New Version Fidget Spinner Durable Toy High Speed 3-5 Min Spins Tri-spinner Precision Colorful Metal Zinc Alloy Hand Spinner
Price: $6.90
4.93 / 5   (28 Reviews)


Best Fidget Spinner

09 Jan, 2020
This particular fidget spinner provides an average spinning or rotation time of around 3-5 minutes. Therefore, the higher the spinning time, the more the people will be encouraged and interested to bu... read more »

This Fidget Toy Spun Me Right Round!

10 Nov, 2018
The was this fidget spinner is weighted is amazing. This spinner outlasts all of my other ones, and not only that - but it feels great in your hand. This is a great gift for yourself, a co worker, a c... read more »

I love this toy

27 May, 2018
This is my first fidget spinner  and i love it its so pretty and its very heavy not some elcheapo this thing will spin for like 6 minutes im stil learning how to use it but i already love it ... read more »

Mini Fidget Spinner

18 May, 2018
I recently bought this from Rank Booster  for my griend for his birthday, he loves that its a mini fidgeter. read more »

Very nice

18 May, 2018
This fidget is very nice. It's heavier than ones I've tried , which I like and think that's why it spins quite a long time. It's small enough to fit in your hand. The colors are beauti... read more »

10 stars!

16 May, 2018
I feel a little silly being an adult and saying this but I bought this for my kids and I kept it for myself! Haha!! This is by far the coolest prettiest and highest quality spinner I’ve seen! I... read more »

Beautiful coloring and solidly built

13 May, 2018
As pretty much everyone has, my family got into the fidget spinner craze and I decided that I wanted one, but that I wanted something a bit different than the plastic ones that you see. When I saw the... read more »

Beautiful colors

10 May, 2018
I like the colors of this fidget spinner. It almost kaleidoscope-like when it spins. I also like the durability as my daughter dropped it while playing but it remained intact. #sponsored #rankbooster... read more »

Love this!

10 May, 2018
I've been wanting a rainbow spinner for a while and this one is awesome. It has a nice weight to it, spins like feels like forever, and it came with a zippered holder to keep it in when I'm no... read more »

Good Quality, Fast!

09 May, 2018
My son loved everything about this fidget spinner from the fun colors to the smooth, long lasting spinning. He enjoys it for hours at a time! It really comes in handy when I have a meeting or just nee... read more »

Spins like a dream

08 May, 2018
This fidget spinner is much heavier than the regular ones, the weight is distributed in a way that makes this spin forever. A nice clean spin. Very rare if your used to the plastic ones... read more »

Beautiful Multi-Colored Fidget Spinner

07 May, 2018
I really like the fact that this is multicolored and made out of metal. The spinning lasts for a very long time. Very well-made and different. read more »

Must have for fidgeters

28 Apr, 2018
My boys have both become huge fans of fidget spinners. We now have countless spinners, a few cubes, and some other fidget toys. But the spinners are their favorite. This one caught both of their eyes... read more »

Good and heavy

28 Apr, 2018
My son and I love this minifidgit spinner. The colors are gorgeous. The spinner has some weight to it that just makes it feel just right in between our fingers. It also comes with a little black case.... read more »


24 Apr, 2018
My little brother loved the colors and the protector it came in! Good Quailty  read more »

Smooth spinner

19 Apr, 2018
New Version Fidget Spinner Durable Toy High Speed 3-5 Min Spins Tri-spinner Precision Colorful Metal Zinc Alloy Hand Spinner  This fidget spinner is pretty cool. It’s so pretty. It&rsquo... read more »

New Version Fidget Spinner Durable Toy High Speed 3-5 Min Spins Tri-spinner Precision Colorful Metal Zinc Alloy Hand Spinne

17 Apr, 2018
The spinner is one of the best made devises that I have seen so far. Gorgeous colors, and durable material! read more »

spins very well

17 Apr, 2018
My grandson collects spinners so I love to get them for him. This Fidget Spinner by Magic World 2014 makes a great addition. It is a tri-spinner with 3 "arms" and a flat disc in the cen... read more »

Kids Loved It

17 Apr, 2018
I received this fidget spinner from Magic World 2014, I got it for my 9 year old son. He loved that it came in its own carrying case, and how durable and sturdy it was. It is built to last, and t... read more »


16 Apr, 2018
My boys are absolutely loving  their new fidget spinner from MEIWU Direct on amzon. The color is absolutely brilliant and it’s just the right weight and spends for 3-5 minutes. It made... read more »

Fidget spinner

11 Apr, 2018
Very cool spinner! Arrived in a timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shipping process. So far I am very pleased with this item and I would definitely recommend it... read more »

Wish it was bigger

11 Apr, 2018
A larger size would be nice. I do, however, like the weight of it. It spins endlessly and relaxes. read more »

Long smooth spin time

07 Apr, 2018
Very durable fidget spinner made from zinc alloy with some decent weight to it. Colorful design makes it very attractive and the weights are not removable compared to other fidget spinners making stur... read more »

High quality

07 Apr, 2018
Higher quality fidget spinner than I expected it to be made of zinc alloy and really nice color indeed. Very colorful and reflective with rainbow like design all around. Very comfortable to hold it in... read more »

Absolutely amazing

06 Apr, 2018
this fidget spinner is absolutely amazing. The weight behind it helps it glide smoothly and not loosing any speed. Its is a very distict color as well, this is one of the things my son liked with this... read more »

Nice quaility

06 Apr, 2018
Quality is really great, nice long smooth spin, not cheap looking like most read more »

Very happy

06 Apr, 2018
came in nice case and vey great quality  read more »

Great looking spinner

05 Apr, 2018
This spinner has a nice heavy feel.  Spins very well and comes with a nice carry case.  It will look great along the rest of our collection.  The price for this is great.  Well wor... read more »

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