Silicone Spatulas, 8.5" Small Heat Resistant Non-Stick Flexible Rubber Scrapers Bakeware Tool Essential Cooking Gadget (5 Pack)
Price: $10.99
4.77 / 5   (31 Reviews)


Excellent silicone spatulas

02 Mar, 2020
I bought this set of six and shared them with my friend. Perfect for cooking! I definitely recommend and they come in lovely colors. A+ read more »


07 Nov, 2019
I think these spatulas are great. What I like best is that they are all in one piece, so there are no seams for food or moisture to hide in and turn moldy. The spatulas are also quite sturdy/heavy dut... read more »

Nice small spatulas

06 Nov, 2019
This is nice small spatula set. Easy to clean and use. Its 8 inch. It can ne a little longer for easy handling cooking stuff but it is as it described.   no issues. read more »

Small, but useful

09 Sep, 2019
These are great for small jobs. They even work as a teether for my infant. read more »

Nice silicon spatulas

26 Apr, 2019
These spatulas seem really nice, and made of a nice silicon.  The only thing I will say is I thought they might be a tiny but bigger, but overall they are good and get the job done. read more »

Nice set of spatulas!

15 Apr, 2019
These little spatulas work well from the scraping small jars to mixing bowls, and are invaluable in your kitchen. Perfect for stirring, scraping, and folding a wide variety of foods and no seams or cr... read more »

Perfect for smaller cans

08 Apr, 2019
They were smaller than i imagined,  but I've still used them and very quickly these have become my favorite spatulas. I never thought a smaller spatula would come in so hand! I also gave... read more »

Small but effective

04 Apr, 2019
I am forever cutting the edges of my baking spatulas so I figured 5 gives me a lot more wiggle room. They are smaller than I had expected but I am finding the smaller ones are far more effective for w... read more »

Lovely little spatulas

21 Mar, 2019
These spatulas are not only cute but highly functional. The colors are bright and pretty, and they're comfortable in your hand. The tip and edges are much more flexible than I expected, so you can... read more »

Good quality product

18 Feb, 2019
Really well build product easy to clean and looks sturdy. It would be nice if the product have little large handle but it's still good as is. read more »

A must have kitchen item!

17 Feb, 2019
#moacc has come out with the best scrappers! I purchased the 5 pack, multicolor, 1.5 inch. For the fact they are 1 piece makes them superior. I have broken so many of the 2 piece kind. They are n... read more »


15 Nov, 2018
There are never too many of them! read more »


08 Nov, 2018
I absolutely love these spatulas! They're nice & small, so you're not maneuvering an awkward clunky spatula around - & heat resistant! Definitely recommend for anyone who spends some t... read more »

Every kitchen must have!

12 Sep, 2018
High quality and very inexpensive price. Every kitchen must have.  read more »

Happy with these spatulas, A+

04 Sep, 2018
Very good for making a cake. One set has 5 spatulas, and use long time, the material was good and can clean easy. read more »

Perfect size

31 Aug, 2018
These are the perfect size,  they are also so convenient .  And the bright colors are just awesome.  RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #gangwang read more »

A hidden treasure

27 Aug, 2018
Great product. little smaller than what i thought of at the beginning but it still works well for my needs. Price is decent and not super expensive for what you got. Great heat resistant, non-stick fu... read more »

Small but MIGHTY

24 Aug, 2018
Mighty little silicone spatulas! Perfect for smaller jars, but work just as well in larger ones. The blades are firmer than regular spatulas so I don't have to work as hard (or worry about acciden... read more »


16 Aug, 2018
I love to bake so having extra supplies is always good. These are a great quality and work perfectly! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Perfect jar scrapers!

04 Aug, 2018
I wanted to wait a few days after recieving these before writing a review so I could try them out in various ways, and they pass everything with flying colors! These scraper ar eperfect jar and can sc... read more »

Very good

27 Jul, 2018
It's a good one. I like those different colors  read more »

Makes cleaning a breeze

22 Jul, 2018
I love using silicone spatulas when cooking and baking. I have pots and pans with Teflon coating which can be easily damaged with metal and wooden spoons/spatulas so silicone spatulas became a necessa... read more »

Would be Good Set for Kids

21 Jul, 2018
This is a decent little set of silicone spatulas by MOACC.  The colors are nice and the size is just right for scraping jars.  They're a little small to use in baking, though.  They... read more »

Nice Set

15 Jul, 2018
These silicone spatulas are 8.5 inches long, are heat resistant and non stick.  They are flexible rubber scrapers that work on any food situation in the kitchen or outside for the grill.  Th... read more »

Great Set of Silicone Spatulas

10 Jul, 2018
When I first saw the size of the spatulas I was concerned that they would be too small. But as I’ve had the chance to use them in my kitchen I have found more and more ways to use them. For exam... read more »

Silicone Spatulas, 8.5" Small Heat Resistant Non-Stick Flexible Rubber Scrapers Bakeware Tool Essential Cooking Gadget (5 Pack)

06 Jul, 2018
Silicone Spatulas, 8.5" Small Heat Resistant Non-Stick Flexible Rubber Scrapers Bakeware Tool Essential Cooking Gadget (5 Pack). No more worrying about Mold growing in the handles of my old Spatu... read more »

Spatula Review

03 Jul, 2018
I love love love these things. They are a little small, but for me and the other cooks at work they are amazing. Perfect, in my opionion for making desserts. They are flexible, easy to clean and have... read more »

Works like a spatula should

26 Jun, 2018
Item was just as expected, it worked just like it's a spatula of course! Very sturdy, not cheap and flimsy so it should hold up to a lot of wear when cooking. Every spatula came i... read more »

My new favorite spatulas!!

12 Jun, 2018
I bought these to replace a set of 3 I had originally purchased at Target. I used them so much they are worn out and have to go. What better than a set of 3? A set of 5, of course! I LOVE all the colo... read more »

OMG ok this is fantastic

26 May, 2018
I am in love with them, this is not only bright and fun but as good as the p chefs...omg i am so loving them ive had them few qeeks use them daily and there bring fun, i have kids they love them. All... read more »

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