Dental Floss Picks High Toughness Toothpicks Sticks 250PCS with Portable Case and Dental Picks Perfect for Family,Hotel,Travel
Price: $10.99
4.72 / 5   (62 Reviews)



26 Oct, 2020
I love being able to have a dental floss pick whenever I eat. This came with two plastic packs so I keep one at my desk at work and one in my purse! They come in handy and people always ask to have on... read more »

Keep your gums healthy

18 Oct, 2020
Dental Floss Picks High Toughness Toothpicks Sticks 250pcs with Portable Cases and 100pcs BrushPicks Interdental Toothpicks Perfect for Family,Hotel,Travel #RAZOKO   #RankBoosterReview #... read more »

I can't be without these

01 Oct, 2020
I keep a container of these in my purse and take them everywhere I go. I can't imagine not having them. Great price for these.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #RAZOKO read more »


06 Aug, 2020
Works well. The thread is strong and does not shed. The only takeaway is the toothpick. It is a bit thicker than what im currently using.  read more »


03 Jul, 2020
#dentalflosspicks #Rankboosterreview #sponsored great quality floss picks, great for kids to encourage flossing or great for people with arthritis. Easy to use  on the go! read more »

Have to use twice as many per use due to floss fraying so quickly

02 Jul, 2020
Dental Floss Picks High Toughness Toothpicks Sticks 250pcs with Portable Cases and 100pcs BrushPicks Interdental Toothpicks are great for the price. The floss is made of food-grade polymer scribe... read more »


23 Jun, 2020
These work great and are super easy to use.  read more »

very good dental floss

22 Jun, 2020
high quality and not pricy read more »


20 Jun, 2020
#RankBooster #Sponsored # RAZOKO Huge package of dental picks. Comes in a resealable bag, small travel containers included. Perfect for home or on the road, as well as a trip. Very helpful. Made we... read more »

Very handy

20 Jun, 2020
These are so handy to carry in my purse . I have sensitive gums and these don't make my mouth hurt afterwards .  read more »

My favorite

19 Jun, 2020
I always have toothpicks around. By far this is my favorite kind to use. I liked that so many came in a package and that there was a portable case inside I could put some of these in for when we are a... read more »


18 Jun, 2020
I was shocked that the cases were empty and that you had to fill them yourself. Over all good quality  read more »

Who doesn't love FREE gifts??

18 Jun, 2020
The listing on Amazon says - 2 free gifts. . . well, you actually get THREE!!  Two carrying boxes and a 100 PACK of Dental Picks!  These are very strong floss picks - no fraying!  read more »

Arrived open

17 Jun, 2020
The box was fine but the plastic bag these floss picks were in were busted. Half of them were out of the pack and spilled into the box.  read more »


14 Jun, 2020
Decent, list in package with small containers they could have gone in. read more »

these are good quality and generous pack

11 Jun, 2020
these are good quality and generous pack, comes with different options in a pack read more »

Break easily

19 May, 2020
just got these yesterday not sure if it was just a defective one or what but it broke really easy!! Also they come thrown in bag all tangled together you have to sort and put in containers yourself no... read more »

Great value

07 Feb, 2020
I love these little dental picks!  I use them a couple of times a day and they are just as good as the name brand for way less.  #viralix, #dentalflosspicks #toothpicksticks  read more »

Great travel/home flossers!

01 Jan, 2020
#ROZOKO made these flossers well in my opinion! They're sturdy, work great + I love the way in which they added the pick to the end of each flosser! The travel cases are an extra, 1 in my purse, 1... read more »

Big kit

21 Dec, 2019
This product concludes a big bag of surprises! A travel box and a large box and a small bag of dental picks. We all know that teeth brushing is not enough to protect our teeth from bacteria, this prod... read more »

Dental picks

14 Dec, 2019
          These dental floss picks by RAZOKO are extremely durable. With your purchase you get 250 dental floss picks, 2 portable cases and 1 pack of 100 dental picks.... read more »


13 Dec, 2019
I love these. They suite my needs better than expected. The travel size is fantastic! I keep it in my purse.  read more »

Great deal!

12 Dec, 2019
Amazon prime members can clip a 20% off coupon. Stacked this coupon on top of it and i ended up paying only $0.40! Great deal!  read more »

Great to keep at work

12 Dec, 2019
These floss picks work as they should. Handy to keep in my office for after meals and such. Greta price for as many as you get. Good purchase.  read more »

Works Great

11 Dec, 2019
I love this floss pickers. As a woman who eats a lot of meat, I am always picking stuff out of my teeth. These floss on the pickers are nice and thin so they move in between my teeth effortlessly. It... read more »

dental lloss

10 Dec, 2019
I ran out of denal floss picks and came across this package. There are 250 pieces and a nice storage carry box for on the go. What a great idea. I am so glad someone thought of it. I normally throw th... read more »


01 Dec, 2019
These are great floss picks! My family loves them!  read more »

Gotta Have!!!

30 Nov, 2019
These dental floss picks are so convenient to have and use~  It helps to remove food debris that stuck inbetween teeth. Using it after meal prevents plaque build ups.   Safe to use.&nbs... read more »


28 Nov, 2019
I hope the receiver will appreciate this gift as well as I did purchasing mine. Thanks for the discount. read more »

Good quality and quantity

28 Nov, 2019
Super amazed at just how many are in the bag super convenient pocket or purse container and a nice little container for in the bathroom that is completely closed so no yuck can get on them very happy... read more »

Value flossing can you ask for more

27 Nov, 2019
Obviously not much of a product to really review it does exactly what it says on the tin read more »

Good to have on hand

27 Nov, 2019
I am always on the lookout for useful items so when I saw the dental floos toothpicks by Razoko, I immediately thought of many situations that they would come in handy. I know that everyone, myself in... read more »

Great dental picks for traveling and for people with smaller mouths and have trouble with traditional floss.

21 Nov, 2019
I use these because I have trouble reaching my back teeth with traditional floss, they are perfect. This pack comes with 2 different size travel boxes so they are perfect for taking on a trip or stick... read more »

fresh breath and easy to use

18 Nov, 2019
ths is a very wonderfulproduct to keep my tech fresher and smelling good. it cleans between my gums. it helped me with keeping my teeth very healthy. great value for the money.thanks read more »

Good floss!

18 Nov, 2019
I keep one bag in my lunch box and one in my car. They're the perfect size. Makes it easier because they're so compact! read more »

Dental Floss Picks with portable case

14 Nov, 2019
I bought these before and now bought them again.  As you get older your gums begin to recede and everything you eat seems to be caught between your teeth.  These are a godsend when it comes... read more »

Comes with portable case too!

13 Nov, 2019
This is a huge bulk bag pf flossers, perfect to refill your containers around the house and travel cases. It even comes with a portable case for your car! read more »


12 Nov, 2019
Good product read more »

Huge capacity and durable

11 Nov, 2019
These are great little on the go picks. I have some at work and in my car. They are great for when you just ate. I don't have to worry about food in my teeth after lunch anymore. read more »

Huge bag

09 Nov, 2019
These are great with a great price.  read more »

Best flossing tool to add to your hygiene toolbox

09 Nov, 2019
I've switched from old fashioned flossing wire a few years back and never been happier. These are so easy to use. They have both the flossing wire and pick on the other end for stubborn pieces of... read more »


07 Nov, 2019
I like these more than toothpicks and I will buy again soon... read more »


01 Nov, 2019
They're good and very sharp but safe read more »


28 Oct, 2019
They work good, easy to use and so many! Hold up well. read more »


26 Oct, 2019
so handy read more »

Dental Floss Picks and Dental picks

16 Oct, 2019
These are great! I like these so much better than the traditional product and the picks are great for cleaning out plaque. I love the floss ends, they are perfect for taking with me when I go to resta... read more »

I am impressed

07 Oct, 2019
These are better than the name brand that we have been buying for years. They come in a huge pack and are well made. I would choose these over any picks that are on the market.   read more »

Floss Picks

03 Oct, 2019
Thes floss picks are great to get out particles that I miss with brushing and regular floss.  I have a lot of space inbetween my teeth so I have to clean them after every meal. This comes wi... read more »

Fresh and clean

24 Sep, 2019
Loving these lightweight flossers. They are sturdy but not bulky. Came with awesome carry case, perfect for bring some when traveling.  read more »


24 Sep, 2019
SO far these have not hurt my gums and none have broke or bent.  The floss handle is very durable as well.  These are a 2-1.  It can be used as inter-dental brush or toothpick.  Th... read more »


22 Sep, 2019
These are PERFECT for not only myself, but more importantly... flossing my 2 yr olds teeth!    also super happy it comes with travel cases so you can keep the picks clean when traveling!... read more »

Great value for money

30 Aug, 2019
Dental Floss Picks High Toughness Toothpicks Sticks 250PCS with Portable Case and Dental Picks Perfect for Family,Hotel,Travel This is a set of 250 dental floss, a great value for money. The dental... read more »

Use all the time

29 Aug, 2019
I cannot stand when I get something stuck between my teeth after eating.  I always have to have something like this on hand for this reason.  I don't like wooden toothpicks because they... read more »

great deal

26 Aug, 2019
very great deal. its durable just like the one you bought at the store but much cheaper in price. read more »

Wonderful to use! Love the extra cases!

25 Aug, 2019
This is a great set and the picks are perfect! They are durable and the end is curved to get between stubborn teeth. I really loved the cases and the smaller one is great for my purse. read more »

Worth the money

23 Aug, 2019
Nice simple floss picks, but the best part is the portable cases - they allow to organize the space in the toiletry bag easier when you travel. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #RAZOKO... read more »

Works very well

16 Aug, 2019
Nice, sturgy piks right here. Price is on point for 250 count bag, Thank You. read more »

Floss is good

04 Aug, 2019
The floss is good. Doesn't break easily while getting food in hard places out. Wished the bonus travel box actually had floss in them, it's just a box to put the floss in. read more »

So convenient!

27 Jul, 2019
These are so convenient. I love the fact that they come with travel cases. The small 10 pack travel case is perfect for my purse. I use the other travel case on the go in my suitcase luggage and it... read more »

Great buy

25 Jul, 2019
  This are basically for almost all the year. They are great but what I like more is that they are individually packaged so you can have them in different places and they will be clean and rea... read more »


23 Jul, 2019
we used it daily, and it is great. read more »

Great value

15 Jul, 2019
Alot for a little!! I love these flossers. read more »

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