Baby Foot Peel Mask Treatment - Deep Exfoliation for Dry Dead Skin - Callus Removing Peeling natural Booties, 3.2 Fluid Ounce, Single Easy Pack kit
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Baby foot Peel mask

13 Aug, 2018
My daughter has bisquit heels and this helped some.  It feels good so if you want to be pampered, you might enjoy it.  I personally thought it felt pretty good. read more »

Baby Smooth

29 Nov, 2017
I was really skeptical about using this product, because there have been so many mixed reviews about it. Well I can tell you I am so glad that I did give it a try for myself instead of listening to wh... read more »

Exfoliating foot booties

28 Nov, 2017
These come with a pair of booties containing liquid inside that you wear on your feet (after soaking for a few minutes in warm water) for an hour and then rinse off. The booties are large enough to fi... read more »

Super soft feet

21 Nov, 2017
This mask worked better than any other similar mask I have used! It took about 4-5 days to really start peeling. If you have a special event or vacation, do this two weeks in advance or your feet will... read more »

Great for summer

13 Nov, 2017
Great products.  I love them to peel all the old dead skin off my feet!  read more »

Worked great!

10 Nov, 2017
I had very bad calluses on my heels and big toes in particular. This product worked well all week, peeling away the dead skin and left my feet feeling very smooth and looking great. I will do this aga... read more »

These Foot Peel Masks work amazing on your feet!

08 Nov, 2017
OH MY!! These REALLY work!! I'll tell you a few secrets with these foot peels, if you DONT soak your feet BEFORE putting them on to loosen up your callouses on your feet. I soak mine for about 45... read more »

These are great and work like magic!

05 Nov, 2017
Many people are getting chemical peels for their face.  HOwever, it is not recommended to use that substance on your feet.  This is actually specifically for the purpose of peeling your feet... read more »

Absolutely Amazing!

02 Nov, 2017
This is so easy to use and the results are amazing! I noticed that it started working within a day and a half. My feet were in really bad shape, very rough and frankly just gross feeling. I wasn't... read more »

Perfect for dry skin

01 Nov, 2017
Love these! My feet are always so dry and these help moisturize unlike any other product I've tried before. Highly recommend! read more »

Your Feet Will Feel Amazing

24 Oct, 2017
For the past several years my feet have turned into sandpaper. I use essential oil scrubs to help with the roughness but it only helps a little bit and not for a long period of time so when I was told... read more »

I love it

20 Oct, 2017
I love this goofy mask. It left my feet so moist. I'm really impressed how great it works. After two days made the treatment it start es come out. So cool see it and under neat I had this super so... read more »

These work great

20 Oct, 2017
These worked great. I have super dry heals form walking around outside with no shoes on. When I go get a pedi they work on my heals for a while.. Gross I know. These take a few days to work but they d... read more »

works great

19 Oct, 2017
So i put these on my feet with the socks over top on Friday. On Wendsday I take my socks off after work and my feet were peeling.NO PAIN what so ever.The thick dead layer of skin on the bottom shed of... read more »


18 Oct, 2017
WOW WOW WOW!   This was awesome!   I had my would too if you had seen my feet before. I'm barefoot 90% of the time so my feet are not the soft things they used... read more »

Spa night at home

18 Oct, 2017
These made my feet nice and soft. It was a fun little spa night at home. read more »

Delayed action

18 Oct, 2017
I used the product and it made my feet itch but that made me think that the product is working. It didn't work immediately, although I was seeing results a couple days later. Don't wear san... read more »


17 Oct, 2017
I like when my feet start to peel. Within two weeks it's like brand new feet. Looking forward to next time. They're easy to slip on and then keep on with socks; I usually end up relaxing... read more »

My feet feel so soft!!

14 Oct, 2017
Has very easy instructions. Didn’t take long to do. I watched some tv while I waited for my feet to be done. After a few days after it was done my feet felt so soft!  I’m definit... read more »


13 Oct, 2017
I have to admit I was more than a little afraid to try this foot peel after seeing the pictures in reviews. It just looked as though your feet would hurt afterwards but I'm so glad I tri... read more »

Great Foot Mask to Help Your Feet!

13 Oct, 2017
Worked great! It was a little disconcerting when my feet started peeling, but that is the point! It helpe slough off the dead, calloused skin on your feet! When I was finished with the 7 day trea... read more »

Thes made my feet feel brand new

12 Oct, 2017
Being unaware that these even existed. I was very excited to try these due to skin build up on my feet.  Didnt realize that my feet even looked bad but after using these i could tell a big differ... read more »


11 Oct, 2017
This item is great and helped my husband's feet feel great. It removed all the callous off his feet and left them feeling soft like new skin. read more »

I love it!

11 Oct, 2017
I decided it to purchase this product because I was having a hard time getting rid of a callus located on my big toe. The instructions were very easy to follow and two days later I started seeing a bi... read more »

Foot Peel Treatment

10 Oct, 2017
This foot peel worked on my feet wonderfully.  I really like that it did not take weeks to achieve results.  It was a little messy but that was to be expected since my feet were a little dry... read more »

Awesome foot peel!

10 Oct, 2017
My feet are normally pretty dry and rough, after using this they didn't start peeling until like 4-5 days after using, with soaking them every night for about 10 minutes. Let me tell you, my feet... read more »

Baby Foot Peel Mask Treatment

09 Oct, 2017
This product is awesome, my feel peeled so well and look & feel amazing. I used Baby Foot last year and that didn't work half as well as Soft Touch. I will recommend this product to anyone and... read more »

Terrific foot peel treatment

08 Oct, 2017  Regardless of the fact that the callus on your feet a... read more »

Started to peel in 3 days.

08 Oct, 2017
I was actually nervous about using this because I have a little bit of pstular psoriasis on my heel. I went ahead and soaked my feet for about ten minutes in warm water and then cut the package open.... read more »

Foot Dead Skin Masks by Foot Peel

06 Oct, 2017
These Foot Masks are amazing and are feet savers!! For as long as I remember, I have had very rough skin on my feet especially on my heels and big toe. For that reason alone, I thought that I would g... read more »

great peel!

06 Oct, 2017
if you don't have the budget to pamper yourself at a spa... here are some great pedi items to help you and your budget out! I just got both of these and cannot wait to try them out! Definitely in... read more »

This Product Really Works!!!

05 Oct, 2017
I just finished day #7 of the Baby Soft Foot Peel MaskTreatment. I was hesitant going into this but It has made a major differance. My feet were very dry and callused and I really did not believe anyt... read more »

Baby Foot Succeeds at Pretty Feet

05 Oct, 2017
I've used a similar product before and was not let down by this one. The smell was a bit strong at first. I soaked my feet for roughly 30 minutes before putting the booties on. I let mine soak for... read more »


01 Oct, 2017
I tried #Baby Foot Peel Mask Treatment from #Tegan Italiano and #RankBoosterReview and i wore the booties and the next day began to have some dead skin peeling off of the soles of my feet. It increase... read more »

Revealing Foot Treatment

01 Oct, 2017
This stuff is crazy! I go barefoot a lot and because of that, I have calluses on my feet.  I followed the instructions and then waited. Nothing happened for the first three days but on the fourth... read more »


30 Sep, 2017
OMG at first I thought this product was not gonna work .. it was 3 days later and I was like why hasnt been there a change little did I know I was gonna be in a shock of a lifetime I look down at my f... read more »

Weird, but works great!

29 Sep, 2017
So crazy how these work! Feet look great! read more »

Super nice foot mask!!!

29 Sep, 2017
​This mask for the feet is super nice. I always look for soft feet after several months wear sandals. As the feet specially heal the heels I bought this mask and it has served me well. This mask has t... read more »

Just received

27 Sep, 2017
Just received this. On my third day from original treatment. So far everything ok. Takes 2 weeks to complete and give proper review. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii read more »

My baby pedi foot peel

21 Sep, 2017 Love my pedi pamper foot peel mask its easy to use just put it on tape it tight and take it off a hour later and two days... read more »

easy and amazing

19 Sep, 2017
These were so easy to put on and amazing to take off.  After Ilft them on for a while they made my feet feel soft and suble.  It was really easy to follow the directions and get started.&nbs... read more »

Still waiting for results

15 Sep, 2017
Item was received on time, easy to follow instructions, it's been 2 days, slight peeling, still waiting for results, instructions state that it can take up to 7 days, so, for now, still waiting, w... read more »

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