12 Jul, 2018
This is so nice. has all the settings you need . Nice quality and a great price!!! If you are looking for a sound machine I recommend this one. read more »


20 Jun, 2018
I love this sound machine it helps my son sleep at night I love that it is rechargeable and has a timer on it.  read more »

great sound

10 Jun, 2018
 i love the noice machinge, nature sounds help me sleep very good, also has timer or can use it all night, have great sound, #rankbooster#lyemouchet#minisleepmachine read more »

Great noize machine.

11 May, 2018
Great sound machine with six different nature sounds white noise and fan to help with sleepless nights that are too quiet. Drowns out background noises and other noises as well. Contains rechargeable... read more »

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