CRW Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Curtain Hooks, 72" x 72"White 180CM
Price: $12.99
4.90 / 5   (51 Reviews)


It's thick and heavy duty, nice quality... 

20 Aug, 2018
My #Sponsored  #RankBoosterReview on my #CRW White Fabric Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant Bathroom Polyester Curtains Hooks, 72" x 72" Product link: read more »


29 Jun, 2018
Very nice curtain! Material is durable and can be washed and used again! read more »

Nice quality

21 Jun, 2018
Nice quality curtain pretty white color read more »

Not impressed

12 Jun, 2018
I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.  It tore very easy.  Did not hold up long.   read more »

Nice quality shower curtain with free plastic hooks!

12 May, 2018
Just in case you needed an extra set of shower curtain hooks, this crisp, white, polyester, 'waterproof' shower curtain comes with a set of 12 I believe! I thought that was a nice touch. I hav... read more »

Not sticky

28 Apr, 2018
My shower curtain liner just the right length. not sticky like those old-fashioned plastic ones that stick to your body while you're trying to shampoo your hair nothing nicer than a crisp whi... read more »

Good quality

21 Apr, 2018
Good product. It's one of the good quality  read more »

Best Mildew resistant curtain

23 Feb, 2018
So light weight and very durable, just as described. I waited to do my review.. I have used it for a month and I like how it is so light and sheer, have not had any molding, stale water problem with t... read more »

strong and heavy liner

07 Feb, 2018
very nice strong and heavy liner, very good material, also mildew resistant is so important, very good quality.  #rankbooster#crw#showerliner read more »

nice product.

01 Feb, 2018
well this is a shower curtain liner, not to much to say about it but it is nice. Its thick and stays put not billowing in like some do. I would and will be purchasing this product again.  read more »


23 Jan, 2018
Clean basic curtain,  mildew resistant, washable.  I use it as a liner or by itself. #RankBoosterReview, #Sponsored, #CRW read more »


20 Jan, 2018
It does what's needed read more »

Great buy

12 Jan, 2018
I love this shower curatin. It has really brightened up my bathroom and I especially love that it doesn't need a liner so it's always clean. If I need to wash it I can just throw it in the was... read more »

Nice and sturdy shower curtain liner

09 Jan, 2018
#CRW Shower Curtin liner is fantabulously made.  It is standard size and is mildew resistant.  Buy yours here: read more »

Great quality

01 Jan, 2018
Excellent quality shower liner curtain. Very sleek and works perfect for what I needed. If looking for a new shower curtain liner I would recommend this one. It has an elegant feel and looks nice.&nbs... read more »

Even better than I imagined

30 Dec, 2017
I had to replace my old shower curtain. I ordered this one and I am amazed at the quality. I was just expecting the same old thing. Instead I got this great curtain with the metal grommets. I find tha... read more »

Quality!! Feels like silk!

29 Dec, 2017
This product is made with quality materiels. It repels water and feels silken. Does not stick to your skin like vinyl or plastic curtains. read more »

Good quality

28 Dec, 2017
I am very happy with my shower curtain liner. It is holding up to several showers per day (big family) and is very easy to clean. read more »

Great quality

26 Dec, 2017
Very happy with my new shower curtain! It's very nice quality, heavy duty, and made of polyester. It kind of reminds me of the curtains they use in hotels. It's waterproof, mildew resistant an... read more »

Just as described

22 Dec, 2017
It came just as described.  It's is really well made. And so far no mildew.  I really like it. I would recommend this to othes. read more »

Shower Curtain Liner

20 Dec, 2017
This Shower Curtain Liner is well made with a quality material that is waterproof and mildew resistant. It is a good weight that will stay in place even though there are no magnets in the bottom.... read more »

#RankBoosterReview of CRW Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester Shower Curtain Liner with Hooks

15 Dec, 2017
I prefer fabric shower curtains and liners over plastic liners because they are more durable and therefore longer lasting and they are easy to machine wash whenever they need to be cleaned. I also fin... read more »

Much better than plastic

15 Dec, 2017
I ordered this curtainas a replacement for my plastic shower curtain because I read that plastic, ie pvc gives off toxic fumes for the life of the product.  I am very happy with this polyest... read more »

Shower curtain liner

15 Dec, 2017
This is a polyester curtain liner so it can be put in the washer to be sleaner and dried on delicate (thats what I do) and not stick or get ruined like vinyl liners. It is durable and nore sanitary. I... read more »

true to size

14 Dec, 2017
This is a nicely made shower curtain, it is true to size and so far after a month of use it still has no mildew.  read more »

Simple, Clean and Effective

12 Dec, 2017
I just moved into a new place and I wanted a new shower curtain..I didn't want to use someone elses left behinds. This is a basic white shower curtain, lightweight with a silky feel to it. It... read more »

Perfect Shower Curtain for my bathtub.

11 Dec, 2017
I have a bathtub with the shower head on the wall, like most bathrooms.  There are sliding panels from the ceiling down to the tub.  However, when we bought the house there was only one, all... read more »


06 Dec, 2017
This is seriously so awesome! I usually have to change the shower curtain liner in my shower once a month because it gets so gross and they dont wash well. It is one of my pet peeves. This one has bee... read more »

Great, durable curtain!

01 Dec, 2017
This shower curtain is extra long, measuring 72“ x 72“ and made of 100% durable polyester fabric. It is both waterproof and mildew resistant, which helps to leave the water in the tub wher... read more »

Thick material

01 Dec, 2017
Very nice bathatroom Curtin. The quality is great. It' not see through or thin. It' a tick material. Also it' waterproof which is great because it dries very fast. Brand it' really eas... read more »

Mildew Resistant shower curtain

30 Nov, 2017
It a perfect size and I have had it up for about a week now and  no mildew.. easy to clean. I think I will be giving some as gifts. I love it . #RankBoosterReview ii. #Spo... read more »

Strong, Beautiful & Mildew Resistant

29 Nov, 2017
This product can be used as both, either curtain or liner. I like its look and use it alone as a curtain. It's indeed mildew-resistant, doesn't smell as it's made of 100% polyester. The gr... read more »

Mildew Free

25 Nov, 2017
So many shower curtains you get these days so they are mildew resistant but are in fact not so when I ordered this and used it a while and realized it really is mildew resistant I was so pleased, ther... read more »

Comes with the hooks!

24 Nov, 2017
CRW CRW Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Curtain Hooks, 72" x 72"White 180CM   This is a great shower curtain. It fits a standard sized showe... read more »

polyester shower curtain by CRW

22 Nov, 2017
I received this polyester shower curtain recently by CRW and this is made well with no tears or loose threads. The grommets are metal and are placed evenly throughout this shower curtain. This is whit... read more »

Very nice liner

22 Nov, 2017
  Are usually don’t buy fabric shower curtain liners because I’m always worried about water going on to the bathroom floor. When I got this one I was quite surprised that it was he... read more »

Nice curtains

19 Nov, 2017
These shower curtains are very nice and don't let the water come out of the tub. The polyester used is of good quality and not very see through. I do see some water spots later on but those easily... read more »

Nice curtains

19 Nov, 2017
These shower curtains are very nice and don't let the water come out of the tub. The polyester used is of good quality and not very see through. I do see some water spots later on but those easily... read more »

Good Quality

18 Nov, 2017
Good quality shower curtain liner. As described. Comes with hooks.  Very easy to put up.  read more »

Shower Curtain

17 Nov, 2017
I really like this product and the biggest thing i like is that its mildew resisant and waterproof because most shower curtains get that mildew smell and its hard to get off, so we always wind up thro... read more »

Very durable!

17 Nov, 2017
I like that this liner is mildew resistant and is very stylish. It even came with some very nice looking hooks. I can tell it is very durable, because of my young ones pulling on it and it hasn't... read more »

Shower curtain

17 Nov, 2017
The shower curtain fits great in the bathroom and it does an excellent job with keeping the water in the bahtub. Because it repels the water, I do not need to have a plastic liner with it. The package... read more »

Very Happy!!

16 Nov, 2017
The perfect replacement for old shower curtains. Hung easily and looks pretty.  read more »

Very nice shower curtain. Waterproof, mildew resistant, hardware included

16 Nov, 2017
This CRW Shower Curtain is a high quality curtain which can be used either as a liner or alone. It is white, and made from waterproof polyester to help keep the water in the tub where it belongs. It m... read more »

Shower Curtain Liner

15 Nov, 2017
 Awesome im so happy i been needing a new shower curtain liner for awhile now but just kept forgetting everytime i went out to the store. Im very happy with my purchase the liner arrived quick an... read more »

Nice Shower Curtain

13 Nov, 2017…/…/B0761TB7CS This is a very nice shower curtain set. I needed a new set and this white fit into my bathroom very well. This set is made o... read more »

Awesome price.

12 Nov, 2017
Very good quality material thT its mildew resistant so with tbis cold weather warm house i dont have to worry about it getting molded at the bottom like other cheaper brand curtains. read more »

Love the quality and look of it

12 Nov, 2017
This is very nice shower lining I love how thick and not transparent like a lot either.  It came packaged very well and it also came  with hooks which was awesome.  I highly recommend i... read more »

Nice white simple liner

12 Nov, 2017
CRW Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Curtain Hooks, 72" x 72"White 180CM   It’s a good curtain liner strong not to thin, feels good I like... read more »

Shower Curtain Mildew Resistant

07 Nov, 2017
This is a beautiful cloth curtain. It's sturdy & well made. It's a 12 hook hole and comes with the curtain rods that match. I am very happy with this order and highly recommend.  read more »

Soft and easy

06 Nov, 2017
I like it alot. Its soft, easy to manage and just feels like it belongs there. Only thing is I wished it had more color or design or something to it.  read more »

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