One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Battery Operated Real Wax Ivory Pillar Vanilla Scent with Remote (9pc - 2.2 Diameter)
Price: $29.99
4.88 / 5   (43 Reviews)


Nice Set!

16 Oct, 2020
Really nice set, good quality! read more »

Very bright

22 Aug, 2020
The candles are great. They can light up a room without having flames so it safe for kids and pets to be around.Perfect for power outages or just for having a dimmed room. read more »

It looks real

10 Jun, 2020
I love the fact that this looked so real y'all.very beautiful display in my home and everyone asking where I bought it from.highly recommend. read more »

Love these candels

15 Nov, 2019
I love these candles and i am so delighted with them. They feel like real candles to the touch. I have one set on the coffee table in a holiday arrangement and another set on my fireplace The convenie... read more »


18 Mar, 2019
these are perfect! some of them come with batteries in them so you wont need much read more »


31 Jan, 2019
These are okay. A few wouldnt work after just a couple uses. They could be nice if they were better quality.  read more »

Love These Candles!

12 Aug, 2018
I love these types of candles, they are as real as it gets for being fake. The flame dances and moves just like a real candle so you get the look and the safety. Very realistic, they look lovely... read more »


31 Jul, 2018
These are the coolest things ever! They work great and better yet have a remote control to operate  read more »

9pc Flameless Candle Set

24 Jul, 2018
This 9pc candle set arrives in a nice packaging box with each candle in its own slot. I like this because these have a real wax coating on the outside that could be scratched or worn from tossing arou... read more »

Relaxing Glow

17 Jul, 2018
I love these candles, they give a soft glow in my room that allows me to see the room when im relaxing with the lights off. I get headaches and these allow me to keep the lights off and still get arou... read more »


05 Jul, 2018
This is a nice set of real wax candles with LED lights.  They are a bit smaller than I exoected, but I should have read the listing more carefully as it was very clear on the sizes.  It was... read more »

Very nice

25 Jun, 2018
This set is very nice. Candles are good size and look real, not the hard plastic. All but one take AA batteries, the other one is included. Remote has battery as well. You have 2 settings. One as ligh... read more »

Best ever love it

24 Jun, 2018

Great for the dorm

19 Jun, 2018
This cabdle set is pretty cool. I like that it comes with 9 candles of different sizes. The two small ones use a watch type battery that comes with the set and 2 spares, but the other cadnles each use... read more »

Excellent candles

17 Jun, 2018
One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Battery Operated Real Wax Ivory Pillar Vanilla Scent with Remote (9pc - 2.2 Diameter)    These candles are awesome. They are battery operated so... read more »

One World Magic Candle Set - Awesome !

14 Jun, 2018
#RankBoosterReview One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Battery Operated Real Wax Ivory set 99 % Off  $ 29.99  $0.30 #Sponsored # Seller: Promotion   Great P... read more »

Great Item for the home!

14 Jun, 2018
I got these for my dining room table and they are good quality product. They come with a remote and they have a nice quality look to them. Not cheap or plastic looking. Overall I would reccommend thes... read more »


12 Jun, 2018
These are the coolest, nicest battery operated candles I've ever bought! The remote control works great and offers several different functions of operation. This is a must have for any candle love... read more »


11 Jun, 2018
I love these candles. The scent is light enough to notice but not overwhelming. The candles run on batteries, mostly AA. One has the round battery.  The remote function is also pretty cool. As... read more »


11 Jun, 2018
My wife will get any candle possible on the market. I am always on the lookout for the candles sale. But this one saved me money and my wife loves it. It came wit 9 pieces with different heights varia... read more »

One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Battery Operated Real Wax Ivory Pillar Vanilla Scent with Remote (9pc - 2.2 Diameter)

10 Jun, 2018
  i. #RankBoosterReview ii. I love this set of candles is spectacular very beautiful for decorations. #Sponsored iii. #One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Batte... read more »

Control your own flame.

10 Jun, 2018
I love candles but sadly, so does my kitty. Fake candles are the only ones I can use now. Aesthetically they look amazing with my decor, financially they will save money on candles, utilities, and eve... read more »

Beautiful quality candle set! Real vanilla scent!

09 Jun, 2018
I have purchased several candle sets in the past that were flameless, battery operated and none have looked quite natural or real.  I like the more slender look of these candles rather than the t... read more »

beautiful wax battery operated candles

09 Jun, 2018
I have an addiction to pretty candles. The only part I hate is actually burning the candles because it ruins the look of the candle. These candles are perfect for that because they are battery operate... read more »


08 Jun, 2018
these are great read more »

So Many Lights

07 Jun, 2018
These One World magical candle set of lights are amazing.  You can use all of them or just a few here and there.  They are all battery operated, have a vanilla scent and work off a remote co... read more »

Must have great smelling candle set with controlled lighting

07 Jun, 2018
Perfect set, many features and options on this beautiful candle set. The lighting is amazing. Awesome sweet smelling scent. Highly recomended and a must have! read more »

Candle set

06 Jun, 2018
I was actually shocked at how real they look and feel. I made mine a centerpiece and I have had many compliments on it. Buy it ! read more »

Magic Flameless Candle Set

06 Jun, 2018
The main reason why I decided to get this candle set was because my daughter likes to use candles a lot whether it be in her room when she's relaxing at night or when she's taking a soothing b... read more »


05 Jun, 2018
I love these candles, I can't use candles with flames because of asthma and pets. These are so cute and work perfectly for what I need.  read more »

Beautiful vanilla scented candle set

05 Jun, 2018
This 9pc candle set from one world magic and beautiful and perfect for any occasion, and safe since they flameless. This candle set comes with a remote control so you can remotely turn them ON/OFF and... read more »

Perfect for decoration

04 Jun, 2018
This pack of flameless candles makes for agreat decoration to put around your house. They are battery operated and you don;t have to light them up with realy fire to have light but by simply turning t... read more »

Super NICE

03 Jun, 2018
What a cool set this is.  First of all they are made of real candle wax but have a battery operated flare inside so you not going to burn the was.  The set comes with graduated sizes!... read more »

love them

03 Jun, 2018
this candle set is very nice and looks like real candles  they are different hights  they do take batteries  and have a remote so you can trun them on and off with out having t... read more »

Magic candles

03 Jun, 2018
Very cool candles! Arrived in a timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shipping process. So far I am very pleased with this item and I would definitely recommend it... read more »

These are an awesome set of candles...

01 Jun, 2018
Sorry a forgot to get a picture of these before I gave them as a gift.  They looked great and worked really well with the included remote.  Came with two replacement batteries as well. ... read more »

great candles!

31 May, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #One World Magic Candle Set - Flameless, Battery Operated Real Wax Ivory Pillar Vanilla Scent with Remote (9pc - 2.2 Diameter) https://... read more »


30 May, 2018
I love these candles. They are perfect. Just the right size and look like real candles. They flicker and everything. I am very impressed. Well worth the money and they only take 2-AA batteries per can... read more »

candles are great

30 May, 2018
love this whole set, very elegant and beautiful  read more »

Awesome Product

29 May, 2018
This is a beautiful candle that can be controlled easily with a remote control! In the box, you get the candle itself (without batteries), a remote control (with batteries), and an instruction manu... read more »

These Are Amazong Battery Operated Scented Candles! I love the smell of these!

28 May, 2018
These are amazing just freaking amazing. There scented and there battery operated. I love these since I don't need to light them I don't need to worry about burning my house down to have a few... read more »

Very pretty

27 May, 2018
Very realistic the way the flame flickers, mild Vanilla scent, I love the remote, no need to move them around to turn on and off, very pretty read more »

Beautiful candles that are lovely to look at

27 May, 2018
These candles were a gift for my daughter for her new home.  They are even better than expected and she is thrilled with them. I bought her the double AA batteries that she needed to go with the... read more »

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