Gocheer 110 in 1 Screwdriver Set, Professional Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Kit Accessory Set, Anti-Electric Shock Non-Slip Appliances Mobile Phone,Other Electronics,DIY Work Repair Tools
Price: £16.69
4.93 / 5   (73 Reviews)



27 Dec, 2020
its good tools if you need for pc fix or need some change (ram,hard,procesor) perfect help you ..... read more »


26 Nov, 2020
great little kit read more »

Spot on

07 Nov, 2020
Spot on... has everything you need and MORE! Outstanding value. read more »

Brilliant little set

04 Aug, 2020
Nice handy little set with plenty of attachments perfect for all those little fiddly jobs read more »

They are fantastic

30 Jul, 2020
Great very well packed and the handle adjusts for what you need read more »

Fantastic product

24 Jul, 2020
Great product and fantastic seller read more »

Perfect set

13 Apr, 2020
I have this set for about 4 months now and must admit - we do use it a lot. Mainly for toys but still very handy around the garage too. One of the most useful item I have had from viralix. Suits so ma... read more »

Perfect little tool set

25 Feb, 2020
Purchased this for myself to keep from having to pull the big set out for small tasks. Easy to use. Lots of bits for many jobs. read more »

Great product

21 Feb, 2020
Great product ,high quality . read more »

Every Screw bits you might need in one box

19 Feb, 2020
I’ve been after a decent set of screwdrivers for ages as I’m always tinkering with stuff and taking it apart. I’d come to the end of my tether with the cheap and random screwdrivers... read more »

Tool dream

03 Feb, 2020
Great bit of kit if you find yourself working with small electronic devices. I am studying engineering so I work with lots of small boards/small devices and this kit is great for taking this apart and... read more »

Extremely useful

14 Jan, 2020
I'm always on the hunt to find ways to make my life easier and so glad I found this helpful kit.    After getting fed up hunting through my toolkit for the right screwdrivers etc o... read more »

Screwdrivers Galore

09 Jan, 2020
This is a fabulous set.  Used it already and it a definite must in the household.  Great quality. Love the magnetic precision. Everything about this is positive.  I have already placed... read more »


02 Jan, 2020
This little set is brilliant. I know it's mainly for mobile phones but my husband was able to use it on his electric guitar. The heads were the perfect size for the internal wiring and he managed... read more »

Nice little screwdriver set

15 Dec, 2019
This screwdriver set comes in a nice case and the colour is a more grey than silver. It comes with many different shapes and sized attachments, which state the size and shape underneath them. it also... read more »

Really good value for money

14 Dec, 2019
Really good value for money comes in a sturdy carry case. 100% recommended.  read more »

Great set

12 Dec, 2019
Great small screwdriver set has everything you need would definitely recommend this it has anti electric shock. Seems well made with everything you need  read more »

The complete kit!

11 Dec, 2019
This item is fantastic! With numerous amounts of bits, you have your need for virtually any type of screwhead! This is perfect for those that tend to fix phone screens as has everything you need... read more »

A Very Useful Precision Screwdriver Kit

07 Dec, 2019
  If you find yourself needing a a set of small screwdrivers for repairing smartphones, laptops, games consoles, and other similar devices you could do a lot worse than this one from Gocheer.... read more »

Awesome little set :)

06 Dec, 2019
This is a great little screwdriver set that consists of all you need for those PC, Console, Watch ETC repairs  It contains numerous different heads ranging from Cross Head to Hex head in... read more »

Great little set A*

06 Dec, 2019
Purchased this set and needless to say i was not dissapointed . It has all the connections i need from cross heads, to flat heads, to hex heads, etc there are to many to mention but there are 115 i... read more »

Very Handy

06 Dec, 2019
If you like to take things apart, and play with them, and they have wierd little screw things, then this is the gadget for you!,I think this is so worth it for what it has! read more »

Screwdriver set

05 Dec, 2019
Good quality many different shapes for different items.  They are magnetic so you dont lose your screws.good little kit to have around the house. #viralix #screwdriverset #Gocheer read more »

Great Little Gadget

02 Dec, 2019
This is fantastic product. Allowed me to avoid a costly repair in an Samsung approved retailer by being able to do a simple bit of repair at home. The screwdriver heads are well set out and seem to be... read more »

Perfect tool kit

28 Nov, 2019
This is a perfect tool kit for those wanting to use for anything with precision, it has all the accessories for taking a part mobile phones as well as so many other attachments. Percent for getting an... read more »


25 Nov, 2019
My husband likes fixing phones, toys etc so this set is perfect for him. It comes with so many bits that for sure you find one to suit your needs. Very pleased with quality too. It comes in good size... read more »

Great set!

24 Nov, 2019
Great set with a lot a did range of heads. It comes with many accessories. My favourite has to be the memory mat which is always helpful for an inexperienced DIY job! Great quality. read more »

Fantastic Screwdriver Set!

23 Nov, 2019
We have been fixing up some propertys in the area and this screwdriver set has helped us alot. It has every accessory that i need and i have been able to use it without it slipping out of my h... read more »

Very handy

21 Nov, 2019
These are great they have bits for every job you can think of.  I have now ordered another set so  Ican leave on in a drawer in the house and on in the garage so I dont have to keep hunti... read more »

Must have for electronic repairs.

20 Nov, 2019
This precision screwdriver accessory set is the perfect solution for your mobile and other electronic repairs? It is ram packed with utensils bfor almost any need. Comes it a sturdy carry case. Absolu... read more »


18 Nov, 2019
Handy little kit for fiddly screws and kids toys read more »

Excellent Set

18 Nov, 2019
This set of screwdriver tips has got the lot. If you do anything electronical then I can almost be certain, that there is not one buit that this set does not have. I have taken many things apart in my... read more »

Great kit

15 Nov, 2019
This is a great  Christmas present it's got everything you need  read more »

great kit

14 Nov, 2019
got it for my husband and he says he is very happy with it. He said it's a great variety and seems   that the kit made really well. you have bits and pieces for all your need. and it's al... read more »


13 Nov, 2019
Very good product, brother was finally able to fix my phone with this set read more »

Incredible kit

13 Nov, 2019
I'm so happy with this purchase. The set looks well made and professional and I'm quite amazed by how much is in there! The magnetic mapping mat is a great addition to the set and will definit... read more »

excellent for PC/console repair, lots of good screw head shapes for unusual "secure" screws

12 Nov, 2019
I bought this more for PC / games console repair rather than for mobile phone repair. The range of bits is suprerb - there are 98 including many formats that cost you £1-£2 each if you buy... read more »

Amazing set

09 Nov, 2019
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when ordered these but was so happy and kind of shocked when arrived.They are amazing quality.They come in own fitted case there is very sturdy and strong hand... read more »


08 Nov, 2019
Amazing kit, everything  that you need read more »

Brilliant kit!!

08 Nov, 2019
Love this kit, it's perfect and excellent quality! read more »

Impressive compact and good quality

07 Nov, 2019
This is a very impressive collection of every screwdriver bit you are likely to need. The quality of the bits appears to be quite good - no obvious defects and I like the length of the bits - makes th... read more »

110 in 1 screwdriver set

07 Nov, 2019
So many uses with this, for all around the home wether it be from changing your phone screen to TVs to laptops basically this has everything you could possibly need all in a small storage box mad... read more »

Great quailty screw driver set

07 Nov, 2019
This screw driver set is absolutely perfect for every sort of scree you would come across in your household.  Lots of different bits that attach very easily to the body of the screwdriver. Perfec... read more »

Great all In one kit -Great quality

06 Nov, 2019
Arrived very quickly and I am very happy with the set . I could tell from the offset that it is made to a great quality . It is literally a kit containing every piece you could ever need for larg... read more »


06 Nov, 2019
Great little kit perfect for my RC truck  read more »


05 Nov, 2019
Really handy kit. Every size of screwdriver you could need for repairing electronics in one place. Excellent quality and well packaged.  read more »

Amazing Bit of Kit

04 Nov, 2019
This is a brilliant little kit to have around the house. I got this one and another one in a different colour for my sister. Absolutely brilliant. We will be able to fix anything now. The little phone... read more »

fanatic quality

04 Nov, 2019
great item really helped me replace my phone screen  read more »

Comprehensive Electronic Screwdriver Kit

03 Nov, 2019
Contains every screwdriver head you have ever seen or thought possible. Electronics are becoming increasingly difficult to repair as manufacturers make them more puzzling to gain access to the inside... read more »

Screwdriver set

02 Nov, 2019
This is great my son uses for is c he is building normal screwdrivers tend to be to big these are just ritte a big thumbs up from him read more »

Smart set

31 Oct, 2019
Love my magnetic screwdriver set. Has every attachment needed for all jobs read more »


29 Oct, 2019
A very handy set, well packaged for storage and ease of access   read more »

Magnetic precision screwdriver set

29 Oct, 2019
My husband is very impressed with this precision screwdriver set.He has wanted a set like this set for a while, so a Birthday was a good excuse to buy it for him. The magnetic tips are particularly he... read more »

great kit

29 Oct, 2019
So I recently had to fix a friends PS4 and one thing occurred to me as i packed a screwdriver and all my other odds and ends into a bag. Why don't I have a kit that has all of this in the one so t... read more »


26 Oct, 2019
Come on time there is everything you will ever need in this set #goodquality#gocher#screwdriverset#goodprice# read more »


24 Oct, 2019

Well presented

22 Oct, 2019
Good gift idea. Good quality item  read more »


21 Oct, 2019
Everyone should have one of these! Theres an attachment for most jobs around the house. Its generally a pain to find a screwdriver which fits certain screws when you need it so being all in one place... read more »

Already used this loads! mums need this

21 Oct, 2019
Its just oneof those sets you need. I will probably only ever use about half of it, but its just so handy. The little plastic tools that come with it have so many uses as well as the tiny screwdriver... read more »


20 Oct, 2019
Great little set  read more »

love it

19 Oct, 2019
wow this kit is truly amazing, it has every part you will ever need to do jobs around the house read more »

five stars

19 Oct, 2019
This little kit is very practical. It has everything in that you need if you want to fix small things like laptop or phone. I bought it for my husband and he likes it. Everything is packed in a little... read more »


18 Oct, 2019
This is an awesome set. It's really got everything you need - and things you didn't know you did! It looks fantastic & comes very nicely packaged in a very strong plastic storage case. The... read more »

A must have

17 Oct, 2019
So many times I found myself routing around in the garage looking for a screwdriver which would fit. Purchased this and leave it in my drawer and its so handy. Sizes are all labelled and its super eas... read more »

Excellent tools

17 Oct, 2019
Very handy read more »


14 Oct, 2019
This fantastic kit has all the bits I needed to work with for very small equipment. Very diverse and versatile. This screwdriver in a set with the rest is a hit. Brilliant price for such a set. V... read more »

A good quality #toolset

18 Jun, 2019
A good quality #toolset that has everything in and more. Opens up laptops and watches no problem read more »

Fab kit

08 Jun, 2019
So my partner had all his tools and bits stolen and slowly were building it all up again.. This is a brilliant set and has many tools that are hard to find elsewhere and are essential in his... read more »

Very handy

24 May, 2019
Very hand.. got everything you need read more »

Ideal set for phone and little gadget repairs

09 May, 2019
This Precision Screwdriver Set are ideal for delicate items like phones, headphones, remote controls, cameras, laptops etc. The set comes with a magnetic sheet which is very useful for keeping all th... read more »

Super set

09 May, 2019
Great set with a huge choice of screw drivers comes in a compact storage case ,ideal for small house hold repairs and jobs great addition to anyone's tool kit  read more »

Good comprehensive kit

19 Apr, 2019
Good comprrehensive kit, and comes in a neat carry case, very good value   Product description Colour Name:Black   Features: Chrome vanadium, high hardness bit (55-60HRC)... read more »

very happy

19 Apr, 2019
this set is so much better quality than i was expecting, we can now get rid of some of our other screwdrivers as this has nearly every size and shape you could ever need, absolutely amazing for the pr... read more »

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