Inphic Gaming Mouse, 4800 DPI Programmable Ergonomic PC Computer Laptop Mac Gaming Mouse with 7 RGB Modes, 6 Buttons, 5 Adjustable DPI Levels for Pro Gamer, Win 10/8/7/XP (Black)
Price: £6.99
4.81 / 5   (93 Reviews)


Complies with the new UK laws

10 Apr, 2019
Ever since I found out about the new UK law that means all dogs in cars must be in their own secure seat fastened, I have had problems because our dog loved to sit on my wifes knee. We needed a soluti... read more »

Amazing Lanterns

02 Apr, 2019
Im am so happy with these. They are lightweight and the light is actually really bright. I love the easyness in changing from the light to the flame setting Delivery was swift and item was packaged... read more »

Better than I thought

27 Mar, 2019
  Great gadget and very well made its good quality and durable... I was truly surprised but very happy and it’s been a useful gadget more than I actually expected it to be &... read more »

Great buy 5 star

27 Mar, 2019
My nephew is going to love this tactical vest for his nerf gun , he is nerf gun mad and plays with his best mate all the time  and now I am going to be the best auntie ever as he will now look a... read more »


27 Mar, 2019
Overall we were very happy with this product, perfect addition to fans of Nerf Guns. read more »

Great quality does the job!

25 Mar, 2019
Great quality! Does the job easy to use. Worth the money and cost of the item. Makes answering the phone in emergencies much safer! Both hands can still be on the wheel! #RankBoosterReview #Spons... read more »

Good quality, seems very well made, good price too

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too read more »

Good quality, seems very well made, good price too

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too read more »

Lovely piece of equipment. Should have found this earlier

25 Feb, 2019
Was tired of buying microwave popcorns and than a miracle. Found this product on line from Amazon so I buy, the 99 p packets of popcorns and just some salt and butter. Than straight into my belly. Rea... read more »

Absolutely Fantastic!

24 Feb, 2019
I was the best mam in the world when I gave these to my teenage daughter! Not only are they portable and not bulky at all but they are in trend too! The sound quality is amazing and they are ver... read more »

Affordable, Durable and Convenient

22 Feb, 2019
USB-C is relatively new to laptops, but where Apple lead, the market usually follows. My MacBook Pro has a row of USB-C sockets and nothing else. Gone are the usual array of ports, slots and connector... read more »


19 Feb, 2019
OMARS more superior  type-multiport adaptor with SD/TF card reader , multifunctional , USB 2.0 Silver colour , great quality, packed in a box  I am looking forwad to try it asap read more »

A life saver!

10 Feb, 2019
Purchased as I had recently sprained my wrist during Sports Training but I wanted to continue Gym activity post recovery. They have turned out to be an excellent product and support my wrists adequate... read more »


27 Jan, 2019
Very easy to use and works great  read more »

Perfect for the environment

19 Jan, 2019
Have many bamboo cups now, have gifted many amd have them indoors and at work  so much better for the environment instead of the plastic cups tat have been used up till now  looks styl... read more »

Clever and easy

31 Dec, 2018
This item in general is amazing, it converts any old car into a modern one, with Bluetooth connection for music and calls. The design is simple and solid, much much better than the ones with flexible... read more »

Great quality

26 Dec, 2018
Got these as a gift for my partner and he is really happy with them. He says they are pretty good feel quality and they have a good sound quality too. They have both wire and wireless functionality wh... read more »


27 Nov, 2018
Mate thought it was mini taser lol its brilliant lights mu ecig easy n windproof lol  read more »

I love them

27 Nov, 2018
Easy to install and a bargain price  read more »

Great gaming headset

17 Nov, 2018
Very happy with these, fit well and are comfortable, sound quality is great and the microphone allows for clear sound. Excellent value. read more »

good tool for garden

11 Nov, 2018
im very pleased with this tool, just found out that im overwatering most of my plants. easy to use. seems good quality tool. read more »

Awesome little addition to my tool box!

04 Nov, 2018
bought these to remove my old grouting and replace it with new! Did just the job. Very sturdy and come with a range of adapters for different finishes.  . #RankBoosterReview ... ... ... ... ..... read more »

Love This Dog Kit

03 Nov, 2018
I have 2 golden labs and this is one of, if not the best brush kit I have found to get the undercoat out of them both. Onbe has soft fur the other is more course, but both when molting the under coat... read more »

Brilliant idea

26 Oct, 2018
Bought those just forbstorfor and stuff when not in use easily to put away lol  read more »


20 Oct, 2018
Really good quality, lots of pockets and a just well to fit all cars.  read more »

work well , really bright

18 Oct, 2018
We love our fairy lights in our house , they look so magical and if we can find a place to use them we will , we have a lantern and I love crafting and anything with up-cycling or DIY,   so... read more »

Good quality oils

14 Oct, 2018
This is a nice set of oils by #Vsadey. I use them to make my own fabric conditioner and with this set I have a nice assortment of different aromas. The lavender makes for particularly nice smelling wa... read more »


14 Oct, 2018
Very accurate.Love the dual function. When my baby asleep I am using forehead version as don't want to disturb her sleep. Feels sturdy and great quality. I've got one from Braun and the r... read more »

Uniquely eye catching bag!

04 Oct, 2018
This taco cat bag is so cool, it’s quirky and different whilst still being practical and hard wearing. It’s a great rucksack for day to day use and can fit a lot in but has the added punch... read more »

Great for my 6 year old

21 Sep, 2018
i got these for 6 year old who uses similar at his swimming lessons. I expected them to be a little larger like the ones he has been using but these will work for him for extra practice. Good weight t... read more »

Nice storage for light items!

20 Sep, 2018
Purchased this is my daughters bedroom and her cuddly toys is getting out of control I stumbled across this by accident I was looking for some storage options and I liked it because of the colour that... read more »

So much fun

18 Sep, 2018
My GSD/Ridgeback cross loves this toy. She spends hours batting it around the house trying to get the treats out. It is great quality and very sturdy, It survives her flinging and trying to bite... read more »


09 Sep, 2018
Got this for my son as he's into gaming, he says it's easy to use and basic. For the money it's a good buy read more »


07 Sep, 2018
bought for my son for school he loves it and jas alrwady jad many compliments about it  read more »

Does what it should

05 Sep, 2018
Im far from a gardening expert so bought this little gadget for some extra help. Simple punch it into the soil at root level and take your readings, do a little research on goolge for your particular... read more »

5 Star For Now....? Now 1 Star...!

03 Sep, 2018
Now I have never come back and changed a review so quick at first it looked ok for the first day, then I noticed it was like those none apple cables and started to not be compatible and then stop char... read more »

Great comfort

31 Aug, 2018
Great comfort and great sound quality pretty good length cable to and affordable price! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Arino read more »

I love the design

29 Aug, 2018
It took a bit of getting used to this mouse, it is very smooth moving, there is somewhere to rest each finger(very comfortable) and I like the buttons on the left side they have been very useful for m... read more »


26 Aug, 2018
Love those adhesive bras, they are easy to use and look fantastic. The only concern is I'm not sure where to put them since they are super adhesive and can't have anything put on top of them o... read more »


19 Aug, 2018
Bigger then expected but nice read more »


13 Aug, 2018
Love this- so simple but brilliant device read more »

like it

10 Aug, 2018
really nice.   for my 3 years old girl perfect to learn and play read more »


09 Aug, 2018
a defo recommended bag it holds more than u think and is brilliant for my holiday extras that I always forget to pack it's one of those bags that seems to fit everything in  read more »

Absolutely fantastic pc mouse!

04 Aug, 2018
This pc mouse is so good! As soon as I used it I loved it the shape fits my hand so well and is so comfortable to use too! Looks really smart and tidy and is really responsive too! #RankBoosterRevi... read more »

pretty boox standard

27 Jul, 2018
very good item same as my last 1 sut a differnet colour the good thing is the rgb led inside the mouse makes it look much better  read more »

Very good I'm Happy

25 Jul, 2018
Bought this just as a back up incase my microsoft wireless mouse but the appearance of it impressed me with the colour changing leds on the scroll wheel and brand symbol on the rear, buttons are very... read more »

Let’s go fishing

25 Jul, 2018
Bath Squirters Toys Water Play Set Fishing Game Toy Fishing Floating Set Fish Duck Octopus with Net for Kids 3+ great bath toy, very well made and kids love shooting water at each other  #R... read more »

Fat Burner by dub Nutrition

23 Jul, 2018
Arrive quickly and with no issues. Been taking them for 2 or 3 days, have had no issues with them. No sore stomach or anything, so will continue to take them! Can't comment on if they work as onl... read more »

Your little one will totally love this !

21 Jul, 2018
Purchased this for our first holiday abroad with our 8 month old little boy... he absolutely loves the water but until now have just bobbed around with him in my arms as he’s getting big... read more »

a good choise

19 Jul, 2018
good headphones very nice design and decent sound, good bluetooth range and did not give me problems with delayed audio or audio jerky and the 70% volume battery last a couple of hours read more »

Tea set with table cloth

17 Jul, 2018
I am so pleased with a quality and quontity of the set Very beautifuly made and no defect's The holder is made made from hard paper and nice colours read more »

Had a fault with mine

07 Jul, 2018
Great sturdy mounting plate but the one I recieved had a fault with the screws that hold the camera brace in place. The screws were miss threaded and would not hold the camera securely. Had to r... read more »

Love a light show

29 Jun, 2018
I purchased this for my young daughter because she’s obsessed with lights and colours... she has a small bedroom so it works a treat and she quite often will have a light show Party with her ted... read more »

Superb quality and functionality

26 Jun, 2018
I have a medium to long hair  chocolate tri border collie and his hair is forever getting matted in the back where he sits. I have tried numerous dematting brushes and I am pleasantly please with... read more »

Great buy

21 Jun, 2018
purchased this for my friend and her husband who are soon to be new parents to a baby girl  I know they’ve pretty much sorted all the stuff out that they need. Including a baby bath... h... read more »

Works a treat

07 Jun, 2018
This item is really good it’s a good size fits my german Shepard One thing you have to watch is that it’s slippery if you walk on it,so need to be careful other than that its spot on ... read more »

Excellent Lighter

01 Jun, 2018
This lighter is brilliant. No flame to get blown out!!!  Lovely lipstick style black case with wind proof lid. On/Off switch at bottom of the lighter.  Great for lighting cigarettes, c... read more »


24 May, 2018
great bed for the cats.  Have used it as an insert for a large basket.  Really well made, waterproof bottom & lovely soft padding.  Lovely detail too.  Great price... read more »

A big cat sleeps in it

22 May, 2018
Got this for my cat, she's quite large and fits in the small size just fine. Its very well made, looks nice and my cat likes it which is what matters. I like that it goes in the washing mach... read more »


04 May, 2018
These were exactly what I was looking for, I needed a light for my daughters wardrobe and was considering the push in lights as I didn't want one that ran off electricity as my daughters have a ha... read more »

Doe's the job well

27 Apr, 2018
So we have this tree over hanging our drive and the birds like to sit on the branches , which is really nice but not to nice for the look of my car , our pruners and gargen shears are not going to cut... read more »


22 Apr, 2018
impressive hair brush with real boar bristles & soft brush ends.  Ergonomically shaped, the curve doesn’t drag or pull at the hair.  Vented for quick drying & styling.&nb... read more »

Absolutely Perfect

21 Apr, 2018
These are perfect for adult coloring books. They are fine enough to use on even the most intricate of patterns. The colours are lovelt and dry really fast with no smudging. I will definately... read more »

Fur remover

15 Apr, 2018
Highly suprised this actualy does work. I did think it ran on batterys but it dos not. All you have to do is run it gently over your item and it removes bobbles of your clothin. Great product  read more »

Wow bigger then I thought

15 Apr, 2018
This is actually bigger than I thought, therefore holds more than I have expected which is a nice surprise! It is easy to assemble, with simple picture instructions on the side of the packaging box. T... read more »

Great small powerful lights

05 Apr, 2018
  These are brilliant little camping lights that take three aaa batteries, they operate by pushing a button on the side and have three light settings super bright, bright and flashing, they ha... read more »

Wish I’d got this a long time ago

29 Mar, 2018
have made a conscious decision to buy less pre packaged processed food after all the news we hear on tv about how it’s so bad for us... not just that but nowadays the sad truth is you don&r... read more »

simple to use

29 Mar, 2018
simple to use and very discrete takes up very little space and no risk of spills simple colour pattern to front advises when it requires emptying / drying out seems to hold a great deal of mo... read more »

Sooo pretty

28 Feb, 2018
Love these... needed something for work that isn’t too big or in your face  Saw these and they immediately caught my eye... when they came they were in their own gift box and they were r... read more »

Great set , daughter loves them

23 Feb, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #hemore   came quickly , well packaged and great set of scissors. My daughter love... read more »

good value for money

21 Feb, 2018
  Pipeshell's HDMI Cable 3 Pack is handy being colour coded , I now know , which appliance has exactly what colour HDMI in and being a pack of 3 I have been able to get my now T.V. box PS4... read more »

good cable hdmi leads

09 Feb, 2018
They seem very well made and long enough to fit from my tv on wall to my PS4 sky and pc so happy with them  read more »

Originally designed whiskey glasses with large capacity by Summit One

08 Feb, 2018
The whiskey glasses by Summit One come in a pack of 4. They are large, impressive glasses with a capacity of 310 ml. The whiskey glasses have a modern design and are made of 100% lead-free glass, bein... read more »


08 Feb, 2018
  Chrislley's slouchy beanie hat is Warm , soft and thick. This hat  has been a god send these past few days with this cold spell for my dog walking and I love it is oversized as it l... read more »

Stylish Hooks

08 Feb, 2018
These little hooks are great.  Made from brushed steel with a 3M self adhesive backing.  Have took the weight of a heavy dressing gown no problem.  Recommended #RankBoosterRevi... read more »

Amazing set

07 Feb, 2018
Beautifully made musoxal instrument set which comes individually packaged and in a handy carry case. The strap bells are brilliant for children to make music whilst they walk, run or jump as they fit... read more »

great snowflakes

05 Feb, 2018
love the size , quantity and the look of those snowflakes great quality too read more »

Gaming mouse

25 Jan, 2018
The gaming mouse come will presented in a hard plastic casing. The design makes it easy to use when playing games. Great all rounder!!! read more »

brilliant and very profestional

16 Jan, 2018
The price was brillaint the product was great and it shows great value for money that does the same job :) read more »

very strong and well made

03 Jan, 2018
These 2 twisted triple knotted dog ropes   by SunGrow  are 20 " and made from  heavy duty cotton they are ideal  chew and my mastiff loves to play with these and he has l... read more »

Brings back memories

02 Jan, 2018
Believe it or not I purchased this after my 4 year old daughter got a toy harmonica with her birthday money!! it took me back to when I was a child/young adult and the enjoyment I had from playing... read more »

Just what I wanted !!

02 Jan, 2018
Purchased these for a friend who has bought not one but two puppies!! Mad woman that she is and huge German shepherds  they are going to be judging by their paws!!  But unfortunately they... read more »


19 Dec, 2017
This hummingbird swing perch by SunGrow  has a wooden dowel for the birds to perch on which makes the ideal resting spot  Allowing these beautiful  birds or any bird  to watch and... read more »

Amazing quality

03 Dec, 2017
This is amazing quality. Lovely thick leather, hold the guitar very securely and looks amazing. Very comfortable on, I would highly recommend it. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#Mugig https://www... read more »


02 Dec, 2017
Brilliant piece of equipment this is. Sound is amazing using this. Definitely recommend  read more »


19 Nov, 2017
Just what my daughter needed  read more »

For my rainbow baby’s room !!

08 Nov, 2017
I loved the idea of this as after suffering a loss I finally had my baby girl and as such we call them rainbow babies  so having a little look around for rainbow colour clothing I stumbled acr... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
wow i bought these to go on my dressing table when i get one in next month or so, and there such a decent size i thought they wud have been teeny or something def worth the price very happy here  read more »

Ring Bracket Kickstand

29 Oct, 2017
Stylish and easy to instal - with the added bonus that my kids now think I am ace! They have been after one for awhile now and finally got around to getting them! So bonus points for making this mammy... read more »

So pretty

29 Oct, 2017
Everyone loves this light it's so pretty and simple to use, even better that it can be run off batteries so can be placed anywhere  read more »

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