Genuine gold Leaf Booklet (10 Sheets/loose edible Type) 1.6 inch 4.5 cm
Price: $12.00
4.80 / 5   (85 Reviews)


Print not my cup of tea

10 May, 2018
The strap quality is undeniable, excellent material and size but the flower print was not my cup of tea. If the design was embroidered and the colors not so bright this strap would be perfect. #Ran... read more »

Yes yes yes...... Buy this and asap

09 May, 2018
I have 3 dogs, 3 goats and 2 cats. I have the funny farm anyway I have yellow labs let me tell you there hair is everywhere. I used this and man o man it not only took out the extra coat that's lo... read more »


08 May, 2018
good product for the price. I would buy again. read more »

great screen protector

06 May, 2018
This is a great screen protector if you have an iphone 7plus or 8plus. #SZTJ0001 #eye02 #screenprotector #iphone #iphone7plus#iphone8plus #temperedglass read more »

Screan protector

06 May, 2018
Received these screan protectors for my iPhone and I was very well pleased.  All the cutouts worked great and plus the edge to edge coverage was perfect!  This is something that you rarely f... read more »

Snug with just enough vibration

05 May, 2018
Stretches stiff but not too much. The vibration could be a bit stronger but provides great stimulation. Havent had long enough to know how batteries last but they sent a full card of batteries as well... read more »

Screen protector

04 May, 2018
Was impressed at the thickness of this  protector and it fit my phone well.  This protector was easy to put on and smooth out the bubbles.  What I didn't like is that the color... read more »

Love this charger. It's slim and has dual charge ports!

03 May, 2018
This is a great portable charger.  I have quite a few because my husband and I are avid Pokemon Go players so we always need to be able to charge our phones.  Plus you can never have to many... read more »

Cutest outdoor playset!!

03 May, 2018
My 4 year old fell in love with this set as soon as I opened it up.  It has a nice big bucket shaped like a boat.  The boat has a sifter top too and comes with a bunch of other fun molds to... read more »

Excellent dog Grooming Brush

02 May, 2018
This dog brush works very well and it has a button to push to release the hair for easy cleaning! It is fantastic! And my dog loves to be brushed. It is very relaxing. I definitely recommend. A+ read more »

This is genious.

29 Apr, 2018
Finally now i can smoke while playing xbox without being handicapped and one handed! Great product holds cigarettes tight and comfortable on your finger. I'm happy with my purchase! read more »

Great for small spot

26 Apr, 2018
Im picked up this tiny treasure to use on my dryer. It is the perfect size to dispose of the dryer lint as I clean out the dryer vent and screen. It is sturdy and the lid swings easily. As you can see... read more »


26 Apr, 2018
works great as expected  #RankBooster #Sponsored read more »

Nice item

24 Apr, 2018
Nice item, works great and made a great gift. Thank you read more »

Just what I needed

21 Apr, 2018
Holds my laptop great, at just the right angle. very happy with this purchasse read more »


18 Apr, 2018
Very nice  read more »

No more smelly garlic fingers!!!

17 Apr, 2018
A month in and it is still working perfectly. For the price and the style, it is perhaps the best garlic press on the market. The style of the press makes popping in some garlic very easy to use. It... read more »

Great and is just like the real thing!

16 Apr, 2018
  My wife just bought this for me unexpectedly.  Wow, I have never used one before and it felt like the real thing! The material is nicely smooth and flexible, and it can be used in... read more »

Very Realistic

15 Apr, 2018
This is, beyond a doubt, one of the most realistic male toys that we have found so far.  For my husband, I love that it is so realistic and that it even comes with a heater.  This definitely... read more »

Good product to walk a strong dog!

12 Apr, 2018
We have a healer mix, so along with being strong, she has a ton of energy. She doesn't like leashes, and pulls away when possible.  We received this harness/leash set and figured it would... read more »

Too cute

11 Apr, 2018
Harry Potter tie where can you go wrong lol read more »

Feels great..

11 Apr, 2018
realistic design with soft material and real feel. Very discreet and easy to clean. Item was as expected and would recommend.Very well built.  read more »

High quality!

08 Apr, 2018
Simple yet elegant. I can carry this bag as backpack or cross-body. It's just big enough to carry what I need without being oversized. I Overall, Great backpack for the price! I use this b... read more »


06 Apr, 2018
good ViiNA CE Vibrator Silikon PenisRing sexspielzeug cockring,Perfekt für Paare, Sie und Ihn.  Price: €19.99 read more »

It is the perfect size, I love it!

06 Apr, 2018
Nice stainless steel,mini and cute read more »

great quality

05 Apr, 2018
so sleek and nice, great quality, easy to use.  firm hold and easy to squeese.  #rankbooster#lovkitchen#garlicpress read more »

Seems good

04 Apr, 2018
Recieved today. Charged it in a short period of time and it seems well built.  read more »

My desk is clean!

04 Apr, 2018
I have a sweet tooth and almost always have a bag of candy somewhere in the house, typically on my desk. And most of the time that candy has wrappers. Most of my trash ends up in a pile on the desk un... read more »

Mugig Clup-On Turner

02 Apr, 2018
I purchased this clip on turner for a friend of mine who’s in a band. This is actually a terrific turner. It supports multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, violin and ukulele.  It also... read more »

how cute this is

02 Apr, 2018
this little desk can is super cute and perfect for a computer desk!! read more »

Perfect For My Laundry Room

01 Apr, 2018
This works perfect in my laundry room. Not a lot of space and I don’t really put much in there besides lint from the dryer. This contains the dust and it looks cool. I found that a gallon sized... read more »

Great Guitar Strap

01 Apr, 2018
I really have to say how pleased I am with the quality of the nice quality strap. Mugig always makes a great product I look forward to buying again. read more »

Great Guitar Stand

01 Apr, 2018
This guitar stand is really well designed its adjustable and can be used to hold a multitude of instruments. The stand is made of a sturdy metal and is a fun color. Great value for the price. read more »

Realistic Masturbator Cup

31 Mar, 2018
This is one of the most realistic to touch items I have ever put my hands on. The opening is tailored to fit any man just right, meaning cling to their size. It is very flexible and easy to clean. It... read more »

28 Mar, 2018
This is the perfect size for my beginner grand daughter.  She LOVES it!  She has been able to start sewing quilt squares and feels like a seamstress like her grandma. For the size, it is ver... read more »

Perfect counter size

20 Mar, 2018
This stainless steel canister is perfect for hime chefs! I use every time i cook to collect scraps and then transfer to my compost pile. Keeps counters looking clean and neat and super easy to w... read more »

Very useful

18 Mar, 2018
Perfect for desktop use of trashing small things very cute and matches everything on my desk read more »

loving my speaker bulb

17 Mar, 2018
This is a light bulb that is a speaker. It also changes colors. You connect to it through Bluetooth and it is pretty loud. The light is bright as well. I love this speaker bulb. It fit on any standard... read more »

Dual 2 usb output ports gold power bank

17 Mar, 2018
This power block is really attractive.  As soon as I got mine, everyone tried to claim it!  It comes with the charging cord so you can just plug it into any usb plug and charge it wherever y... read more »

These cigarette ring holders set is smokin’! Very hot item that’s trendy right now, does help to prevent tobacco stains & even some burns at times.

15 Mar, 2018
This cigarette ring holders set by Edwid is excellent!  I was skeptical at first, but it actually works to help prevent cigarette/tar stains, and has even saved me from burning myself on cigarett... read more »

Great for indoor or outdoor use

15 Mar, 2018
I bought this for My Son to take to the beach but we forgot to bring it. But anyways he still play with it indoor. It's actually a very very good quality. It is not made of cheap plastic. Perfect... read more »

Impressed with the Garlic Press

15 Mar, 2018
The best garlic press I've ever tried! Easy to use, easy to clean and comes with a ssmall brush to get too the little holes clean. . I haven;t had a chance to use the roller to peel ... read more »

Love this

13 Mar, 2018
I wish I could give 6 stars for this genius idea...I eat candy at night and this is great for the wrappers very decrotive looks nice on stand an is very good quality!! read more »

Best invention ever

12 Mar, 2018
Ok so I bought this because I wanted a garlic press. But the free gift that came with it, which is just some silicon tube, you put the unpeeled garlic in and rub it together and boom! It's peeled.... read more »

Mini Counter Top Trash Can

12 Mar, 2018
This swing top matte stainless steel can is beyond adorable.  A mulitude of uses such as a desk top trash can, cabinet utility can, a table top recycling can, and for here it is a coin drop. ... read more »

Beautiful and charges fast for Samsung phones

10 Mar, 2018
I take pictures for my instagram page so a powerpack is a must. The note 5 eats up battery life on pictures and videos and my last power pack only lasted a month. Two things I needed this time ar... read more »

Perfect for desk top

10 Mar, 2018
Perfect size for desktop, counter, and night stands, looks great, nice wide swing top, I love it.  read more »

Sounds and looks amazing

07 Mar, 2018
  this is the most advanced light bulb I've ever owned. I love that I can use my phone or tablet to control the many different light settings through bluetooth and it will reach anywhere in t... read more »

Best bulb

05 Mar, 2018
This is the smartest lightbulb I have ever seen. I have had so many hours of fun with this gadget. This light will go to the beat of any song and you can adjust it to any color you twist. It's als... read more »

Outdoor Raincoat Waterproof Jacket

03 Mar, 2018
 Very nice jacket, its comfortable and versatile,you won't be disappointed with the fit and I haven't had any issues so far concerning the pockets or zippers, it all seems very well put t... read more »

Case for Apple Air Pods with Strap!!

03 Mar, 2018
AOPETIO 11044 Silicone Apple Air Pods Case Strap Accessories, Magnetic Straps Protective Skin Cover Set for Apple Wireless Earphone in the color option of  black with a silver colored carabiner t... read more »

Air pod case

02 Mar, 2018
This little guy is perfect. My AirPod case gets scratched up in my purse if it accidentally pops out of a pocket and rolls around with all the junk I have in there.I ordered this to protect it from fu... read more »

Great Rain Jacket!

28 Feb, 2018
I bought this jacket for my husband and we are very please with the durability of the fabric and closures. The sleeves are very long and the jacket, overall, runs bigger than expected. The fabric is t... read more »


27 Feb, 2018
love this case, helps me not lose my earphones and its cute and lightweight, #rankbooster#aopetio#appleaccessories read more »

Print not my cup of tea

26 Feb, 2018
The strap quality is undeniable, excellent material and size but the flower print was not my cup of tea. If the design was embroidered and the colors not so bright this strap would be perfect. #Ran... read more »

Sturdy guitar holder

26 Feb, 2018
Nice good quality guitar holder. Very sturdy. read more »

Perfect for me!

25 Feb, 2018
I have two kids that love music and want to learn to play as many instruments as possible.  This makes for a lot of floor area needed for guitars, ukeleles, violins etc, not to mention the horns... read more »

Stunning Mutli-Use Gold Leaf

25 Feb, 2018
Genuine gold Leaf Booklet (10 Sheets/loose edible Type) 1.6 inch 4.5 cm - by SIM Depot is a stunning quality set of multipirpose gold leaf for a great price. The pieces are a lovely delicate size with... read more »

Great Wall Hanger

23 Feb, 2018
I needed a wall hanger for my guitar and ukulele; therefore, I bought 2. It hangs easily with just 2 screws, so there is minimal wall damage, and you can easily cover the small screw hole when you dec... read more »

Guitar Wall Hook

22 Feb, 2018
The Hanger is very stable and good manufactured. The bearing surface of the guitar or other stringed instruments is well upholstered so that the instrument is saved. If you rest your guitar on the han... read more »

Amazing LightBulb

22 Feb, 2018
rhis lightbulb right here is one of a kind, a very unique bulb if I must say! The bulb has a Bluetooth speaker, yes you heard that right a Bluetooth speaker that you can easily connect to your phone &... read more »

Men's sports jacket with a hood.

21 Feb, 2018
Men's sports jacket with a hood perfectly has suited me in size. I am going to take this with me on trips always, dressing for fishing and resting in the forest. When we will go out of town for a... read more »

Great hanger

21 Feb, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #mugig this is a fantastic instrument holder. Love the automatic locks. Great gift idea.  read more »

Strong hold

21 Feb, 2018
my son now owns two guitars, two ukulele and a violin so the floor space is tight. So with this nifty Mugig guitar hold that hangs on the wall is perfect. This particular guitar holder is strong and h... read more »

Great combination

20 Feb, 2018
This is a wonderful combination of light and Bluetooth radio I actually purchased and shipped it to my son and he loves it says it is very cool and the lights bounce to the beat of the music the only... read more »

Love that it has an app!

20 Feb, 2018
This light not only changes colors and hues, it also has an app to download. My other lights like this have a remote to change the dolor. I particularly think the app was a great idea. It allows you t... read more »

great auto locking hanger

19 Feb, 2018
This was a test purchase before buying more. one hting to note is this is a pressure lock so as soon as you place the weight inside it uses gravity to light the lock into place. works Flawlessly and i... read more »

Toddler Float

19 Feb, 2018
Seat very deep! Well made! #RankBoosterReview #BoosterBlog read more »


18 Feb, 2018
the app isn’t that great it keeps kicking me off and the sound is great all except the bass kind of sucks honestly. But it’s a lot of fun to have when dancing around with the kids.  read more »

Genuine Gold Leaf Paper.

18 Feb, 2018
Genuine Gold Leaf Paper is very nice I will use this in my art work.  All though It is eatable I think it wouuld have more use in art.   read more »

Good Quality

18 Feb, 2018
I love the color of this speaker -- that pop of blue is really pretty. The sound quality is perfect. Bass is great. I only wish it was louder. I love using this around the house when I'm cleaning... read more »

Very well made love it

16 Feb, 2018
Fresion Anti-theft Business Laptop Backpack, Water-resistent College Schoolbag, Lightweight Computer Back Packs with USB Charging Port Travel Shoulder Bag Fit 15.6 Inch Laptops & Tablets &n... read more »

So much fun! Works really well.

14 Feb, 2018
This is one of the most intelligent ways to listen to music as a family with friends. At our party, we played music from our cellphone bluetooth to this light in the ceiling.  When anyone wanted... read more »

LED Speaker

14 Feb, 2018
Very cool speaker! Arrived in a timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shipping process. So far I am very pleased with this item and I would definitely recommend it... read more »


13 Feb, 2018
I have a couple different patterns of these straps and I love them so much. It is so comfortable to wear with the wideness. It also looks really nice on my acoustic guitar. It is easy to put on and ta... read more »

I really love this Bluetooth speaker

13 Feb, 2018
I really love this wireless Bluetooth speaker. It puts out an amazing amount of sound for being so small. It sounds much bigger than it is.Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend... read more »

Disappointing !!!

13 Feb, 2018
Mermaid scale anything is so trendy !!! I was so excited to receive this bracelet.  It's described as a slap bracelet   it's actually made out of cloth   it also has a... read more »

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

13 Feb, 2018
We have bluetooth speakers, but they are all usual desktop and are afraid of dampness, they can not be used in the bathroom or outdoors. This device, as declared by the seller and the manufacturer, do... read more »

Great bag for travel or gym

13 Feb, 2018
I really like this bag.  It’s really roomy and very handy for travel or for gym.   You can use the long straps for lugging it on your shoulder, or you can use the handles to carry i... read more »

High Quality Strap

11 Feb, 2018
Really nice strap.  Love it!  Well made.  read more »

Decent and rugged Bluetooth speaker at this price range

11 Feb, 2018
An appropriate by at this price for Bluetooth speaker. Simple Bluetooth speaker. Paried wthout any issues across android phone and windows laptops. The front perforated shield could have been thicker.... read more »

excellent guitar stand, convenient and stable!

10 Feb, 2018
I love love love this so much! Ive been wanting to have one in this size and style. its minimalistic and does a very good job holding the guitar. The design looks beautiful and reminds me of star wars... read more »

What a great presentation

10 Feb, 2018
These really do make a fantastic presentation for any culinary dish. Easy to use and good quality from what I can tell so far. Definitely worth the purchase of you're in the market for these. ... read more »

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