SSZY Couch Guard for All Sofa, Furniture Defender, Cat Scratch Protector, Scratching Training Aids, Transparent Cat Scratch Deterrent, Self-Adhesive Cat Scratch Tape, 2 PCS In Set 18X9 Inch
Price: $15.99
4.08 / 5   (24 Reviews)


Protection = A+

22 Jan, 2019
This cat scratch couch protector truly works well, my cats are so confused why they can't sink their claws into their normal spot! There are 2 pieces of thin plastic that are sticky on one side. Y... read more »

Put on and spot left alone!!

30 Nov, 2018
Put on the 2 spots that my cat has gone after and so far not bothering it. I had to take the one off and put it back on better and it stuck on it ok. Glad it just sticks on because I can’t put p... read more »


29 Nov, 2018
My cat scratches up my furniture all of the time but this has really helped keep her from doing more damage.  #rankboosterreview  read more »


09 Nov, 2018
Well i bought this product because of the low price and the description of this product and in the pictures looked good, and also because on the description claims that it's Barely Noticeable, and... read more »

These are a great concept, but fall off and get wrinkled easily.

05 Nov, 2018
I have three cats, but only one of them loves to claw at our sofa. We got a brand new sofa a few months ago and it's a constant battle to prevent scratching. Scratching post don't even satisfy... read more »

Scratch No More

05 Nov, 2018
My cat is not declawed (I do not believe in it), so she scratches at our couch constantly. I was on the hunt to find a product! However, I did not want sprays that could damage our furniture or leave... read more »

Did Not Stick

01 Nov, 2018
Sorry, I did not care for these- I put them on My Couch & came right off, pushed it back on- same thing- read more »

No thanks

30 Oct, 2018
We got these scratch guards to try to keep our cat from scratching the furniture. He has the tall scratching posts and other items he can use to claw and scratch, but he always seems to want to use my... read more »

Scratch guard

22 Oct, 2018
These were packaged great,  not too easy to apply & didn't stay long read more »


22 Oct, 2018
Double sided tape like and keeps the cats away read more »

Ok but not for fabric sofa

21 Oct, 2018
Good size but not stick well on fabric sofa. May be better if you have leather sofa.  My cat stop scratches on tape spot but move to new spot. #rankbooster #Sponsored #SSZY pets  ht... read more »

It Really Helps

19 Oct, 2018
 I am satisfied with this purchase. These pads are easy to put on. Moreover, they're pretty transparent. They just stick on, with no pins required. Thank you for providing a new solution... read more »


30 Sep, 2018
This was all new type of protection. It has saved what was left of couch corners. And help hide previous damage. read more »

Couch guard for all sofa

13 Sep, 2018
I was so happy to get these unfortunately they won't stay stuck to my sofa. Maybe they work better with vinyl. I have a cloth sofa and it keeps peeling off. They are thick and are a great size. So... read more »

Scratch proof

18 Jul, 2018
SSZY scratch guard is saving my chair. My cat loves to scratch the corners of my chair. Thanks to ordering this on amazon I have been able to save what’s left of my recliner. She has now moved o... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
got this as a gift for a friend who just got a kitten. It was easy to apply and so far the kitten won’t scratch the couch anymore.  read more »

Works as expected

03 Jul, 2018
I got this for my parent couch and it perfectly adhered to its side. They have a small apartment and the couch is in such area that constantly getting bumped into and as a result side of it gets dirti... read more »

Scratch guards

01 Jul, 2018
These seem to be doing the job and were easy enough to set up. I put them on the sides of the couches as this seems to be where my kitty likes to sharpen those claws. I think these are fine for now bu... read more »


30 Jun, 2018
So much better than strands of tape or tinfoil. I got tired of looking at my mom making our couches look WORSE than anything a cat could do.  So I bought these professional pads and such a huge i... read more »

Cat Scratch Deterrent

30 Jun, 2018
Easy to apply. Plastic is thick enough it is very easy to work with. I would suggest adhering ONCE. Once you remove and reposition, you are losing the adherence ability of any product. Lay the pieces... read more »

Great Product

27 Jun, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.SSZY . Cat Scratch Deterrent, Couch Guard Furniture Defender Scratch Protector Cat Scratching Training Aids, Transparent Cat Repellent Self-Adhe... read more »

Pretty basic

27 Jun, 2018
This product does what it says. It sticks to the couch and the cat had a hard time clawing at it. It is rather basic though - its pretty much just contact paper. I don't see much else special abou... read more »

Stick It and Leave It

26 Jun, 2018
We just found a cat that had been abandoned. It’s a wee thing that we’ve had to nurse to health. Needless to say, this little ball of frenzy has already discovered scratching as a favorite... read more »

Too bad

26 Jun, 2018
To bad too bad I didn't buy this before the cat's destroyed the back of my chair. It goes on easily and they don't like the feel of it. Next time I get furniture, if I ever do, I will defi... read more »

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