Men's Novelty Flair Spiked Hair Visor Sun Funny Golf Hats Fake Wig Peaked Adjustable Baseball Caps
Price: $16.99
4.59 / 5   (22 Reviews)


Fun hat

18 May, 2021
I bought this for my dad because he loves these kinds of hats but he prefers the natural-looking hair more than this kind. read more »

Love it.

13 May, 2021
Husbands getting chemo and losing his hair, so I thought this would make it easier for him. read more »

Fun gag gift

28 Apr, 2021
It's fun to wear for a little bit, but doesn't seem to fit me unless the strap is undone. Fun for the moment but probably wouldn't wear it all day long unless they came out with a design t... read more »

Crazy hat

20 Apr, 2021
I want to see it as a gag gift but come to find out my boyfriend looks really good in it and it's just kind of a fun novelty hat. The material is nice and thick and it's actually decent for th... read more »

Men's Novelty Cap

19 Apr, 2021
Very nice cap. A little better than the other ones as the hair does not fall off on this one. Would definitely buy again. Great gag gift read more »


18 Apr, 2021
Never arrived so I do not know the quality  read more »

Comical & Fun Hat

17 Apr, 2021
My husband loves to wear all sorts of silly hats so this one fell right into place with his others! The quality of this hat was actually very impressive, as its made from sturdy materials and is sewn... read more »


17 Apr, 2021
My kids are really enjoying this funny hat. I wish I could get approved for more hats like this. read more »


17 Apr, 2021
This is hat is great quality. The hat is adjustable to fit any head size. The hair is really pretty and very soft. Very full looking. Fun for everyday or costume dress up. This is definitely the best... read more »

Gag gift

11 Apr, 2021
This is a perfect hag gift or Halloween hat.  The hair on it is so full looks real.  By kid just laughed when I put it on.  read more »

its fun!

11 Apr, 2021
it is fun for teenage boys read more »


08 Apr, 2021
I love this hat!! read more »


07 Apr, 2021
This spiked hair wig visor wasn't as great as I expected it to be. The visor was a little tight for my head and the hair didn't look realistic at all. read more »

Almost perfect

07 Apr, 2021
I bought this for a joke gift but it's REALLY well made. The only complaint is that it is small. It fits my 4YO and me ok (I have a smaller head) but my husband who is average size it is too small... read more »

Hair on demand

05 Apr, 2021
This visor is great! It has a snug fit the looks realistic as the top is completly full of hair that holds it shape looking spiked outward on the edges and up all in the middle. A very fun hat! read more »


05 Apr, 2021
This visor is just too much fun. It fits & the kids love messing with it. Color is great for 4th of July as well. The hair has not fallen out & had been quite the joke in the house. My friend... read more »


04 Apr, 2021
The pics in Amazon do not do this hat justice!  It is SO unbelievably cute!!  I got it because I thought it was funny, but my teenage girl put it on - and I fell in love with it!!  It d... read more »


03 Apr, 2021
Cute little novelty hat. read more »

really cool hat

03 Apr, 2021
Hat was better than was expecting, bought for my kid, but dad ended up taking, he wears it out in public and think it makes him look cool, he likes to pretend the colorful hair sticking out the top is... read more »

So Funny!

02 Apr, 2021
Such a funny hat great for a gift. read more »

SO weird!

02 Apr, 2021
This is a whacky product =)   Meant for crazy hair day at school and it's going to work GREAT!!!  read more »

We love it!!!

31 Mar, 2021
DZIMKZR novelty flair spiked hair visor golf hat is very nice to have~  Hubby loves how the hair is spiked and the color of the hair is blended very nice too. Fits comfortably. It's a very we... read more »

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