11FORCE Self-Adhesive Cohesive Compression Wrap Bandages Tape for Sport, Medical, Hunting, Vet, Protection Purpose, Best Gear for Wrist, Ankle, Knee, Wound Support Aid, Hand Wraps, Elastic Gauze Pads
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Love the designs on it!

28 Jan, 2018
Arrived on time and was well packaged. The quality was better than expected, does exactly as described and I love the designs on them. read more »

Multi purpose

01 Jan, 2018
These are awesome and they work great. The best part is that they can be used for so many different things. I have used these for my dog, my son after he got a cut and for my daughter around her wrist... read more »

Excellent Product

10 Nov, 2017
Excellent first aid necessity! Works great on fingers, feet, and anywhere self-adhesive is needed. Perefct for pets as well, and I used it all week to bandage my German Shepherd's feet that had sm... read more »


23 Sep, 2017
My kid swears by this for wrestling! He loves the patterns on these as opposed to the boring old plain tape. He says he gets great support, it holds wellnn and it's easy to remove without being me... read more »


17 Sep, 2017

A must in my first aid kit

14 Sep, 2017
With two little boys who are determined to jump from anything, I must keep my first aid kit well supplied and this self adhesive bandages are fun and easy to use. read more »

Great Many uses

13 Sep, 2017
This works really well for so many different uses, I have put these in my bug out bags because they will come in really handy for covering handles, wounds, sweat bans, hair holders, compression for bo... read more »

My boys love the camo

10 Sep, 2017
The boys are always needing wraped up for one reason or another. The camo print makes it something they like wearing and will keep on. They even have been useing it as a type of anti slip and wrist su... read more »

Sweet Sports Tape

06 Sep, 2017
My daughter broke her ankle a few months ago and is still on the mend. Although she did not have to have surgery it was still a really bad break according to her ortho doctor and wanted her to continu... read more »

Tape for injuries

06 Sep, 2017
I love this tape. I used it on myself because I wanted to see how my girls would feel wearing it. I coach basketball and I usually get injuries such as knee and ankle sprains. I use this tape for dire... read more »

Compression wraps

06 Sep, 2017
We use these all summer.  Bandaids may come off in the water, but these will hold gauze in place all day in the water.  My daughter cut her foot at the beach last  year, and our vacatio... read more »

great bandages

04 Sep, 2017
We go through alot of this kind of bandages. I have 2 teenage boys and they seem to end up needing alot of neosprin and bandaids. But this self adhesive bandages works so much better than band aids. I... read more »

Bandage wrap

02 Sep, 2017
I absolute love these compression wrap bandages. These colors make it fun for anyone who likes camoflague. This is something that everyone should have in the medicine cabinet. Sometimes when my dog ge... read more »

So Many Uses

01 Sep, 2017
These self adhesive compression wraps are totally awesome.  They are great for so many things and they are cute on top of that.  Very easy to use, works for support as well as wraps for band... read more »

11Force Self-Adhesive Cohesive Compression Wrap bandages Tape For Sport, Medical, Hunting, Vet, Protection Purpose, Best Gear For Wrist, Ankle, Knee, Wound Support Aid, Hand Wraps, Elastic Gauze Pads

01 Sep, 2017
The 11Force Self-Adhesive Compression Wrap Bandages Tape come in a box of six rolls that measure 2 inches wide and are 4 yards in length. You get two rolls of light green, brown and black colored camo... read more »

Self-Adhesive Cohesive Compression Wrap by 11FORCE

31 Aug, 2017
This is self-adhesive cohesive compression wrap tape by 11FORCE . This sticks to itself not the skin. All of the 6 rolls are camouflage there is two of each color. My daughter injured her ankle in a c... read more »

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