Magnetic Calendar For Fridge 2019 2-Pack. Dry Erase Whiteboard For Refrigerator, Monthly & Weekly Kitchen Planners 16 x 12 inch
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Magnetic Calendar For Fridge 2019 2-Pack. Dry Erase Whiteboard For Refrigerator, Monthly & Weekly Kitchen Planners 16 x 12 inch

11 Feb, 2020
I purchased this Magnetic Calendar for fridge 2019 2-Pack. Dry Erase Whiteboard For Refrigerator, Monthly & Weekly Kitchen Planners 16 x 12 inch for myself, and it’s working out really well.... read more »

This has saved us so much time

03 Sep, 2019
Great organizational tool..has save me so much time. All appointments,  outings, to do list all on the one appliance that gets visited at least 20x a day.   Great organizational tool f... read more »

No more missed practices

07 Jun, 2019
I love this whiteboard! It has helped to bring organization into our daily, crazy, hectic family life.  Because it is magnetic it easily sticks to our refrigerator door, allowing everyone to... read more »

Great Product

29 Apr, 2019
I have been looking for this for a long time and I am so grateful to be able to own one now. Thank you so much  read more »

magnetic calendar

23 Apr, 2019
Perfect for fridge i use this to keep track of the month and important dates to remember, it comes with a planner that helps with writing down anything important it also comes with dry erase markers.&... read more »

Good one

20 Apr, 2019
I bought it for my friend kid Birthday and she really like it. read more »

Must have!

17 Apr, 2019
These are SUCH a life saver for our fast paced life. No more paper mess and everyone always knows what's happening at a glance (you know, then they DO glance? lol) read more »

Perfect for keeping track of things

12 Apr, 2019
I like this because I normally use a regular calendar but as things change and I need to add stuff or cross it out I usually run out of room.. Leaving me wrinting onto the wrong days. This is so much... read more »

Much more organized with these whiteboard calendars

10 Apr, 2019
I bought these for my mother as she has always used a paper calendar and has not transistion over to digital, she loved them! It is out of the way  on the side of the fridge and she can easily lo... read more »

Perfect size

07 Apr, 2019
These are the perfect size for my needs.  They are very thin so they roll up nicely for storage.  There's plenty of room for all my appointments but small enough to fit nicely on the fri... read more »

best Magnetic Calendar for Fridge

06 Apr, 2019
Looks amazing. It came in flat. No bubbling. The packaging is ON POINT! There is no way this product can come bent or damaged. The markers have also been updated so the tip is smaller , thank god... read more »

Very Helpful

04 Apr, 2019
I received this 2 pack of magnetic dry erase calendars from OnPire. There is a weekly calendar and a monthly calendar, and each one measures 16” x 12”. They are great for wr... read more »

Magnetic Calendar fro Fridge 2 pack

04 Apr, 2019
I'm not sure why this says 2019 because you write in  your own dates each month so I can be used year after year.  My husband had dementia, so I keep this on the refrigerator with everyt... read more »

Daily use must have item

03 Apr, 2019
If you are living with more than 1 person this is must. It came with two set one with month useful for kids school stuff and second good for any notes or grocery list. Overall really satisfying produc... read more »


02 Apr, 2019
Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect to meet my needs!  read more »

Cool Size

02 Apr, 2019
High quality and efficient magnet, Thanks for the promo code. read more »


31 Mar, 2019
~ What ~ Made of a glossy laminate with full-coverage magnetic backing, this set of 2 white monthly calendars measures 12 by 16 inches and comes with 4 dry erase colored markers. While one board is f... read more »


31 Mar, 2019
This is a great thing to have while I'm homeschooling my children .It helps me keep up with everything in one place. read more »

This is a Must for Household Central!

30 Mar, 2019
This is the only magnetic calendar dry eraser set you will ever need! You get the Calendar to record events for the month, you get the Weekly Kitchen Planner and you get 4 magnetic dry erase markers.... read more »

Great size and great price!

30 Mar, 2019
Love this dry erase board.  I needed something I can track jobs on each week and this is just the perfect size.  They work great and I can reuse it each month.  #Magneticalendar #Kitche... read more »

A great set if you need help with organization!

30 Mar, 2019
I have two younger home schooled children and two older children who both work and are in college. Add in my and my husband’s schedule, and you can have a recipe for chaos and mass confusion whe... read more »

great product.

30 Mar, 2019
I think this is such a great product and exactly what I needed. everything fits great on the fridge and also has 4 magnetic markers that stick great and work great. I would highly recommend. read more »

Gives organization a prominent role in life

30 Mar, 2019
I really like this calendar set because it fits right on the fridge,  which is the most prominent place in most family's homes.   It gives prominence to scheduling so everyone in th... read more »

Love It.

30 Mar, 2019
Gave the clandar to my mom for her fridge. I kept the marker (lol) since i already have a white board. Marker are bright and write well. Love that they are fine print so I can write alot on my board.... read more »

magnetic calendar

30 Mar, 2019
The package came in 2 pack. It has the magnetic calendar and weekly planners. The marker writes well and does not leave any residue after erase. This is a really nice magnetic calendar and weekly plan... read more »


30 Mar, 2019
These product is really great for my fridge. It reminds me and my family what are errands and needs. It also comes with markers which is really great read more »

Can't wait to try!

30 Mar, 2019
These are really nice and sturdy. I hope they help my family's schedule stay on track. Can't wait to use them! read more »

Nice Calendar Planner Set

29 Mar, 2019
  This 2-pack of magnetic fridge calendar/planners by Onpire are really nice. The set comes with both a monthly... read more »

Great gift

28 Mar, 2019
This made a great gift. It’s also perfect for anyone who has a very busy schedule. This comes with 2 separate calendars. This is perfect for a busy mom with multiple kids.  Especially the w... read more »


28 Mar, 2019
this is EXACTLY what I need to keep more organized! Cones with magnetic markers, well packaged! #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #magnetic #calendar read more »

Absolutely amazing

28 Mar, 2019
I just got these two dry erase calendars today.  There is one for the month and one for the week. It also comes with 4 different color dry erase markers.  Keeping up with my schedule will be... read more »

Great magnetic calendar and weekly planner

27 Mar, 2019
 This magnetic calendar and weekly planner work perfect for the fridge so everybody in the house knows what's going on on what day very easy to use I'm highly pleased with this on and on... read more »


27 Mar, 2019
My first impression is how durable these are! They are nice and thick and I can tell they are high quality. I love how easy the markers write. They have the perfect surface area for writing down all o... read more »

Great packaging & contents

27 Mar, 2019
I love the packaging this came in. Kept the white boards from getting bent. The markers came nicely in this styafoam type thing that kept them from moving around too. Really impressed overall. All fou... read more »

Nicely Packaged Magnetic Calendar Set for Fridge

27 Mar, 2019
I was very happy to receive my Magnetic Calendar set for my fridge. The product came in a very nice, giftable box, and this would actually make a great gift for anyone and everyone who has a busy sche... read more »

Very good calendars with good strong magnetic backing.

26 Mar, 2019
My daughter had a calendar like this when we stayed with her for a few months and it makes life so much easier to glance at the fridge and see not only what was coming up that month but also what deta... read more »

Great buy

25 Mar, 2019
This magnet calendar is amazing. Its exactly what my family and I have been searching for and needing. Having not only a month but a week calendar for the fridge is beyond helpful. Having a newborn an... read more »

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