Diet Drops for Appetite Suppression - Weight Loss Drops for Adults - Appetite Suppressant for Fast Weight Loss - Advanced Metabolism Booster - Hunger Suppressant for Fat Burn
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Early review

23 Oct, 2020
Just received the drops. The taste isn't bad at all. It taste sweet and has no after taste. I have only been using them for 2 days now, so I am not sure how well they work. I will update in a coup... read more »

not sure

23 Oct, 2020
it is really hard to read the directions on the bottle!i had to google it..i havent lost any weight since i been using it so i dont kow if this really works read more »

Great appetite suppressant

19 Oct, 2020
Had gotten into a bad habit of " munching" all day during the COVID.  Purchased in hopes it would help discourage this new habit . I was pleasantly surprised how quickly... read more »

Nice and easy help!

18 Oct, 2020
This is a very helpful formula- It really supresses my hunger feelings. I would highly recommend this product to anyone! read more »


18 Oct, 2020
This is the first bottle of the SLIMTIVITY Weight Loss Natural Fat Burner (Berry Flavor) that I've used. I wanted to post an authentic and honest review of this supplement. My two weeks review wou... read more »

Works great

18 Oct, 2020
No nasty taste and really supresses your appetite read more »

supports fast metabolism

18 Oct, 2020
just ten drops a day added to my favorite morning fruit smoothies makes me feel full and have the energy I need to chase around my three litle babies. The bottle comes with a ton and this will last me... read more »

About to start my weight loss journey

17 Oct, 2020
So I am about to start my weight loss journey with these diet drops, i will update you guys in about a week read more »

Diet they are the worst

15 Oct, 2020
I'm only giving this product to two because I just started trying it it don't taste good to me but I can handle it. I will probably come back and redo the verb you if things change for me read more »


14 Oct, 2020
I have been taking these drops a few days now and I have noticed that I am less hungry throughout the day and I also have less cravings  read more »

Weight loss

09 Oct, 2020
I have zero idea if these work but I bought the one for hair and nails and that one works! read more »

Works and taste great

03 Oct, 2020
This really works. I feel energetic and ready to tackle the day. This is simple to take. Just a few drops and your ready to go. It foes actually tasye good. Like a bunch of berries with no bad after t... read more »

Great flavor, helps with fatigue

02 Oct, 2020
As described, most definitely helped with fatigue and energy. Also I can tell a difference in my snacking habits for a couple of hours immediately after placing the liquid under my tongue. T... read more »

You can literally feel it working!

01 Oct, 2020
Very happy with this purchase. I couldn't believe I could feel it working within minutes and just one drop does the job. I feel safe taking the ingredients listed as well.  read more »

So exciting looking forward to losing weight!

01 Oct, 2020
I am tickled pink to get these weight loss drops.  I read the reviews on them and folks said the nicest things. I am really excited and looking forward to losing weight with these drops so I look... read more »

Doesn't taste that bad

29 Sep, 2020
Only had the product for a few days, so I can't attest to it working as advertised,  but the ease of use and taste of the product gets full marks. read more »

Tastes okay, really suppresses my appetite!

26 Sep, 2020
The taste is a very strong berry taste  which is okay, though there is a bit of an aftertaste. That said it did boost my energy, help me control my cravings and suppressed by appetite. In three00... read more »

Must have

25 Sep, 2020
This actually helped curb my appetite and tastes great read more »

Taste like berry medicine

21 Sep, 2020
Not to bad tasting I did notice a change in my energy once I started taking the drops, doesn't taste bad but u can tell it has a lil medicine taste to it. read more »

Great product

21 Sep, 2020
Good will update if it works read more »

Weight Loss---Boom Chacalala

21 Sep, 2020
Love how you see the difference.  Love this product.  Would definitely purchase again. read more »

Great taste!

21 Sep, 2020
Increases energy, curbs hunger. Not a bad tastes.  read more »

Weight Loss Drops

21 Sep, 2020
SLIMTIVITY Diet Drops for Appetite Suppression - Weight Loss Drops for Adults - Appetite Suppressant for Fast Weight Loss - Advanced Metabolism Booster - Hunger Suppressant for Fat Burn Has a decent t... read more »


20 Sep, 2020
these drops did nothing but make me feel sick. From the taste to the after effect it was horrible. I do not recommend this to anyone read more »

This Is Great For Energy & Mood

18 Sep, 2020
I found a great deal on these which is perfect timing to try it out. The ingredients are all proven to work in studies so that was a big incentive for me to try this. I like the taste but that’s... read more »


16 Sep, 2020
These taste great and truly do help suppress my appetite in a more natural way. I love the convenience of liquid form too. Great packaging! read more »

Appetite suppressant

16 Sep, 2020
These drops taste okay and they work pretty well.  read more »

Not a bad smell or taste and good reviews found on amazon as well

15 Sep, 2020
I have only been using this for 2 days now so I don't have much of a review for a item that takes time to actually give a detailed review for. But let us start from the beginning.   Fir... read more »

Slimtivity Appetite Suppression Formula

14 Sep, 2020
A berry-flavored liquid combining a proprietary blend of herbs and minerals, designed to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism, burning off excess fat. It sounds very good and I will try to l... read more »


14 Sep, 2020
Haven't tried it for too long. So far not too bad and packaging was amazing!  read more »

So excited!

13 Sep, 2020
I am so excited to have these drops! I have tried literally just about everything that I could get my hands on to lose weight and nothing has worked. So far the drops have been good and have dropped 2... read more »

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