Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, eSamcore Water Resistant Flashlight with Safety Hammer and 18650 Battery & Charger [Zoomable] [1000 Lumens] [5 Modes] For Camping Outdoor Emergency
Price: $16.99
4.97 / 5   (38 Reviews)


Awsome little flashlight

22 Jun, 2019
We camp a lot, and when you camp you have to take furbabies (dog) for walks at some strange times. We camp in some areas that at night are DARK, very Dark, and this little flashlight is the perfect li... read more »

Love this flashlight!!

28 Jun, 2018
This flashlight has so many features in one and that makes it perfect for every day use. It is very durable and bright and the best part is that it is rechargeable! I will be buying more! read more »

eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

01 Jun, 2018
The eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight is one of many flashlights I have bought and so far my favorite. The light is bright and zoomable so you can zoom in on something or have a wider rang... read more »

So handy!

30 May, 2018
I love this flashlight. We recently went on a trip and it has been invaluable. We have used it more than I thought it would. I love that it is rechargeable and we can use it if the lights go out witho... read more »

Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

25 May, 2018
I love that this flashlight is rechargeable. I don’t have to buy batteries for them. It’s also bright enough for its size. read more »

The BEST and BRIGHTEST Flashlight I Ever Had !!

20 Apr, 2018
This is by far The BEST abd BRIGHTEST Flashlight I Ever Had !!  It is Rechargable, and it has different focal light points !  You can have it Wide Open and it will illuminate up a very... read more »

Very nice

19 Apr, 2018
This flashlight is so bright. It's a good size and well made. read more »

Case in Point re: Selling Tactics, Going the Extra MIle and Building a Solid Brand Name. Yes, eSamcore Got it Right. Buy this Rechargeable LED Flashlight. It's Worth It.

09 Apr, 2018
I just bought two different LED Flashlights back to back from Amazon.  One was for an elderly neifghbor who was using some old, rinky dink flashlight to see his back yard at night and n... read more »

Exactly as Described

07 Apr, 2018
It is super bright and allows you to adjust the beam to increase the visibility distance. Has rechargeable feature, but also capable of using regular AAA batteries if at location where you are unable... read more »

This Flashlight Can Be Charged In The Car

05 Apr, 2018
     I have a few CREE flashlights, this is my new favorite. I love that I can charge this without removing the battery through outside port and included cord. This cord can plug into a... read more »

Great flashlight kit for the car.

04 Apr, 2018
This is a great flashlight and comes in a nice carry case. Includes a plastic carry case.  Also has the AAAA adapter and plug used for recharging the included battery.  Nice light output of... read more »

Excellent flashlight

04 Apr, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #eSamcore Excellent flashlight. Surprised with the strong construction, bright light, simple switch to turn on / off. Charges using the direct charger... read more »

Flashlight really bright

28 Mar, 2018
 I like the flashlight really bright and you can charge it without taking the battery out nicely built the little carrying case it comes with nice also highly recommended read more »

great tactical flashlight

20 Mar, 2018
Great flashlight! It comes in a tough plastic case that hold the flashlight the optional battery pack and the charging cord. What makes flashlight special is it is heavy duty and tough but it also is... read more »

Blindingly Bright :)

18 Mar, 2018
I totally love this rechargeable LED tactical flashlight . It’s definitely could blind you for a minute so remember that when shining it around and don’t blind your child and make them see... read more »

Rechargeable....Enough Said!

16 Mar, 2018
If there is anything you need when it comes to flashlights, its batteries.  We go through batteries like candy in my house.  We are always needing them for everything and when it comes time... read more »

Well made

16 Mar, 2018
Well made Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, eSamcore Water Resistant Flashlight with Safety Hammer and 18650 Battery & Charger [Zoomable] [1000 Lumens] [5 Modes] For Camping Outdoor Emergency&... read more »

Great purchase

11 Mar, 2018
Flashlight works great, batteries included, nice case for keeping inside of car (I've not had to use the safety hammer, but glad to know it's attached to the flashlight, if I should ever need... read more »

Super bright

06 Mar, 2018
This is the best flashlight I have ever had. The light is so illuminating. Its also great that it can be adjusted. read more »

Everything you need with the eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactica; Flashlight.

05 Mar, 2018
The more flashlights we have the better I like it, as I have one in the vehicle, and take one when I am on my own. Therefore I was pleased to receive the eSamcore Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashl... read more »

Great for house and car

04 Mar, 2018
I bought a cool flash light by eSamecore. It comes with a case which is cool for storing your flash light when not in use. It's a rechargeable LED tactical water resistant with a safety hammer. Th... read more »

Bright Flashlight

04 Mar, 2018
This thing is GREAT! The light is super bright and you can focus it in a small spot or adjust it to a larger area. I love that it flashes the SOS signal and it has a "hammer" on the very bot... read more »

Love it

04 Mar, 2018
First let me say this flashlight exceeded my expectations. It comes in its own case so you can keep everything together when not being used or charging. My son loves this flashlight as it ha... read more »


24 Feb, 2018
This is a flashlight everyone needs in the car. It has a tip on the end to break windows in case of emergency. The light itself has 5 modes.High beam medium beam and low beam. Also has strobe and S.O.... read more »

Tac Flashlight

20 Feb, 2018
This flashlight comes in a plastic carrying case that has snap closures on it.Once fully charged and properly assembled I was very pleased with the amount of light that comes out of this small flashli... read more »


19 Feb, 2018
this flashlight is very nice it is small to fit in your tool bag  my boyfriend working in the heatting and cooling and this rechargeable so he can always have a working flashligh read more »

Really bright flashlight

16 Feb, 2018 This LED rechargeable tactical flashlight I got two days after I ordered it and in great condition it came... read more »


13 Feb, 2018
This tactical flashlight  has 1000 lumens. It is water resistant for those camping trips on the lake. It is made out of a tough steele, making that an A+ on durability and long lasting.  It... read more »

great Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

12 Feb, 2018
Super bright, readily lit up 1 acre distance, outstanding light emitting flashlight, light weight, very compact, easily fits into car glove compartment; settings are easy to adjust, works great! Arriv... read more »

Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, eSamcore Water resistant Flashlight With Safety Hammer And 18650 Battery & Charger (Zoomable) (1000 Lumens) (5 Modes) For Camping Outdoor Emergency

11 Feb, 2018
The eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight comes in a green colored plastic case that has 4 snaps, is lined with foam and has a string attached to it for carrying. The kit includes the tactical... read more »


11 Feb, 2018
This is the first flashlight of its kind that I've seen - it's hardcore and has a nice heft to it, but it's rechargeable. It also has an emergency hammer. I like that the light can be... read more »

Tactical flashlight

11 Feb, 2018
I purchase this tactical flashlight for my dad. He said that it is a compact, lightweight, military gradeable whatever that mean best flashlight he ever seen. You can use the bottom as a hammer in an... read more »

Rechargable LED light by eSamcore

10 Feb, 2018
This LED flashlight by eSamcore is a fabulous little flashlight with a lot of power. This has 5 modes to it each can work by pushing the light button on once then push it again and again softly not al... read more »

The last Light you will need

10 Feb, 2018
This flashlight works really well.It charges really fast and is very bright. What I like about it is that it has a zoom feature to increase/decrease the light beam. It includes a hard case and can be... read more »

Great torch.

09 Feb, 2018
Very bright torch with multiple setting. (High, medium, low, strobe and sos). Just lightly tap to engage each and cycle through. Very durable tube and comes with battery and wrist strap. Excellent cho... read more »

Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight water resistant

09 Feb, 2018
This is a VERY nice flashlight!  It comes in a water tight storage box so I can store it for emergencies and know it will still work if I should have a flood or if I need it in really bad weather... read more »

Light up my life

06 Feb, 2018
This is a very heavy duty, bright flashlight. I love the fact that it is rechargeable. It also comes with a battery adapter so that you can use regular batteries if necessary. The super bright LED lig... read more »

Every one needs one of these!

06 Feb, 2018
eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, eSamcore Water Resistant Flashlight with Safety Hammer and 18650 Battery & Charger [Zoomable] [1000 Lumens] [5 Modes] For Camping Outdoor Emergenc... read more »

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