Kalimba Mbira Sanza 10 Keys Thumb Piano Pocket Size Beginners Friendly Supporting Kalimba Bag and Musical Notation
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 This is a really cool instrument! I

11 Aug, 2018
 This is a really cool instrument! I have a very musical family and it's a beautiful addition to my musical knick knacks. Plus it's fully functional and plays in tune! Neat and cute sound... read more »

Kalimba Mbira Sanza 10 Keys Thumb Piano

11 Jul, 2018
I purchased this Kalimba Mbira thumb pocket size piano for my niece, and it’s a great instrument. The instrument is made  of mahogany wood and comes packaged well with a small music book, a... read more »

Awesome instrument!!

14 Jun, 2018
This instrument is actually a perfect size and very nicely made, strong and solid! I gave it as a gift and the two boys share it nicely and get a lot of good use out of it!  read more »

Fun for everyone

22 May, 2018
I bought this thumb piano for my boyfriend who loves any little instrument or gadget he can get his hands on. I was happy to find that the quality is superb and the sound is great! It is so easy to le... read more »

Beautiful sound!

10 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreveiw #sponsered #mugig   I love thalimba ! It has a beautiful sound and is surprisingly easy to learn. It comes with a little booklet of songs and even my 5yr old was mak... read more »

Gorgeous sounding Kalimba

10 Mar, 2018
This instrumut packs a major musical punch for something relatively small. The sound is somwhere between a xylophone, harp, and steel drums. It is relatively easy to play and makes a stunning sound. I... read more »

Awesome finger piano - a super hit with my kids!

09 Mar, 2018
My son has been begging me to get him one of these Kalimba Mbiras, or as he puts it - a cool finger piano. He has long admired the different items offered by Mugig and when he first saw this on their... read more »

Love this!!

09 Mar, 2018
This is absolutely the coolest thing I've ever bought. My daughter absolutely loves playing it. It came with a book so she can learn new songs. Sounds good and very well built. read more »

Really cool little instrument!

08 Mar, 2018
This Kalimba actually make a wonderful sound & is easy to play. Even comes with a little booklet with some basic tunes to learn! My kids love it! Constructed from quality material & comes with... read more »

Great for beginners time flies when using it

07 Mar, 2018
Quality instrument with great sound and me being a beginner in music instruments I was amazed at how easy it's to play a few notes with a little bit of practice. The sound is really relaxing and I... read more »

play happy birthday!!!!

07 Mar, 2018
Never good at a any music instrument, but this one i can calim it to. Kalimba Maira Sanza has 10 keys and is very protable for any begining muisic dummies. It is specific designed for fitting your fig... read more »

beautiful sounds

06 Mar, 2018
Mugig Kalimba Mbira Sanza 10 Keys Thumb Piano Pocket Size Beginners Friendly Supporting Kalimba Bag and Musical Notation This is a cute small pocket size musical instrument.You get a bag, notes, kali... read more »

wonderful sounds

06 Mar, 2018
Love it.. easy to use, always beautiful sounds, meditation and calming...keeps me smiling read more »


04 Mar, 2018
Amazing as a beginner. Good quality and sounds great. read more »

So fun and easy to use

20 Feb, 2018
I absolutely loved this little instrument I have an 8 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and they could both play songs with in the day it was so easy to use and it has a little book full of son... read more »


19 Feb, 2018
Loved it read more »

Kalimba Review

12 Feb, 2018
This Kalimba thumb piano instrument is very well constructed, the wood and metal parts are of good quality and durable. It is very easy to use and lightweight for the hand. The sound it produces is ni... read more »

Kalimba Mbria Sanza pocket piano

02 Feb, 2018
This is reall cute , i was so surprised when i received it it is a nice size and comes with music booklet and the hammer to play the tunes on the sanza. I really like how easy it is to play it , an... read more »

Beautiful instrument

01 Feb, 2018
I bought this as a christmas present and i had no expectations at all for this since i have never even heatrd of this insturment. I bought it for a music freak so i figured it'd be a cute relic if... read more »


11 Jan, 2018
Interesting little gadget.  read more »

Great Sound and Easy To Play

10 Jan, 2018
Love this thumb piano!   It has a great sound... it's easy to playregardless of age. I'm 38 and have fun... and my kids are 5 and can pop out tunes with the enclosed music sheet boo... read more »

Nice way to teach music

08 Jan, 2018
This very cool little instrument by Migig called a Kalimba (Thumb Piano) and it is fun. I purchased The Thumb Piano for my brother in law. He can play anything. I'm curious to see if he can play t... read more »


07 Jan, 2018
I would give this 6 stars if I could! The sound and the quality of the instrument exceeded my expectations. Perfect size and even works well for small hand , my daughter loved it too. read more »

Easy to learn to play!

06 Jan, 2018
My daughters love it! This is a nice small compact instrument that is easy to learn to play and the tones/notes are soft and mellow. The perfect instrument for little kids to learn how to play. Would... read more »


05 Jan, 2018
I can't believe the sound that comes out of this little thing!! I think I played with it as much as my kids did. read more »

Beautiful Sound

05 Jan, 2018
My 5 year old has discovered a love for music recently. It is so hard to find instruments for her that are age appropriate. As soon as the package arrived, she fell in love and it was super easy for h... read more »

Thumb pocket piano

03 Jan, 2018
Thumb pocket piano is a good learner starter instrument for anybody wanting to learn how to to play read more »

Very Nice Instrument

01 Jan, 2018
I ordered this for my two children to play with.  They both enjoy musical instrunments.  They both enjoyed playing with the piano pocket size kalimba.  This item comes with a nice cloth... read more »

The kids love it

01 Jan, 2018
My 9 year old twin boys have really been showing tons of interest in different instruments and out of the violin, ukulele, keyboard and guitar this Kalimantan is their absolute favorite. They love the... read more »

Beautiful & High Quality!

31 Dec, 2017
This Kalimba Pocket Piano by Mugig is so beautiful and a lot of fun. I am impressed by the quality.  It's real wood with a very pretty, shiny finish to it.  It just appears high qua... read more »

Thumb Piano

31 Dec, 2017
It wasn't until recently I became interested in musical instruments and since then I have collected a few different pieces but this has to be one of my more interesting and favorite ones. I l... read more »

vey nice

31 Dec, 2017
very nice,  well made and has a very pretty design.  the sound is great. there is a small metal mallet with it in case you don't want to use it with your fingers.  easy to follow in... read more »

Fun and beautiful muscial instrument!

30 Dec, 2017
This is such fun instrument.  I purchased this Kalimba thumb piano thinking that I would probably try it out and then pass it along to a young niece or nephew but I have been having such a blast... read more »

Perfect sound,fun,easy to learn Kalimba

15 Dec, 2017
This is my first time using a Kalimba and I was amazed at the quality and sound! Beautiful craftsmanship in the wood and key work. It has a soft, clear sound that even a music hater didn&rsquo... read more »


14 Dec, 2017
Very cool item to own! Arrived in a very timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shopping process. So far, I am pleased with this item and would definitely recommend... read more »

fun to play

06 Dec, 2017
I love playing this because it is just so much fun! Its not terribly loud so I dont mind if my kids play it too. The piano seems very stout and built to last. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sp... read more »

Beautiful and fun!

06 Dec, 2017
This is absolutely gorgeous and the sounds it makes are beautiful! We have had so much fun playing this each taking turns playing a different song. My son is obsessed and we just think it's a grea... read more »

Good sound.

03 Dec, 2017
This is a great sounding thumb piano. Its small but sounds remarkably good. Easy to use and learn. Feels and looks well made. read more »

Cool little instrument.

01 Dec, 2017
#rankbooster #Mugig I really love this little musical instrument. I didn't realize that you could get so much out of something so small and cute. I bought this for my grandchildren to play with,... read more »

Unique musical instrument

30 Nov, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this unique musical pocket piano!!  I found this unique kalimba... also known as a pocket thumb piano.  It is 10 keys, and is originated from Africa.  It is a very... read more »

I cannot wait to get good at this

26 Nov, 2017
This may be the ONLY instrument I will be able to play. Seriously. It's super fun, easy, looks beautiful and I love it. It came with a black velvet-like pouch. Very nice. I love it. It's al... read more »

So Impressed

18 Nov, 2017
We were so impressed when we opened the box.  This Kalimba is made of mohogany and has 10 keys.  The keys are made of carbon steel.  Comes with a flannel bag for safe storage. ... read more »

We love this!

16 Nov, 2017
This is such a beautifully crafted musical instrument. I was quite surprised with the quailty when it arrived. It looks like a lot of fun to learn to play. I can not wait to give it to my son as a gif... read more »

Great for all ages

14 Nov, 2017
I purchased this as a gift for my 11 yr old son who loves all things musical. I had to try it out, its easy to use! i was shocked that with very little practice I was able to quickly play Mary had a l... read more »

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