Fourcase 2 Pack Premium Headphones Compatible IP 6,Earphones Earbuds Headset with Microphone&Remote Stereo Compatible with IP Samsung Galaxy and Android 3.5 mm Smartphones Device
Price: $8.99
4.60 / 5   (15 Reviews)


I can never have too many pairs of earbuds

08 Dec, 2018
I have Bluetooth earbuds that I use from time to time, but call me old fashioned (I can't believe I just said that lol) I like to plug up a set of wired earbuds and pop them in my ear.&n... read more »


11 Nov, 2018
Got these tried them out and only ine side worked read more »

usage on many other devices

14 Oct, 2018
I used these on the plane, and in car and other types of electronics. made well havent falled appart and woul recommend them . I love how they are a little bigger and that way you dont seem to have to... read more »


14 Oct, 2018
had to get these for my kids for school they work great read more »

2 Pack Premium Headphones by Fourcase

09 Oct, 2018
It seems as if my 2 children are always needing headphones and not any headphones, they like earphones that are designed like apple headphones. So, when I came across these, I jumped on them. The day... read more »

Great headphones

08 Oct, 2018
This is a great deal for 2 headphones. They are white with the controlling buttons on the wire. They are easy to use and comfortable for extended periods of time. Overall a great product with good qua... read more »

Good quality

06 Oct, 2018
These come in a package of two.  They are well made and the sound is great.  I have ordered these before and they are still working great.  They have a microphone also.  The review... read more »

Fit Well

05 Oct, 2018
These buds fit in my ears well and don't seem to strain my ears like the ones you plug onto your ears- these have a good sound to them and for the price I would buy again and more than likely will... read more »

Must have

04 Oct, 2018
My kids go through ear buds like cereal! Always losing them and not buying them makes them borrow my good ones! This is the perfect solution! The quality is excellent, well made. They have survived th... read more »

Great Teenager BeeBop Quieter

02 Oct, 2018
My 12 year old granddaughter LOVES music and her Kindle!!! She got it from Grandma, but sometimes we just tire of the same songs over & over & over...........So, enter the Fourcase 2 Pack... read more »

great quality

29 Sep, 2018
My Fourcase 2 Pack Premium Headphones are awesome. Great quality sound. read more »

Great deal for 2 sets of decent earbuds

29 Sep, 2018
If you have read any other reviews of earbuds on my website or BlogBooster page, you know how I am always collecting earbuds. This review is similar to others, being low cost earbuds (2 in a pack for... read more »

listen up

29 Sep, 2018
Nice set of headphones. Decent sounds quality. They seem durable, but we will see after several used. Recommended for those that go through a lot of ear buds. read more »


27 Sep, 2018
i got these for my neice and nephew because its a 2 pack.  they work in both their devices and were priced low  read more »

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