Cut Resistant Gloves Two Pairs Food Grade Level 5 Protection,Ibowooforrest Safety Kitchen Cut Gloves for Multiple Uses(Medium) - Suitable for Hand Length 9.06" - 9.25"
Price: $11.99
4.75 / 5   (12 Reviews)


Cut resistant gloves

16 Oct, 2019
Great product! Worked great for use during fish filleting. Definitely recommend these. read more »

Work great

26 Oct, 2017
I always manage to cut myself and these help me to keep from doing that good quality read more »


22 Oct, 2017
I got it two days before and falls in love with when my son cut apple wearing them , I m very concerned mother who doesn't let kids go near danger but give me confidence as tried it first and know... read more »

Very good

11 Oct, 2017
I use these for my job. one thing i really like is that it has a cooling effect on the hands, so your habds arent that hot  read more »

Ibowooforrest Safety Cut Resistant Gloves

10 Oct, 2017
Just got these   Cut Resistant  gloves, and they  are wonderful. Light weight.   Comfortable.    Highly  recommend these gloves.    I was surpris... read more »

Good Gloves

10 Oct, 2017
So these gloves are pretty much exactly what you'd expect. You put them on while chopping your food/whatever and it pretty much prevents you from cutting yourself or chopping your fingertip off.&n... read more »

Great fit

07 Oct, 2017
#Sponsored My hand are so small that it's very hard for me to find gloves to fit my hands. I ordered these thinking that the fingers would probably be too long like most glove unless I purchase a... read more »

These are wonderful gloves!

03 Oct, 2017
These are wonderful gloves. My husband uses them everyday. We live in Texas where hurricane harvey destroyed our home and our town.  My husband has been doing cleanup around our home and communit... read more »

Cut proof gloves

02 Oct, 2017
These work really great and we tested them as soon as we got them home.  A friend of mine said they used them in their restaurant when using the meat slicer and also when using a special tomatoe... read more »

The kids are wearing these!

29 Sep, 2017
I feel safer knowing that when my kids are cooking with me, they are wearing these gloves. I like for them to be able to help in the kitchen, I hate the risk that I perceive. They have tried and have... read more »


30 Aug, 2017
im not used to wear gloves when cutting veggies and meat but when i was cut many times i decided to look for something that can help me and so happy found this product..keep my fingers safe ,very dura... read more »

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