Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder Set -- Spill-proof, Crystal clear - Easy to install with 2 Hooks, Economical - Perch provides enjoyable eating time to Finch, Parakeet, Sparrows - Perfect for all Cage Sizes
Price: $9.95
3.33 / 5   (3 Reviews)


Neat Little Bird Feeder

06 Dec, 2017
This acrylic bird feeder set is a neat way to allow children a way to observe wild life up close without putting them or the animals in harms way. It works really nicely if you have mirrored tinted fi... read more »

Don't bother

12 Sep, 2017
This is crap! It is flimsy and was falling apart upon arrival. One of the hooks broke when I tried to screw it in; and that was with normal pressure and by hand. They don't even screw in all the w... read more »

acrylic bird feeder

12 Sep, 2017
I really like this I could use it for a cage in doors with any type if bird parrots being strong but I do believe they would have a hard time trying to destroy this,for myself I will be using it outdo... read more »

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