Multi Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Multi Retractable USB Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger Cord Compatible for iPhone Xs/Xs Max/X/8/7 Plus, Samsung S10 S9 Note 9, Moto G7, LG G8 G7
Price: $13.99
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Multi Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Multi Retractable USB Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger Cord

18 Nov, 2019
This cord is amazing. All you need 3 chargers in one. The quality is outstanding. Can charge multiple devices at once. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Aoji read more »

Nice & handy

18 Nov, 2019
Great to have in the car for anyone to use read more »


16 Nov, 2019
  This cable is awesome for cutting down on your EDC of cables!! I used to carry around an entire bag of charging cords and cables and wall plugs, and this one allowed me to slim my collection... read more »

Great for vehicle

12 Nov, 2019
This is the perfect usb charging cable to keep in your vehicle. It’s a 3 in 1 design so you can charge any type of device. It has a stretchy coil similar to a traditional phone cord so you don&r... read more »

Can charge 2 different types of phones...

11 Nov, 2019
I have an iphone, my husband has a Samsung. We can both charge our phones with this at the same time. Sweet! read more »

Love It

11 Nov, 2019
Love this charger! We all have different phones and we're always plundering in my car for chargers and with this one we always have s what we need right there. Fast charger and good quality. Very... read more »

love it

09 Nov, 2019
Use it everyday and it is perfect in my home. I am going to get another for my son.  Multi device homes finally unitied!  I have a pixel with c plug, my son has a motorola with mini, and... read more »

Perfect for those with different charging ports

07 Nov, 2019
We have several different branded electronic devices and this charger allows us to minimize the cords and charge any and all devices we want. The cord is stretchy (at the built in coil) and we have be... read more »

Still has not arrived! Way too long for delivery!

06 Nov, 2019
Ordered a long time ago and still have not received! read more »


05 Nov, 2019
Awesome! Love having this multi cable, everyone can charge no matter which they need. I plug in living room so when we have company we are prepared for whatever they have! I want several more of these... read more »


04 Nov, 2019
This works great, I've had no problems at all  #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #aoji read more »

Not fast charging

01 Nov, 2019
Its nice but i am not getting fast charging in my note 8. read more »

This is a good idea and helps to keep the wiring tidy

30 Oct, 2019
This is a one stop solution for my samsung and iphone chargning. I like that we get 3 options in one, the wire is long and its braided so it feels strong. I removed one start as I have seen it heat up... read more »

Most convenient cord ever!

24 Oct, 2019
Love this cord, no mater what you need to charge you have the right connection and the design lets it coil up nicely when not in use and stretch when needed.  Think I will be buying more as stock... read more »

Awesome innovative product

23 Oct, 2019
I am quite happy with this purchase. quailty is good. functioning really great and good thing is i don't have to carry three cables for three different charging type phone so my car little less me... read more »

Charging cable

23 Oct, 2019
It works good and charges fast love that it works on 3 phones iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy or a phone that uses a c charger read more »

Lightning ports doesn't work

22 Oct, 2019
Type C and Micro ports works good but the lightning port doesn't work. Vendor has replaced my defect item and I faced the same issue with my replaced item as well. This time I haven't replaced... read more »

workds gret

18 Oct, 2019
works great, looks cool read more »

A Must Have

17 Oct, 2019
I absolutely LOVE this 3 in 1 charger. I can charge all my devices at once and only take up one USB spot in my car. No more fighting with the fiance or nephew on road trips. This is literally a must h... read more »


16 Oct, 2019
Its very convenient however it doesnt charge as fast as I was hoping it would. read more »

I love this

16 Oct, 2019
This is probably one of the best chords I have ever purchased now I'm not required to have a bunch of different Blues chords in my car I have this one and it will charge anything I need about five... read more »

USB retractable cord

16 Oct, 2019
       I love this Multi USB Charging cble by AOJI. It's nylon braided and retractable. It's a 3-n-1 car phone charging cord. You can use it in the house too. It has the... read more »

saves space

15 Oct, 2019
now instead of carrying 3 cables i only carry one. it charges fast too. is great value for the money. thanks for the fast shipping. easy to use and convenient to just use one.  read more »

Perfect for road trips

14 Oct, 2019
We are a family divided, that is for sure. My husband and I are on the android usb c cable, my daughter's use the lightning charging cable and my youngest son has an older anroid and tablet to use... read more »

Great Buy

13 Oct, 2019
I definitely didn't go wrong when I decided to purchase this charging cable!!! In my family, we all have different phones, and it seems that almost daily someone gets into my car and their phone i... read more »


13 Oct, 2019
Fast charging read more »


13 Oct, 2019
Love it read more »

AOJI USB Charging Cable

11 Oct, 2019
Like most people I go through a lot of charging cords. The process is exhaustive, constantly having to replace them.  This AOJI USB Charging Cord is a thickly braided cord with a retractable c... read more »

This is a great charging cord

10 Oct, 2019
I got this to keep I the car. We have so many devices that it is impossible to have a spare cord for each of them without filling the glove compartment with cords. This is perfect since it can charge... read more »

Long lasting charge

10 Oct, 2019
Charges my phone pretty fast and the charge last longer than my other phone chargers and i love how there are three different type of inputs to charge both android and iphone read more »


09 Oct, 2019
I absolutely love, love, love this multi charger! There are three different device types in our house so we need all three chargers. The ability to have all in one is extremely convenient. As long as... read more »

Cable Reducer!

09 Oct, 2019
I like to travel light, and this cable makes it even easier to do that! PERFECT! read more »

Good quality

08 Oct, 2019
I’m using this in my car right now. It saves on space and has all three connections available for charging things. My apple phone and apple car play aren’t as responsive when plugged in bu... read more »

Life Saver!!

08 Oct, 2019
Titles says it all. Life saver at work. Am able to charge my iPhone and tablet at the same time. Work great in my job setting since I can place all device in a hard to reach place from my students.... read more »

Super convenient and great quality!

08 Oct, 2019
This charger cord is amazing! It’s so convenient especially with a household of various electronics that require different sized charger plugs. I’m very happy with the product!  ... read more »

Love this!

08 Oct, 2019
This wire is awesome. I have so many devices and tons of different cables. I love that I don't need to shuffle cords anymore unless I absolutely have to. I can charge my iPhone then BT Speaker, or... read more »

Great charger

07 Oct, 2019
I have been using this charger and it works great and charges my phone fast.  read more »

Perfect for multiple-device families

07 Oct, 2019
We have a lot of Android devices in our household so type C and micro-USB cables are abundant. However one family member has an iPhone. This comes in handy so anyone can use it in without the common s... read more »

Well Made

07 Oct, 2019
I have used a lot of charges, some good, most bad, and this one is surprisingly well made.  It works well and is very convenient to have all the chargers in one.  I am loving it! read more »

Works Great

06 Oct, 2019
This item works great! My children and husband borrow it because we all have different devices. A definite must have! read more »

Multi charging cord

05 Oct, 2019
This is a must needed gift for my hubby. He has multiple cables on my kitchen counter. #AOJI cable saves me from having to look and complain about all those cables on my kitchen! Yeah! I’m happy... read more »

High quality!

05 Oct, 2019
I love this 3 in 1 charger cord i bought to bring to work. Im able to charge my phpne, ipad and wireless speakers with one cord. read more »

nice charging cable

05 Oct, 2019
I like this alot. the material seems sturdy and i like the coil.  All 3 of the charging cords worked well. read more »


05 Oct, 2019
I use it all the time and it’s so handy to have!This is amazing! It works wonderfully and has been an amazing product! I can’t wait to buy more and give them as gifts for birthdays and hol... read more »

AOJI Multi USB Charging Cable

05 Oct, 2019
AOJI Multi USB Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Retractable USB C Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger Cord with Micro USB/Type C Compatible for iPhone 8/9/XR/Max/X/8/7 Plus/Samsung S10 S9 /Note 9/ Moto G7... read more »

Fast multi use

04 Oct, 2019
This multi charging cable is nylon braided, has multi retractable cales and is a three in one car phone charger that is compatible for iphone and many other devices.  It is easy to use, and is fa... read more »

Works great

04 Oct, 2019
Only problem I have with the Multi Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Multi Retractable USB Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger is the iPhone piece came broke but other than that it works really good and ch... read more »

Great charger

03 Oct, 2019
Got this charger for  my truck, I have an iphone and my husband has an Android samsung. We can both charge our phones at the same time under one USB cord. Pretty fast charging and I like that it... read more »

Multiple Options!

02 Oct, 2019
Love that you have multiple options. Micro usb, apple and type c all in one. Easy enough to please everyone while in the car!  read more »

Perfect for my truck

02 Oct, 2019
I have a several electronic gadget,  but with this cable no need any other to charging every one read more »

Way better then i thought.

02 Oct, 2019
My husband and I both have different phones. Which means of course we use different chargers. This is awesome to use when we are out and about during the weekend. The best part is it is very durable.&... read more »

Works really well...

01 Oct, 2019
Very convenient for an emergency situation for any type of phone, I love it! read more »

Great cable!

30 Sep, 2019
Let's me charge whatever I'm not using! One cable to rule them all haha read more »

Great use! Works like a charm.

30 Sep, 2019
This has saved me and my customers at my shop. The convience of having three different ports available helps everyone who come by my desk.  read more »

Sturdy and works

29 Sep, 2019
I've been really looking forward to this as we've been needing one for a while. Simply an amazing usb charger! Shipped and received within a reasonable time frame. I'm not the biggest fan... read more »


29 Sep, 2019
i really like these because they come in very handy and I always have a charger to use on everything I own i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #aoji read more »


29 Sep, 2019
works and looks good read more »

Great quality!

27 Sep, 2019
I use these at my real estate office at the work stations and reception areas so agents and customers can charge phones and tablets. Makes things a lot neater, as you don’t have to have a bunch... read more »

Great buy

26 Sep, 2019
This is a nice too have charger if you have multiple device types. I have an iphone for work, a galaxy so and multiple headsets. A cord like this makes it very convenient so you do not need to carry m... read more »

Perfect times 3

26 Sep, 2019
I have gone through alot of cords in my day and this one is GREAT... I love the fabric feel and color.  I love that it has all three fittings for all my different devices.  It fits for my ip... read more »

Awesome charging cable

25 Sep, 2019
This is a great charging cable so handy to have a 3 options! Definitely would purchase again! read more »

Handy for charging various phones

24 Sep, 2019
This is a one-size-fits-most phone charging cable. It combines USB Micro (for Android phones), Litning (for iPhones), and the newest phones with USB Type C connectors. The cable itself has braided nyl... read more »


24 Sep, 2019
These worked perfect for as charging cables for the charging station I built #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #AOJI read more »

Good quality

23 Sep, 2019
Works great for my iPhone x . It's keep organized my things on the table room . There multiple charger can be use for smartphone or Samsung too . #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #AOJI read more »

The quality is good

23 Sep, 2019
Item as description, good quality. My desk more organized after use it. And I have to say it is more convenient when I use it while I'm traveling, fewer wires, less weight, more space #RankBoos... read more »

Love This Charger!

23 Sep, 2019
Wow! What a great concept. Now I can charge 3 different electronics from the same cord. I keep this at my charging station and whoever needs something charged, I have a cord for it now. All in one nic... read more »

Multi Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Multi Retractable USB Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger Cord Compatible for iPhone Xs/Xs Max/X/8/7 Plus, Samsung S10 S9 Note 9, Moto G7, LG G8 G7 Price: $13.99

23 Sep, 2019
Multi Charging Cable,AOJI Nylon Braided Multi Retractable USB Cable 3 in 1 Car Phone Charger Cord Compatible for iPhone Xs/Xs Max/X/8/7 Plus, Samsung S10 S9 Note 9, Moto G7, LG G8 G7 Price: $13.9... read more »

Great Cord!

23 Sep, 2019
High-Quality Nylon Cord! Great for almost any device! I use in the car!  read more »

Great charger

20 Sep, 2019
We use this at home. This is the best wire charger read more »


20 Sep, 2019
I received this cable today and it is absolutely fabulous. It is very durable and versatile.  read more »

Multi Charging Cable

16 Sep, 2019
I like these cords better than the plastic cords, they seem to last longer, plus they look nice and are soft. I love the long cord so I can lay in bed comfortably and use my phone while it’s cha... read more »

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