Interdental Brush, Flossing Head,Easy Use Tooth Cleaning Tool (72 Count)
Price: $9.99
4.59 / 5   (17 Reviews)


I like other products this company has

19 Oct, 2020
I like other products this company sells but these are not my favorite.  They are hard and I am afraid of them scratching the enamel off my teeth.  They were hard to fit between my teeth as... read more »

I love this flosser!

17 Oct, 2020
Items are what as expected. It really cleans in between the teeth. The product works and sturdy. I have bought flosser like that I can only use up to 3-4x then they fall apart, this one lasts me at le... read more »

Great deal

05 Oct, 2020
My mother uses flossing brushes all the time and at the store it is a small pack for almost the same prices as this 72 pack.  She said they work great and there's no difference between these... read more »


29 Sep, 2020
These interdental picks work great. Easy to use. Small and  convenient for keeping in car, desk, ect. Does not hurt when using. Small enough to fit in tight spaces between teeth  read more »

Easy to use

28 Sep, 2020
Much better than regular flossing.  Easy to use.  And you get so many.   read more »

Nice deal

27 Sep, 2020
I use these for my braces and hard to reach areas. Great delivery time and quality of product! read more »


07 Sep, 2020
Love these Razoko interdental brushes~  Pack of 72 interdental brush is well packaged.  Two colors Blue and Red.  Each brush is individually capped for ease of carrying it on the go or... read more »

Using these for Cleaning

29 Aug, 2020
I'm not using these on my teeth but instead when cleaning small, hard to reach stuff. The brush head itself is flexible, which could be good or bad depending on what you need. All 72 brushes are i... read more »

Good for cleaning!!!

27 Aug, 2020
These are tiny brushesto lean around your teeth.These can go inbetween teeth and clean up.The brushes may also be good if someone wears braces.The brushes are like the tiny version of a bottle brush.T... read more »

Great quality!

20 Aug, 2020
After brushing, flossing and using Stimu-dents, these little brushes are the final step. It's surprising how each method of in-between cleaning gets out yet something else. These little brushes ca... read more »

Great item

07 Aug, 2020
I love these.  It's like a gum massage when flossing your teeth.  I do not reuse them, but it is cool they have a lid.  I get food stuck in a back tooth every time I eat.  Thes... read more »

Great For Braces!

04 Aug, 2020
Three out of my four kids have braces and they absolutely love these.  They said that they had had samples before of something similar from the orthodontist but had never had them for regular use... read more »

Interdental Brush

29 Jul, 2020
Was recommended Interdental Brushes by my dentist as I don’t have big gaps between my teeth and normal floss is not for me - these are also hard to find in supermarkets so bulk buying... read more »


06 Jul, 2020
I like the size of both brushes and the sturdy plastic handle. The cap seals well too. Tossed a few in my bag for brushing after meals. They work great for braces too. read more »


03 Jul, 2020
#interdentalbrush #Rankboosterreview #sponsored works exactly as it should, great for braces and gapped areas between teeth! Good quality, does not shed bristles read more »

Perfect tooth cleaning aid! Washable and reusable with snap on caps

02 Jul, 2020
I absolutely love these dental brush flossers, they are perfect for my teeth. I have somewhat crooked teeth and there are different size gaps. These floss brush picks get a lot more from your gabps th... read more »


28 Jun, 2020
Good products i have braces  read more »

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