BRAPHY Callus Removal Foot Pack Foot Mask Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Feet peel Foot Peeling for Dry and Dead Skin (1 PAIR)
Price: $10.50
4.84 / 5   (19 Reviews)


Keep Your Feet in Tip Toe Shape!

05 Oct, 2020
Great for keeping your feel FIT all year round! read more »

Love this

17 Apr, 2018
I used this foot peel and instantly fell in love. I lov3 the peeling process you can actually see all your dead skin peeling off and underneath is such soft skin. I have repurchased and use it three t... read more »

Awesome foot peel

16 Oct, 2017
Love this.  Made my feet feel so soft. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.  read more »

Amazing Product

27 Sep, 2017
I got this callus remover to help the healing of my feet. I love using these on my feet every few months, and knowing within a few days I'm going to have smooth and great feeling feet. These are s... read more »

great product

20 Sep, 2017
This Callus removal works great. it exfoliates and removes the dead and dry skin on your feet and leave them looking like baby feet.not only works on calus but also works on rough skin.  is very... read more »

Nice Smooth Feet Again

17 Sep, 2017
My feet are always rough in summer and winter. I don't know which is worse. I have used many different products to file and peel away dead rough skin. I tried this foot mask since many people have... read more »

Smooth Feet

06 Sep, 2017
Wow! I have never used anything like these Braphy Callus Removal Foot Masks. This package comes with two bags that you will cut open and put your feet in, these already have the soak in the bags.... read more »


06 Sep, 2017
I love this product because it helped get rid of all my callus on my feet and I have quite a few being on my feet for 12 hour days. My feet are also very achy, tired and dry from being on them so much... read more »


03 Sep, 2017
It's so awesome to see the callused skin just falling away.  It's even fun to help it along a bit.  But be prepared to not wear sandals for around 8-10 days.  It will look like... read more »

Worth it!

31 Aug, 2017
This is definately worth the price! Works great and comes in a simple to use package with instructions. Super Easy! read more »

Soft feet

28 Aug, 2017
I originally got this callus remover foot mask for me to use but it says on the package that pregnant women should not use this product. I didn't realize this so my husband used it. His feet are p... read more »

Best foot peel ever!

28 Aug, 2017
This foot peel is amazing! I've tried others in the past that didn't do anything but soften a bit so I was skeptical about trying this one but I was pleasantly surprised! It comes with 2 booti... read more »


27 Aug, 2017
This mask for the feet is great. It's like a shoe with a clear liquid and you put your feet inside the liquid for and hour and then you wash your feet with plenty of water, The effect is not seen... read more »

Works great

22 Aug, 2017
Apply to foot follow instructions on back peels right off! Makes the calluses super soft almost gone! read more »

Defintely makes your rough feet soft

22 Aug, 2017
I have really rough feet unfortunately because I'm a barefooter and hate shoes but I use creams, callous machines etc. so I decided to give this a try and see what happens. I'm on my third day... read more »

Foot Mask

22 Aug, 2017
Comes 2 to a package in a nice sized package. You wear these on your feet and then over time your callus's will peel off. The instructions are very detailed and easy to read. Ingredients are liste... read more »

Easy to Use!

18 Aug, 2017
I have reviewed a lot of foot masks in the past.  None of them had booties that could fit me! This one does!! I have size 11 feet. I didn't have to cut the booties. That made me happy. ... read more »

Peeling Feet

15 Aug, 2017
After using the foot mask, there will be a lot of peeling. Don't be alarmed! It is suppose to do this and will leave your feet feeling baby soft. The peeling can be yucky but if you wash your feet... read more »

Smooth and impressed

13 Aug, 2017
This little pack is surprising.  Wasn't expecting so much action from such a small package.  Leaves my feet feeling smooth and soft, removed all the dead skin, was easy to use, easy to f... read more »

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