Aitere Fireproof Safe Document Bag- New Version Fireproof Envelope for Documents Non-Itchy Liquid Silicone Coated Fire & Water Resistant Money Bag Fireproof Safe Storage for Money, Documents, Jewelry
Price: $16.99
4.86 / 5   (7 Reviews)


Keep your papers safe

17 Jun, 2020
Aitere Fireproof Safe - Fireproof Document Bag, Fireproof & Water Resistant Bag (15.7" x 11.0"), Fireproof Folder Safe Bag for Cash, Valuables & Passport, with Silicone Coating &... read more »


13 May, 2019
Really great for keeping documents safe! Highly impressed by the small details included in the product! read more »

I love it when I am wrong and my worries are proven to have been pointless!

12 May, 2019
I will be honest here and admit that I had no idea what to expect when I first placed my order for this Aitere brand Fireproof Safe Document Bag. I really did not believe it would be very impress... read more »

Lots of smaller pockets.

10 May, 2019
This envelope is a good size for my important papers.  It has lots of smaller pockets so that slips of receipts, photos,etc...can be organized within also.  I can't know how it will with... read more »


08 May, 2019
Fireproof document bag Fireproof safe.Aitere new version fireproof envelope for documents. It features 3 layers of fiberglass materials and withstands upto 2500 F. Came.nicely packed and very usefu... read more »

Fireproof Document Bag

03 May, 2019
I love having a safe, but the problem with that is I can’t store everything I need in the one place.  I did not want to purchase another safe as two is ‘too many’ especially thi... read more »


02 May, 2019
~ What ~ Made of liquid silicone coated glass fiber with a waterproof zipper, this document pouch protects documents, money, and other important flat objects from fire, heat, and water. Measuring 15.... read more »

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