Digital Kitchen Scale, CUSIBOX Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales with LCD Display and Tare Function for Baking and Cooking, 22Ib 10kg
Price: $12.99
4.84 / 5   (63 Reviews)


Got exactly what I paid for

22 Dec, 2020
It's not the most accurate but it's close enough with bigger amounts to matter  read more »

Not accurate

31 Mar, 2018
This scale just does not work. The scale only reads ingrediants part of the time and the readings are far from accurate.The readout screen is hard to see when you have a bowl on it. I do not reccomend... read more »

great price and slim design

23 Mar, 2018
this is very good to have as an extra kitchen scale. good price and does the job very slim and stores away easily.   read more »

It's great

16 Feb, 2018
It a great product it help me with my baking and cooking especially when the kids want to help me bake some cookies it easy to handle and it's not heavy read more »

Off the scales!

07 Feb, 2018
This is so slim and elegant I was surprised by how little space it takes up as opposed to the unit it’s replacing. The batteries came with it, so all we had to do was “plug and play”... read more »

Digital kitchen scale

29 Jan, 2018
This scale is very good and accurate love the design nice and thin light weight and portable good for your vegetables and grains easy to use as well  read more »

Perfect size

17 Jan, 2018
This kitchen scale is compact but is the perfect size.  Is very sleek, it comes with a pouch to put away and it's accurate. Love the different settings and for it size the fact that measures... read more »

Kitchen scale

15 Jan, 2018
I love this kitchen scale. It's very lightweight and sleek. It looks very nice in my kitchen and gives my counter a classy look! It works great and is easy to use! read more »

Super slick

13 Jan, 2018
Works really well read more »

Simple to use, & Multifunctional

11 Jan, 2018
This is a nice quality scale, that's easy to use, & it comes with a bag to store it in. To turn it on simply push tare, then, select the measurement unit you want to use, it has ml, g, oz... read more »

Perfect for everything!!

04 Jan, 2018
I really like this scale for several different reasons. It is perfect for baking and I am thrilled with the fact it goes down to .01 grams! It’s awesome and very precise! It’s also perfect... read more »

Easy to use

02 Jan, 2018
This scale is super easy to use and store. Its small size makes it easy to find a place for it when not in use, and its easy to read display is nice too. read more »

Kitchen Scale

01 Jan, 2018
I have been using this kitchen scale for a while now and it seems to work quite well. I have another scale I have had for a long time that is not as nice as this one that I compared the weights of ite... read more »


30 Dec, 2017
i love this scale. I use it every day. Wether it’s weighting meat or produce. It’s great for all things read more »

5 stars

20 Dec, 2017
Perfect scale for the kitchen. I bake goods twice a week and I use these for precise measurements. So far really amazed. Great product here read more »

kitchen Scale

19 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview Great small little scale for kitchen.. my wife loves it.. easy to use and easy to clean. read more »

I love this

18 Dec, 2017
This scale was nice it works great also and looks good in my kitchen. I’m glad I decided to get this :)  read more »

Help so much

14 Dec, 2017
A very sleep well made scale. Efficient, easy to use, easy to read and easy to clean. Takes up very little space. Scales are accurate. Very nice product read more »

Exactly what I wanted

12 Dec, 2017
Starting to eat healthy I wanted. Small food scale that was not bulky, easy to read and understand,  and would fit in kitchen drawer. Well i found it... I'm so happy I purchased.. works gr... read more »


07 Dec, 2017
nice lightweight svale...very accurate and easy to the sleek design and ease of use...#Rankbooster #sponsered read more »

Must-have kitchen scale

06 Dec, 2017
This scale is the best! I love using it for non-American recipes that list ingredients by weight. It's also great for weighing small packages to be mailed. The display is easy to read and I like t... read more »

Works great for packages!

06 Dec, 2017
I actually use this for shipping out my sons clothes that I sell online. It works great for weighing packages as well as for weighing things in the kitchen! I am able to make all kinds of different re... read more »

Good product

04 Dec, 2017
There is nothing fancy about this scale but it does just what I needed it to. I weigh my baking ingredients and it’s perfect for that. Doesn’t take up a lot of room—slim and thin. No... read more »

Very stylish

04 Dec, 2017
This scale is not just useful and accurate but very stylish. It came in very handy during baking when so many recipes I wanted to use had ounces and grams in the measurements. I love the handy storage... read more »

Why am I just now finding this ?!?

02 Dec, 2017
I’ve been wanting a kitchen scale for some time and just couldn’t find one I liked. Came across this one & at a fantastic deal, so why not. It is not only perfect for any kitchen but i... read more »

Accurate & Fancy

01 Dec, 2017
As soon as I opened the package, I could not get over how fancy this scale looked. I buy hamburger meat in 10 pound rolls and use this to divide into 1 pound bags for my freezer. It is super easily to... read more »

Good food scale

01 Dec, 2017
Digital Kitchen Scale, TOBOX Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales with LCD Display and Tare Function for Baking and Cooking, 22Ib 10kg   This digital food scale is perfect for measurin... read more »

Very accurate easy to use kitchen scales

01 Dec, 2017 I got this two days after I ordered it and so far I haven't had any problems with it there accurate and ver... read more »

Love it. Too much fun weighing everything in the kitchen!

29 Nov, 2017
Very clean slick look.  The LCD screen is clear and easy to read, even for old eyes.  Love the fact that it is made of stainless steel and matches most all of our appliances.  Fits at h... read more »

Easy to use

27 Nov, 2017
Compact enough for travel & easy to use. Excellent for weighing food portions! Easy to read & accurate. read more »

Precise & practical kitchen scale

27 Nov, 2017
Very precise and takes up little space, this scale is ideal for my kitchen counter. Its LCD screen is large, bright and comfortable to read. It can display the weight in several different units of mea... read more »

great small scale

27 Nov, 2017
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #tobox love this scale. It's small and very nicely made. Would be a great gift for anyone that likes to cook read more »

Digital Kitchen Scale

27 Nov, 2017
This is s neat little product.  It is nice looking and seems to work very well.  For anyone trying to limit their portions, this is a handly little thing to have in the kitchen.  It eve... read more »

Pretty Kitchen Scales

26 Nov, 2017
This is a perfect scale for anyone that is watching what they eat, and also for following recipes that need precise measuring. The scale has a very sleek look with a stainless steel top and a bright b... read more »

Great Kitchen Food Scale!

26 Nov, 2017
I purchased this food scale for my friend Bonnie and it’s perfect. This scale is super user friendly, modern, sleek, and comes with everything you need to get started using it right away. &... read more »

Perfect must have scale

26 Nov, 2017
I love my new kitchen scale, lets me measure perfect size portions. So easy to use, comes in a cute carrying case. Recommended for those who love to measure their meals, easy to manage! read more »

Love it

26 Nov, 2017
This is a really good kitchen scale with a brilliant neon blue lcd display and buttons that make switching types of measurements easy and fast. Definetly a must have for the cook that needs accurate m... read more »

Kitchen Scales

26 Nov, 2017
I recently recieved my kitchen scales and I really like them. The product is vey easy to operate and use. A sleek design makes it easy to store as well read more »

Great little scale

26 Nov, 2017
I found this scale to be quiet useful. Ready to use right out of the box. Super simple and sleek looking. I got this to weigh out ingredients for baking. It's important to get baking measurem... read more »

Perfect scale.

25 Nov, 2017
My old scale quit working so I bought this one to replace it. I put my scale weights on it to test and calibrate it. The numbers were spot on.  read more »

food scale

25 Nov, 2017
its small and very lightweight you can hardly tell you are carrying anything at all i love the fact that you can pop close the bag it came i love how easy it is to use it  read more »

Touchy but nice

25 Nov, 2017
Really nice and easy to store away due to slimness but it's really touchy can't seem to stay off. read more »

Must have kitchen scale for cooking, baking and dieting

25 Nov, 2017
Whether dieting, or measuring ingredients for your favorite recipe, a quality kitchen scale such as the TOBOX Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales  is a much needed tool. This digital k... read more »

Worked Great Straight Out of the Box !!

24 Nov, 2017
I received my scale in 2 days, and took it out of the box, put in the two AAA Batteries which were Included !!  And it was all set !!  Just needed to choose if I wanted grams, ounces, lbs, e... read more »

TOBOX Digital Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales with LCD Display

24 Nov, 2017
TOBOX Digital Multifunction Stainless Steel Food Scales with LCD Display - This is a beautiful scale, great for weighing portions.  Scale comes with 2 AAA batteries so you can use it right out of... read more »

Very nice scale!

24 Nov, 2017
I got this scale to use for baking. It works great! Highly recommend! It made my baking for thanksgiving this year so much easier.  read more »

Great kitchen scale

23 Nov, 2017
This works very well. We use it to weigh and measure our portions for our diet. It is really accurate and is easy to clean.  read more »

Works Great!

23 Nov, 2017
These are well made scales! They are perfect for measuring out food for a diet or just cooking in general. They are stainless steel, well made and have a few different functions. They are easy to... read more »

Streamlined and great

22 Nov, 2017
I cannot get over how much more I like this kitchen scale than any of the others I have had in the past!  I works great and has a much thinner and streamlined design.  Considering that I'... read more »

Great space saving kitchen scale!

21 Nov, 2017
We live in an apartment and our kitchen has so much stuff in it, everytime we need a new item , im afraid where we will put it! I was so glad to recieve this digital kitchen scale because not only doe... read more »

Nice scale

21 Nov, 2017
This scale is REALLY nice. Its compact and looks stylish on my kitchen counter. Its very accurate, just what I was looking for. Easy to clean too. I love it read more »

Great Digital Kitchen Scale

20 Nov, 2017
 was really excited for this scale as I am eating low carb and am learning portion control. I love the fact that I can just tuck it away right on my counter, and it takes up hardly any space at... read more »

works fine

20 Nov, 2017
just fine read more »

This scale looks super sharp and performs well!

20 Nov, 2017
As a culinary graduate with a passionate love for baking, I am always in need of a scale to provide exact weights for the dishes I am preparing. This little doodad does exactly that job and performs i... read more »

Precision weighing

19 Nov, 2017
This is a fantastic kitchen scale. It reads precise measurements. It's made of touch sensitive stainless steel. It can weigh up to 22lbs/ 10kg and as little as 1 g / 0.002 lb / 0.04 oz u... read more »

Very Nice Food Scale

19 Nov, 2017…/…/B071LQBQMT I decided to go on a diet and I was looking to buy a high quality scale to use in my kitchen. I found this one which I am gr... read more »

No flaws.

18 Nov, 2017
I just got this scale today & it's so great I'm already doing a quick review. I also submitted a demonstration with the nickel test that's waiting on approval. Excellent scale for w... read more »

As it says

18 Nov, 2017
Great gadget to have in the kitchen. Scale was bigger than I thought and very nice.    #rankboosterreview #CUSIBOXScale read more »

Multifunctional and More

18 Nov, 2017
These digital kitchen scales are very handy in the kitchen.  They come with batteries so once batteries were placed we were good to go.  It was very easy to use, the display has a large read... read more »

Great item

17 Nov, 2017
this is great and perfect to measure my perportions for my meals. Perfect size for single servings.  read more »

Love this scale

17 Nov, 2017 #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #TOBOX I love the look of this digital kitchen scale and the... read more »

just a ounce

16 Nov, 2017
Very nice digital kitchen scales. They work great and are spot on with its measuring. Would fit nice in anyones kitchen and just a perfect size to store in a kitchen drawer. read more »

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