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High Quality, Very Impressed!

04 Feb, 2019
This is a must have for anyone looking for quality when it comes to what they are putting in their body. I use this for the MANY benefits it provides and it is not always easy to find one that you are... read more »

Kryom for health benefits

25 Sep, 2018
#Kryom was on my list of things to try because since I was diagnosed with #Lupus, I want to get #healthy to fight the disease that’s causing my immune system to fight my own body! I had read abo... read more »

Good quality.

20 Aug, 2018
Seems to be a good quality suppliment. Packed well. read more »

Kryom Pill's

12 Aug, 2018
It look's exactly as it is pictured it seem's very nice. read more »

Sister likes it

12 Jul, 2018
I got this suppliment for my sister with hopes of helping to reduce level of high cholesterol. She just started taking them so I have nothing to review for now really but she said they don&#... read more »

So Far So good-

11 Jul, 2018
Well, I just starting using last week- So, I can't really tell yet- So far it's working- My mood seems  better- read more »


10 Jul, 2018
Nice i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #oxomio read more »

Works great

10 Jul, 2018
I've been using this for a few days and I have seen an improvement in my mood an mental focus at work so I know that I will definitely see more results as the days go by. I liked the geltabs they... read more »

great brain supplements

09 Jul, 2018
We have been using Omega 3 for over a year now and love the overall benefits for your brain with them. These pills are nice because not only does it have Omega 3 but it also has Krill oil, Phospholipi... read more »

Kryom Review.

08 Jul, 2018
Kryom Review.  I love omega 3 krill oil vitamins so when I saw these I was glad to review them. read more »

Great one to have!

08 Jul, 2018
Packaged very carefully in a sturdy box to prevent breakage!  Good to take it on a daily basis for nutritional supplements! Great value!  read more »


07 Jul, 2018
~ What ~ This bottle of 60 gel capsules contains 500 mg each of krill oil along with EPA, DHA, phospholipids, and astaxanthin. Used to support heart and brain healt... read more »


06 Jul, 2018
great omega 3 oil read more »

Easy to take

06 Jul, 2018
The pills are medium-sized liquid gels and are very easy to swallow. I've been taking them for a little less than a week, but I have noticed that I am experiencing slightly less anxiety. I am VERY... read more »

Great benefits and no bad aftertaste!

05 Jul, 2018
There are many different benefits of krill oil, including its ability to reduce inflammation, help with infant development, improve mood, boost digestive health, protect the heart and aid immunity, am... read more »

a perfect supplement for your health path

04 Jul, 2018
The Krill oil has been in Asian for a while and it nutritious value is well known. It has four major value: omega-3,EPA:DHA=2:1,astaxanthin and choline. It helps you to lower your trigl... read more »

Good health supplement

04 Jul, 2018
My krill oil arrived in a glass bottle and sealed, which was nice, as some of my other supplements have a plastic band but not an additional sealing protection under the lid.  This Kryon health s... read more »

Less Brain Fog!

03 Jul, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Kryom A friend recommended me... read more »

Awesome Product

02 Jul, 2018
THIS IS THE BEST EVER LOVED IT CAME IN ON TIME They work  AND JUST AS described by the seller BUT BETTER read more »

Good one

01 Jul, 2018
I like it read more »


30 Jun, 2018
~ What ~ This bottle of 60 gel capsules contains 500 mg each of krill oil along with EPA, DHA, phospholipids, and astaxanthin. Used to support heart and brain healt... read more »

great product

30 Jun, 2018
Dr.Foot's Shoe Insoles, Orthotic Insoles, Arch support Insoles Excellent Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Feet Relief, Running and Hiking for Men and Women(L | 8~13 US Men's)  Price:... read more »

Tonny Rank 322 Kryom

29 Jun, 2018
I like it. read more »

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