Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wax Patty Papers
Price: $12.95
4.97 / 5   (68 Reviews)


AMAZING! Saved me so much time and effort!

07 Nov, 2018
I loved this so much I bought a few as gifts for friends! The shaper is great, the wax paper is great, it functioned much better than expected, and I was truly happy with these results! Every burger w... read more »

Burger press

30 Jul, 2018
This is the complete set of everything needed to make the perfect burgers. Everything is so easy to use and I really appreciate that it comes with wax papers so that they can be separated without stic... read more »

Awesome Value!

14 Jul, 2018
For only $12.95 you can't beat the value for what comes in this kit.  The KROM Burger Press Kit comes with a grill mat, buger mold and many (50) wax patty papers for freezing and easy se... read more »

Great shaped burgers

31 May, 2018
We love totmake our own burgers and this burger press makes it so easy and quick. You simply oly fill and press.  You get perfectly shaped  round burgers without any mess or hassle.  Lo... read more »

Great Gift! (-:

31 May, 2018
I gave this to my Dad as a gift he loved it he has been wanting one for awhile now, and it seem's to do exactly how it should do, and exactly how it was started to do as well! (-: read more »

Burger Press and Grill Mat!

27 Apr, 2018
I was really impresed with this burger press! Simple to use and makes the best burgers!! The matt was great for grilling my favorite veggie Asparagus!!!  It can be used for anything you want!... read more »


23 Apr, 2018
I have always wanted to try a burger press. Especially for making stuffed burgers. I have to say I am pleased with this burger press by #Krom. It's sturdy and holds up well. I have a large family... read more »

Great tool

17 Apr, 2018
I used the burger press to make burgers for the grill the other day and they came out perfectly round. Great item  read more »

Really liking this burger press kit it has everything needed

16 Apr, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Burger-Press-Kit-Grill-Mat/dp/B0732W9WHF I got this a few days after I ordered it and in excellent condition and I'm liking this burger press kit it has everything needed t... read more »

An affordable way to improve your burgers/patty’s/sliders that everyone can enjoy! Free Magic Grill Mat is Non-Stick & heat-resistant. FREE video tutorials that helped me learn how to cook burgers better!

13 Apr, 2018
This Burger Press Kit (with its included Grill Mat) by Burger Chef and Krom is “hot hot hot!”  (Meaning that I really enjoy cooking with it.  Ha-ha!)  It even came with spec... read more »

Better Burgers

09 Apr, 2018
I love this item! I am so glad that I added it to my kitchen collection. I can easily stuff burgers with chesse, pickles, etc. Usually when I make burgers, they seem to fall apart. However, I have not... read more »

Versatile Burger Maker

09 Apr, 2018
Since I began eating a vegan diet, I have found some really delicious vegan burgers. But nothing tastes as good as homemade. This burger press is perfect for making homemade burgers, vegan or regular.... read more »

good strong quality

05 Apr, 2018
love this.  makes making hamburgers so much easier, there all the same size now.  good quality, cme with wax patty pappers.  #rankbooster#burgerchef#krom read more »

Works Awesome 3 in 1 device.

04 Apr, 2018
I am always making homemade burgers so I decided to try a burger press, I normally just mold them with my hands, but wanted to try something different. In this set, you get a mold for a normal size bu... read more »

Great Kit!!!

02 Apr, 2018
Got this as a gift to my bbq savvy friend. He came back saying the kit reduce his work by 50%. And he even tried the online recipes, which turned out to be great taste. He was very happy. read more »

great burger press

02 Apr, 2018
this is so east to use and to make perfect burgers.i made me stuff burgers with no problems.and they came out awesome.it was easy to clean as well the wax paper i was able to make some a head of time... read more »


01 Apr, 2018
Haven’t tried it yet but appears to be great. Waiting to use this on next camping trip.  read more »

No More Burgers Made by Hand

31 Mar, 2018
I really like this burger press with grill mat.  The box contains a burger mold than you can even make small patties with. I used to make my burgers by hand. Sometimes we would buy them from the... read more »

You Have To Check Out the Recipes

31 Mar, 2018
I love Juicy Lucy’s. But they can be difficult to make. This set made them so simple! So you fill the well about half way up with ground beef/pork/turkey, whatever you prefer. Use the press with... read more »

Making burgers has never been easier!

28 Mar, 2018
I have no problem making burgers... But making them round? Nope lol. This comes in handy. I had my 5 year old grandson over the weekend and he was even able to make his own burger. He was thrilled! Ea... read more »

Great Grill Accessories

25 Mar, 2018
These are great grill accessories to have around the house to use to make burgers that are extra special for parties or just for an everyday meal. I am really glad that I bought them and would recomme... read more »

Best burgers

25 Mar, 2018
Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wax Patty Papers  ... read more »

Great product!

25 Mar, 2018
I'm really enjoying the Burger Press kit with grill mat! The endless burger possibilties can be made with this! Perfect for full size burgers or sliders.  I'm having fun creating the s... read more »

Burger Chef

24 Mar, 2018
This is exactly what I needed. Simple yet completely functional, even my daughter can make burgers with me! I like that it comes with the grill mat, it is very useful when grilling. I use the grill... read more »

Great gift for anyone who loves to cook outdoor

24 Mar, 2018
Can't wait for spring and warmer weather to start grilling again. Burgers are one of the family favorites. This Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers... read more »

Grill em’ up

23 Mar, 2018
Spring is here and time to pull out the BBQ grill and let’s get cooking. To celebrate I found this great kit  by KROM on amazon to give to my dad to get him in the spirit and it worked. It... read more »

Nice kit

23 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #krom very nice set. Can’t wait to use in the summer grilling out. Great price.  read more »

Convenient and easy to use

23 Mar, 2018
This is an amazing item! I love kitchen gadgets, as I love to cook. Anything that makes my life easier is a great deal to me! Using this product, I am able to make uniform patties in no time. Clean up... read more »


22 Mar, 2018
Made burgers the same day I got the press just to test it out and it works perfectly. read more »

Customize burgers for everyone!

22 Mar, 2018
I just used this burger stuffer for the first time, and I'm hooked!  Everyone in my family has different preferences for their burgers, so now we all win!  It is easy to use and easy to... read more »


22 Mar, 2018
A simple idea that makes cooking prep easier & faster. We make large batches (several dozen) of hamburger patties at a time to cook & freeze. Whenever we need a quick meal it's easy to def... read more »

Burger press and grill mat

22 Mar, 2018
Great little no-stick burger and slider forming box.  Comes with a non-stick mat you can make your burgers on read more »

These is a great gift

22 Mar, 2018
If you barbaque or you know someone who does, this is a perfect gift.  It makes barbaqueing a lot easier.  You can make the perfect hamburgers with the burger mold and it even comes with 5 a... read more »

Love it this item will make your burgers look great

22 Mar, 2018
KROM Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wax Patty Papers... read more »

Easy to use and helps a lot in making burger

21 Mar, 2018
This is a review of Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wa... read more »

Restaurant-Cooking Burger in your own home!

21 Mar, 2018
Wow what a great add-on to anyone's kitchen, with this burger press you can make perfectly-rounded burgers in your house. You can get creative like this recepie: Mix the ground beef, salt and p... read more »

Really neat tool.

21 Mar, 2018
This makes perfectly sized burgers, and GREAT stuffed burgers. To find a video link to instructions, check the products Amazon page. It also has a slider maker mold. The grill mat is truly non-stick a... read more »

Easy Burgers

21 Mar, 2018
This burger press kit comes with the form for burgers and grill mats.  It is super easy to set up and get started.  Makes perfect burgers every time.  It comes with 50 wax patty papers... read more »

Great way to learn to make yummy burgers

21 Mar, 2018
I had a burger press in the past, but was not happy with the size of it. It made decent patties, but by the time they cooked down, they always came out smaller than the buns. I got rid of it and didn&... read more »

Great Set for Summer Cookouts!

21 Mar, 2018
This is a great set!  The burger press is really nice and heavy duty.  You can press ground meat for regular full-size patties, sliders, or even make stuffed burgers.  I've had burg... read more »

great product to have

21 Mar, 2018
my hubby love using the burger mold. instead of buying frozen, he made his own version with this stuffed burger mold and he love it. quality is good. i gave the grill mat to my father in law. no smell... read more »


21 Mar, 2018
I liked how my steak sliders turned out using this press. This is a great tool, because my daughter is just learning to cook and likes to help out in the kitchen. While I just slap the burgers togethe... read more »

Exactly what I hoped for!

21 Mar, 2018
I hate paying extra for premade patties, but my kids complain about how the hamburgers aren't normal when I make a hand patty. THIS is the solution. I can bang out the whole package of meet and th... read more »


20 Mar, 2018
Quality was so much nicer than I was expecting.  read more »


20 Mar, 2018
Look great, easy to use and very convenient. Great product read more »

My family loves it

20 Mar, 2018
Took this to a family get-together to see what my dad who is the grilling champion of our family had to say about it. We all took turns and we all came to the conclusion that it works great. It w... read more »

Great burger press

19 Mar, 2018
I got this for my fiance and he loves it. We are both huge burger fans so this was right up our alley and I couldn't pass it up. I love that we can have sliders anytime we want! It also makes grea... read more »

Best Burgers!

19 Mar, 2018
Another Awesome Deal! I Love My Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat! Now, I can finally Make that Perfect Burger! Thank You, I Love it! read more »

Easy to use and easy to clean

19 Mar, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #krom This is really very, very cool! It makes a big thick burger. Its easy to use, cleans easy and burgers come out all t... read more »

stuffed burgers

18 Mar, 2018
This press helps you make a burger a stuffed burger or even slider burgers. It has a disc that sits in a ring for both regular and slider size. Then you use the lid to flatten out the ground meat... read more »

Great For Summer Cookouts

18 Mar, 2018
Love this device. Great for forming hamburger patties without getting your hands dirty. Come out perfectly round and allows you to make all the patties the same size. The Waxpaper comes in handy for s... read more »

Absolutely love this!

18 Mar, 2018
Nicely made, easy to use, easy to clean! I really like the fact that it has a removable bottom. Makes it so easy to get the patty out!. . . --- Have been wanting to make sliders as well! You can... read more »


18 Mar, 2018
great burger press read more »


17 Mar, 2018

Great burger press to add to my kitchen!

17 Mar, 2018
My husband is this huge "burger fanatic" so this burger press is exactly what I need to make him delicious stuffed burgers that he will love.  It is very simple to use so even he will b... read more »

The guys like making their own favorite burger and it's so easy with the press kit and grill mat

17 Mar, 2018
My husband and my son have really enjoyed using this burger press.  They make stuffed burger of their creation and they turn out great!  The grill mat makes cleaning up super easy.  I r... read more »

Possibilities are Endless

16 Mar, 2018
I was so excited to get this so quickly. It's Friday night and guess what we made for dinner? Some awesome stuffed burgers. Wow, this makes it so easy. My husband and I are just thinking about all... read more »


16 Mar, 2018
fantastic product helps with the clean-up as well as the freezing of future burgers.....love it! read more »

What a deal!!! 

16 Mar, 2018
  Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wax Patty Papers&... read more »


16 Mar, 2018
~ What ~ Made of food-grade ABS plastic, this 3-in-1 kitchen mold can make different sizes of burgers. From 2.76 to 4.05 inches in diameter, the press can pre-form any round compact food patty. The p... read more »

keep pressing

15 Mar, 2018
Very well made burger press.  It works just as described and is very well made. It includes a insert so you can press out sliders. This is a must for anyon that hate getting hamburger all over th... read more »

Well made

15 Mar, 2018
Great for the BBQ's so your grill does not get messy and also good for small food that you cannot normally grill. Great to use to make burgers and sliders and it also comes with 50 Wax Patty Paper... read more »

Burger press kit with grill mat

14 Mar, 2018
This is a very nice set.  It come with a large press and also one for making sliders.  The larger press can be used to make  stuffed burgers and works really well.  My guests were... read more »


14 Mar, 2018
This is very nice and good quality. Cute and useful. I love it very much. Worth it to buy. read more »

Easy to use.

14 Mar, 2018
This burger press is very easy to use and I love the separate pieces. The separate pieces makes it easier to remove the patties once you make them for frying. I didn’t try stuffed burgers but I... read more »


11 Mar, 2018
very good Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat - Burger Chef by Krom - Exclusive Online Videos with Recipes - Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers and Sliders - Includes 50 Wax Patty Pa... read more »

Burger press kit with Grill Mat Buger chef by Krom

10 Mar, 2018
I try this product and it is very good I recommend it is practical and easy to use. I love it thanks Chef Krom read more »

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