Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter (TR410)
Price: $23.33
4.92 / 5   (38 Reviews)


Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter.

01 Feb, 2021
    Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter was a Godsend.  It worked perfectly. read more »

Paper Cutter

14 Dec, 2020
This little guy is quite the worker. I did not think much of it when it arrived, but after a few uses I knew this was good deal.It is capable of cutting card stock as well as regular paper. I highly r... read more »

Small but so easy to use trimmer cutter

04 Aug, 2019
I had a large trimmer, but it was just a hassle to use for small jobs. This has become my go to trimmer. Cuts everything from card stock to pictures, with ease and straight lines. The blade stays shar... read more »

Perfect for my office!

21 Oct, 2018
I do a lot of scrapbooking and photo cropping to put into frames. This is perfect for that. No more scissors that make uneven lines! LOVE it! So easy and I love that it is portable. Now I can take my... read more »

Great for scrapbooking

01 Sep, 2018
Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter (TR410)   Great paper cutter very sharp easy to use and cuts a straight line. This is great for crafts scrapbooking and s... read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

24 Aug, 2018 #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Marigold read more »

Nice Cutter!!!

25 Jul, 2018
I bought this for my picture wall.  I have many pictures that I need cut to different sizes to fit my wall.  This has worked better than I thought it would. Did a great job on the pictures.&... read more »

Very useful

15 Jul, 2018
Perfect tool for my paper crafting projects. Lightweight and easy to move around. Easy to store when not in use. #rank-booster read more »

Good paper trimmer

12 Jul, 2018
I wanted an upgrade from my small basic paper trimmer/scorer, but I didn't want to go all out with a big bulky machine. I really like this cutter. It's compact enough that it doesn't ta... read more »

Very nice paper cutter

11 Jul, 2018
Very nice professional titanium paper cutter. Perfect for office work, crafting etc. I highly recommend. Very well made and works great! read more »

Fantastic Paper Cutter

03 Jul, 2018
After 10 plus years of science fair, school projects, girl scouts and who knows what other projects, my paper cutter was ready to kick the bucket.  It was so prehistoric the thought of a replacea... read more »

Great products

02 Jul, 2018
Great quality of product and working really good.I get one for my daughter and she really like it read more »

Very nice

27 Jun, 2018
So far it’s a great trimmer for all my party in home invitations I made! Leaves it smooth and and no uneven cuts! All in all I’m happy hopefully it doesn’t go dull fast read more »

Cuts with ease and precision

17 Jun, 2018
Cuts through with ease and precision. I purcahsed because this is more compact than many paper cutters. Would recommend this to anyone looking to save space but still have something functional. &... read more »


10 Jun, 2018
Just what I need for my coupon clipping AND my crafts. Sturdy structure with dependable cutting blade.  read more »


10 Jun, 2018
This is awesome.  I always end up doing arts & crafts and stuff for my kids' school and need to cut paper.  I have a cricut, but I often need to cut a straight edge on bigger paper.&... read more »

Perfect replacement

10 Jun, 2018
I have needed a paper trimmer for a fairly long time.  I previously had one when I was doing a lot of scrapbooking.  Once I have that hobby up, I sold all the supplies.  Now that I have... read more »


08 Jun, 2018
This is perfect for all my crafts. Safe enough for grandsons to use on their projects. Teach them safety and how to use properly. We love this. read more »

Works well, safe for small hands

07 Jun, 2018
The thing I like best about this Marigold rotary paper trimmer is that it is great for projects involving the kids. Simply place your paper onto the tray (which includes several guides to help line up... read more »

Easy to use (for cutting posters, cards and papers)

07 Jun, 2018
This cutter is so handy and easy to use. And because its small enough to carry anywhere it made it easier for me to take it to my work when its necessary specially whenever my boss ask me to make... read more »

Nice cutter.

06 Jun, 2018
Works pretty well for print and cardstck style paper. Much lighter than my full size cutter and more portable. Blade seems relatively sharp and cuts accurately. you do have to ensure the paper is moun... read more »


06 Jun, 2018
I really like this. It is a big improvement from the old huge paper cutters. I highly reccomend it !  read more »

Amazing bargain

06 Jun, 2018
I was so excited to get my new paper cutter, but had no idea just how nice it would really be. This is a professional cutter for sure and it is by far the best paper cutter I have ever used.  I m... read more »

Works well

04 Jun, 2018
This is a very useful tool for anyone that prints thier pictures, coupons or does projects that require clean precise cuts.  There are plenty of grid lines to help get a size needed. The blade is... read more »

I love it

04 Jun, 2018
This is an awesome teacher tool so many uses in the classroom ...very high quality paper cutter  read more »

Very Nice and BIG!

03 Jun, 2018
I have a couple of smaller cutters similar to this, so when I got the chance to get this Marigold Model TR410 12" Paper Trimmer at a discount so I could give feedback on it, I almost didn't t... read more »

Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter (TR410)

02 Jun, 2018
The Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter (TR410) is such a handy tool to use for crafts, school projects, business cards, at home or at the office. It has a 12" x 6... read more »

I love this paper cutter

02 Jun, 2018
My old one has seen better days for sure so i got this for when that one dies. well i tested this one and Love it. smooth clean lines the measurements are actually correct unliek my old one that was o... read more »

precision cuts everytime

02 Jun, 2018
This rotary paper cutter from Marigold is a great addition to my crafting supplies. It is made from a super strong titanium but it is extremely lightweight so it is easy to take along with me to vario... read more »

A professional quality desktop paper trimmer

31 May, 2018
We are replacing our old paper trimmer with this one. Our old one was smaller, all-plastic, and had a fixed blade. It would only cut one sheet at a time reliably. This new trimmer is far nicer. It is... read more »

Good cutter

31 May, 2018
Just waiting to see how the blades hold up but for now its great. read more »

Marigold 12inch Professional rotary Paper trimmer

31 May, 2018
First off,!  For this price, I didn't expect it to be full size.  Even though it say's 12", I thought it would be flimsy and narrow.  I have a plastic one that is lon... read more »


31 May, 2018
~ What ~ Measuring 18 inches long and 7.5 inches wide and 2.8 inches tall, this professional paper cutter can cut through 10 pages of 20-pound paper. It has a 12.6 by 6-inch metal calibrated base pla... read more »

Much safer than a "guillotine", ideal for parents that have kids.

30 May, 2018
I decided to buy this paper trimmer because the "guillotine" type I have is to dangerous to have around the kids. While it is not as easy to operate, its performance is compensated by being... read more »


30 May, 2018
Thank you. Will make cutting papers a little lot easier for work read more »

Paper Cutter

29 May, 2018
Quick delivery! Perfect for small, home paper cutting projects  read more »

works fine

28 May, 2018
Marigold 12" Professional Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter (TR410)  Price: $23.33 read more »

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