Flashlights, 711TEK 7W Mini LED Flashlight 300 Lumen Adjustable Focus Zoom Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack) (2)
Price: $9.99
4.85 / 5   (20 Reviews)


Good flashlights

19 May, 2019
Good palm sized  flashlights, my husband uses them daily at work, he’s a Marine Mechanic. read more »

A must have

03 Mar, 2019
Flashlights, 711TEK 7W Mini LED Flashlight 300 Lumen Adjustable Focus Zoom Flashlight (2 Pack) 711TEK    These are great I took them camping and I am very happy with them. They are rec... read more »


18 Oct, 2018
These are smaller than i expected. They are cute and they work amazingly. Super bright and amazing. Love them reccommed them to everyone. read more »

For my pistol

06 Oct, 2018
I found these flashlights and purchased them with the hopes that I could use one to mount to my pistol.. They are very bright and useful in the dark, now it's just a matter of finding the right mo... read more »

Like it

03 Oct, 2018
This one is good for my kids, it work very well and they like it. read more »

These Little Tactical Flashlights Are Super Bright!

29 Sep, 2018
This is a 2-pack of small tactical flashlights. The casing is made of metal, and the LED lights are super bright. Since they are so small, they are easy to carry in any pocket. I'm very plea... read more »

These are amazing!

27 Sep, 2018
These are the best flashinglights. It's a two pack. Both are a couple of inches long. They take normal batteries, not the weird watch ones. They are a bit heavy but very sturdy. They have 3 modes:... read more »

Great for our emergency storm kit

23 Sep, 2018
Bought these with winter coming up on us. I always keep an emergency storm kit with solar chargers, solar powered lightbulbs, candles, etc... Tried these out. Nice and bright. Perfect addition t... read more »

Cute little light

13 Sep, 2018
They take 1 AA battery which is not included. They have your regular, bright and SOS flashes. About as big as the palm of your hand. There’s a clip to attach to your shirt which is great si... read more »


02 Sep, 2018
Wow these little flashlights really are bright. Fit great in the hand. Small enough to put in your pockets but lots of light. #rankbooster #sponsored read more »

How am I supposed to use it

22 Aug, 2018
Nice quality but it didn’t come with no batteries and how am I supposed to know what batteries it uses. Also I not have no idea on how to find a battery, because every flashlight supposed to hav... read more »

Small but powerful

13 Aug, 2018
Fits in a small purse or habdbag. Has a powerful bean of lights great for emergencies. read more »

Mini But Powerful

13 Aug, 2018
This set of two mini LED flashlights are adjustable and very heavy duty.  They work great once a battery is installed.  They are very bright, have a lumen of 300 and also have an adjustable... read more »

Great set of mini flashlights

09 Aug, 2018
These produce a lot of light.  I like to keep flashlights in every room of the house as we lose electric here in FL easily and also for upcoming storms.  These are a great deal #Lumenadjusta... read more »

Tiny but mighty

03 Aug, 2018
These two flashlights are tiny and could fit in your pocket but the lightning on them is great! They are the perfect little tactical light. It has different setting on it to even make the light be a s... read more »


01 Aug, 2018
These flashlights are smaller than I thought it was it works ok, it's bright and has a clip that you can hook to your pants.  RankBoosterPromotions #Merry read more »

711TEK 7W Mini Led Flashlight

27 Jul, 2018
Tiny but mighty.  When I first opened these, I was surprised at how small they were.  But, I got out one of my LED flashlights that I thought were very bright.  OMG...This flashlight bl... read more »


26 Jul, 2018
nice little lights great for kitchen drawer read more »

Minnie but powerful flashlight

24 Jul, 2018
My husband loved the minnie flash light that I gave him, he used it as a light to fix something in his music studio room and in the attic. Very easy to use and so bulky. So far it works good, if your... read more »

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