Mugig Mini Guitar Amp for headphones, Metal Effect and Rechargeable guitar Amplifier for Heavy Music, with Mp3 and Earphone Input Jack, Portable
Price: $23.09
4.74 / 5   (45 Reviews)


Works great

14 Dec, 2018
im happy with it so far just what I needed.  read more »

This is such a cool item!!!

12 May, 2018
This is perfect for those times that you want to rock out and shred.. but you do not want to disturb anyone around you! Music straight to your ears and it is sounding raw and good!  you can... read more »

Fun Amp

31 Mar, 2018
This is a fun amp my daughter loves using it and i love the headphone jack. Its made of good quality materials and works very well read more »


24 Mar, 2018
I’m very pleased with this little amp. I’m a beginner, so this keeps everyone’s ears from bleeding from my bad playing lol. All jokes aside, the sound produced is good and the charge... read more »

Guitar Amp

05 Mar, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsered #MUGIG This worked great for my husband. It is rechargable and plugs directly into his phone. Its literally just plug and play and easy to use. I love that h... read more »

Fantastic little guitar amp with a lot of kick!!

14 Feb, 2018
When I purchased this I didn't really think it would be all that loud just because of it's size, but I am quite surprised at how how awesome this amp works.  I had to charge it with the p... read more »

Headphone Amp

30 Jan, 2018
This mini amp is great for playing heavier music. I found out after receiving it that it plays only through headphones but that making it convenient to practice without bothering anyone.  The dia... read more »

Very cool!

29 Jan, 2018
This guitar amp is great because it is portable! And it is rechargeable! It has a headphone jack so you do not have to annoy your family when practicing guitar!! I have gotten a few products from Mugi... read more »

Love my Mini Amp

19 Jan, 2018
Mugig Mugig Guitar Amp Mini Guitar Amp for Heavy Metal Music Rechargeable Portable 1/4" Input   I have one word ok maybe two “Mini” and “Amp” its Portable s... read more »


12 Jan, 2018
Great mini amp for instruments read more »


30 Dec, 2017
product is neat, but does require Bluetooth. Not for sure if it will connect to a phone speaker or if it has to Bluetooth to a bigger amp read more »


26 Dec, 2017
this product is so cool!! all you do is plug it in and go. i usually put my headphones into it so i can hear myself playing. its also super small, which is so awesome because it works so well for some... read more »

Amazing Device!

26 Dec, 2017
I have had few portable guitar amps in the past but none were the plug n play variety. Also my favorite genre is metal so when I saw this device, I immediately ordered it. • Right off the packag... read more »

#RankBoosterReview of Mugig Mini Guitar Amp

21 Dec, 2017
This is a great little amp by Mugig which my boyfriend primarily uses with headphones. I love that it has that option because I don't always want to hear him practicing. He loves it because he can... read more »

Keeping the sound down while the family is sleeping

21 Dec, 2017
This Headphone Amplifier from Mugig allows you to use all the same accessories you would with a normal amplifier, but offers the comfort of knowing that other than the sound your instrument makes with... read more »

Sounds great

08 Dec, 2017
I purchased this for my brother who is a guitarist and he loves it. He said it was very easy to install and works instantly with no issues, The sound is clear and it does a great job amplifying the so... read more »


07 Dec, 2017
WORKS GRETR AS EXPECTED...#Rankbooster #sponsored read more »

Super portable guitar amp

07 Dec, 2017
Small and very portable mini guitar amplifier with variable knobs to adjust the sound quality to your liking. You no longer have to disturb your parents nor your neighbor for playing your electric gui... read more »

Very cool

06 Dec, 2017
This guitar amp is great because it is portable! And it is rechargeable! It has a headphone jack so you do not have to annoy your family when practicing guitar!! I have gotten a few products from Mugi... read more »

Thumbs up!

06 Dec, 2017
Everything I have purchased from the Mugig brand has been a great product. Everything is well made, works great, and looks great.  read more »

Portable Mini Amp

01 Dec, 2017
I ordered this for my brother who plays in a band with some of his buddies, he has a little girl and lives in an apartment so he had been looking for something to use that wouldn't disturb anyone.... read more »

Great gift

30 Nov, 2017
Got as a gift for a friend and they loves it read more »

Mini Guitar Amp

30 Nov, 2017
Amp works great. Easy to plug headphones in to jam out. read more »

Guitar Amp

29 Nov, 2017
I bought this stand for my nephew who has a few electronic guitars and it works great he now has a small portable Amp. read more »


29 Nov, 2017
This thing is awesome I can now practice without having to plug in the half stack and wake up my kids, you have a variety of Gain volumes!!! Mugig Guitar Amp Mini Guitar Amp for Heavy Metal Music Rech... read more »

portable, good sound through headphones and plug and play

28 Nov, 2017
This is a great little guitar amp that is small enough to fit in your pocket and its plug and play so no convoluted instructions on how to use it.  Charge it with the USB cord it comes with when... read more »

Decent Product

27 Nov, 2017
I am not a music person with guitar items. My husband used this and was pleased. He said it worked as expected and he will be using again. He likes to play for our Lil ones and with friends. Definitel... read more »

Great for practice at night and on the go

27 Nov, 2017
This is such a cool little toy to play around with! Anyone that loves to play around with different sounds and tones should give this a shot. Love how it is so small but produces so many cool effects,... read more »


27 Nov, 2017
My son has decided he wanted to learn electric guitar on top of my other son playing keyboard. So to save on my ears I purchased this Mugig Mini Guitar Amp for headphones. Makes it easier for him to h... read more »

once charged this is awesome

26 Nov, 2017
i love this little compact amp i can pop in my headphones pratice for a bit or i can hook this up to my stereo of computer and record myself directly. very easy to use and the build is fair and light... read more »

Mugig Guitar Amp Mini Guitar Amp for Heavy Metal Music Rechargeable Portable 1/4" Input

25 Nov, 2017
Mugig Guitar Amp Mini Guitar Amp for Heavy Metal Music Rechargeable Portable 1/4" Input - Pretty cool device that plugs into your guitar to allow you to play and listen to yourself jamming throug... read more »

Great mini guitar amp

23 Nov, 2017
This guitar amp provides excellent experience of guitar playing, especially for heavy metal music. Works for 4.5 hours after fully charged, charged by USB jack(included). It is very small in size(3.... read more »

Headphone guitar amp

21 Nov, 2017
High quality rechargeable headphone amp perfect for any instrument that requires an amp you can play without blaring of a regular amp so you can play anytime anywhere you want and you can fit the amp... read more »


19 Nov, 2017
This item is so light weight and easy to use! With a house full of kids, my husband loves the freedom that it gives him to be able to play his instraments. It works great and keeps a charge every well... read more »

Unfortunately doesn’t power on

17 Nov, 2017
I was really excited to try this out after charging it up and plugging it in there is now power and doesn’t work when charging the red light does turn on but no life when plugged in sadly disapp... read more »

Great amp!

17 Nov, 2017
Great amp. Very easy to use. Works perfectly and quickly,  read more »

Nice little amplifier!

16 Nov, 2017
This is a nice little amplifier.  Great when you want to play & not disturb anyone. You just plug it in, add the head phones & play away! Bought this as a gift for the son & I'... read more »

Great little gadget for Kevin, my guitar hero!

15 Nov, 2017
Great gadget for Kevin,  he charged it right up to play with.  He's been teaching a friend to play so this will be handy for him to practice with. Small and easy to carry to the next pla... read more »

guitar amp

12 Nov, 2017
was exactly what i was looking forward too it was everything sending it as a christmas present tho  read more »

let's do this

11 Nov, 2017
easy to use, good quality and ready to go.  this is a great product and I would recommend this to anyone.  read more »

Better than Mini

11 Nov, 2017
This device is awesome.  We were not expecting it to work so well, but it does.  It was really easy to set up and get going.  Sounds great and works wonders.  It is small, portable... read more »

Great Guitar Amp for headphones

10 Nov, 2017
Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar - Clean As a guitarist, you know you need to practice regularly to home and practice   your skills and learn new songs. However, you can't always... read more »

Solid Amp

08 Nov, 2017
Get yourself some good headphones if you really want to enjoy this little gem. My sound is nice and clear. Although not better than my VOX this one is rirght up there. Solid . read more »

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