Led Night Light for Kids Touch Control, 3 Brightness Level, USB Charger Bedroom Night Light
Price: $6.99
4.85 / 5   (41 Reviews)


Life saver!

04 Sep, 2018
We have always had lights on everywhere throughout the night!! But these have been so helpful for the kids to just be able to touch and have immediate light without fumbling around, or running into th... read more »


02 Sep, 2018
What can I say about this night light other than wow wow wow wow works awesome for my three-year-old something easily available for her to touch and turn on her self with just enough light to keep the... read more »


15 Aug, 2018
Great to keep light in a small child area. Easy to install and easy to operate.  read more »

Kids best friend

04 Aug, 2018
if your child is anything like mine they are scared of the dark. Now my sons and daughter sleep with no problem with this light. read more »

So far so good

02 Jul, 2018
So far we love them... The kids can control how much light they want and they can charge their kindles using the USB.  So far they still work unlike the last ones we used that were more expensive... read more »

Night Light for Kids Touch Control, USB Charger, 3 Brightness Level, Led Bedroom Night Light

08 Jun, 2018
Night Light for Kids Touch Control, USB Charger, 3 Brightness Level, Led Bedroom Night Light *****(5 Easier to See Stars)   Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07425DF6C  ... read more »

Must have easy to use night lights...

07 Jun, 2018
Must have easy to use night lights... Perfect size for the babies/toddlers room, easy to use, just right lightening, not to bright. Comes in a pack, easily to use in several rooms. I love this product... read more »

Works good

03 Jun, 2018
Good little night light  Has 3 settings and all loom good.   read more »

Problem solved

31 May, 2018
My grandkids are afraid of the dark  and this nightlight solved the problem.  Not only this has 3 levels of brightness but you tap it to change it, it's led so it doesn't get ho... read more »

Kids night light

30 May, 2018
When I first ordered it , I thought it broken because it wouldn’t light up but then my husband pushed the middle of it and lit up lol I was so amazed. My oldest daughter loves it and she’s... read more »

It works nice

28 May, 2018
i love this light its actually works really well and its bright i would recommend to buy. its a good night lighht read more »

Nite lights

27 May, 2018
Purchased the night lightfor my grandaughter who justed turned 2. I cant wait till i go to see her, i want to make sure shes not afraid of the dark ever agian. Thank you, all came in just fine! &nb... read more »

Great Lights

26 May, 2018
I used these in my garage to give off just enough light to get to the main switch. Thak you for great lights read more »

My kids love it

25 May, 2018
Wonderful night light for kids, touch countrols, with 3 different brightnessleverls, easily charge it with the usb port. Holds a charge well, lights up easily. Neat little light.  https://www.... read more »

Easy to control

24 May, 2018
These little lights offer a little extra nightime light for my kids. They are still a little afraid of the dark and i hated leaving the lights on wasting electricity so i bought these little lights to... read more »

Simple Touch Light

23 May, 2018
This package comes with two lights. They are not extremely bright, yet offer enough light to be able to use as a night light in the bedroom or bathroom. They work great so far. They are usb rechargeab... read more »

Nice dual purpose charger/nightlight

22 May, 2018
This is a great product with so many uses.  Nowadays everything needs to be charged. There are just not enough outlets for everything. This LED Night Light USB charger comes in a two pack. It is... read more »

Wish they worked, drained my phone

22 May, 2018
I really had high hopes for these night lights.  I plugged one into the outlet and my phone into the usb.  Upon checking later on my phone was completed drained, it went from 100% to 0% in a... read more »

Kids night light

22 May, 2018
Great product. I really like how little space they take as they are small but work great. I also like the 3 brightness level option it has as my children don’t like it to be too bright. It Doesn... read more »

Cute little night lights!

21 May, 2018
Cute little nightlights!  I was not expecting there to be 2 of these in the package. That was a nice surprise.  Its great that these plug into the wall, and also have 2 USB ports attached w... read more »

Great little charger

19 May, 2018
Works great - dual purpose nightlight and and usb charger  read more »

Soft and cozy

19 May, 2018
This LED night light is great for kids, it is soft and cozy and does not get hot.  It has a very pretty light, not too bright or not too dim. They are easy to set up, super easy to get started an... read more »

Great little nightlight

19 May, 2018
I love these nightlights! I have one in the bathroom and one by my bed. The one in the bathroom is great because it gives off enough light so that I can see where I'm going without getting blinded... read more »

Love this lamp

19 May, 2018
Love this night light, it’s perfect for the bathroom, just enough brightness. It has a 3 level brightness.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #BC Masters http... read more »

Lots of Uses

19 May, 2018
While these are excellent for a baby's room, I found so many other uses for them. I love that they can be plugged in and don't run on batteries, but my favorite part is that there are two USB... read more »

Perfect for Kids

18 May, 2018
These are cute lights for my young daughter! However, the light is not that big, so I think I am going to have to buy 1 more set. The light isn't extremely bright, but it is bright enough for putt... read more »

They are ok...

18 May, 2018
they are ok, not terrific but it’ll work read more »

I love these things

18 May, 2018
These things are super handy. I love the two USB ports and the three brightness levels. They're sturdy products and it's great to be able to charge two devices where I could only charge one be... read more »

Led Night Light/USB Charger

17 May, 2018
We put one in our hallway by my sons room and one in the bathroom..definitely will purchase more. read more »

They server their purpose

17 May, 2018
And look like a set of boobs in the package - LOL #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #BCMaster http://a.co/codUiYf read more »

Good size and long lasting battery

17 May, 2018
The lights are cute, I put one next to my baby's bed and one at the entrance of the room.  It is not too bright, not too dim. Perfect to check on the baby anytime during the night. read more »

Great mini night Lights with bonus USB chargers

17 May, 2018
When I purchased these night lights I assumed they would be just like all the other options but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised.  The lights are little smaller than I expected so the... read more »

INtelligent night light

17 May, 2018
Cute little bed night light that can be used and be plugged directly into the wall socket without using any kind of adapter. Light is of a yellowish perfect at night since you don’t want a white... read more »

These things are awesome!

16 May, 2018
Okay, I honestly just wanted to get these for myself and I'm so glad I did! I always struggle to find stuff beside my bed throughout the night and these things are a life saver! Especially when I&... read more »

Led Night Light for Kids Touch Control, 3 Brightness Level, USB Charger Bedroom Night Light

15 May, 2018
I love this LED for children is excellent gives light and can connect two cables can be for cell phones or alarm clock I recommend 100%. excellent product. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sp... read more »

Bright Night Lights

14 May, 2018
Needed a light to brighten up the hallway at night. These worked great for that.  #RankBoosterReviewii.#Sponsorediii.#BCMaster https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07425DF6C/ref=oh_aui_search... read more »

Kids feel safer

13 May, 2018
I received these night lights from BC Master. I love the fact they can be charged by USB and are cheaper to use than a traditional plug in light. They are easy to use, so kids don’t have to fumb... read more »

great touch light for toddlers

13 May, 2018
 they work perfect for me in my bathroom and kids bedroom. We are very happy with our purchase and will assume they will last an extremely long time since they are LED lighting. They dim with sma... read more »

Excellent light for the kids!

13 May, 2018
My 5 year old daughter is in that stage in which she must be more independent and self reliant. So I plugged one if these in her room and another one in the restroom. Love the fact that you control it... read more »

Great product!

13 May, 2018
Received my order very Happy with my purchase love the 3 brightness levels and the fact it is led also love the fact you can charge this with a USB! Great product highly recommend.     ... read more »

Convenient but not so bright

12 May, 2018
Small rounded night light that can be plugged directly into the wall socket and serve as a light source and a charging port. Has 3 different levels of brightness which can be accessed by lightly press... read more »

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