Mini Squishy Toys Pack of 20 Pcs Soft Squeeze Stretchy Toys with a box for Kids Adults Stress Relief Slow Rising Squishies (Fruit)
Price: $13.99
4.75 / 5   (87 Reviews)


We love love love Squishies - But these left a residue

10 Nov, 2018
Would've given them 5 stars if the squishies didn't stain my wood. Otherwise they are super cute and fun to play with. I highly recommend buying storage containers for them, for display and to... read more »

Super for the price

18 Jul, 2018
Love these ear buds.  They come in a really nice box and packaged great to be given as a gift.  I used them soon after getting them and can say I was very suprised at how good they are. ... read more »

Good sound quality, beautiful wood finish.

18 Jul, 2018
Bought this headset because of the wood finish, yet I was somehow impressed by its sound quality and crispness. It comes with different sizes ear plugs (I prefer the smaller one). However, I am never... read more »

Nice Wood Headphones with Great Sound!

17 Jul, 2018
I bought a pair of these headphones because of the of the nice cherrywood. They have a great sound, and are very comfortable in my ears. The packaging is outstanding. The headphones come in a nice,... read more »


17 Jul, 2018
These headphones are very nice they have great sound and look awesome They are made out of wood  read more »

Not suitable for smaller ears; Great packaging but lower than expected product quality

17 Jul, 2018
The first thing I would mention is that the packaging alone should earn a 5-star review. It looks like a lot of attention was given to presentation, that sadly, I wish was used on the actual headphone... read more »

One of the best ear buds ever

17 Jul, 2018
I got these in hopes they will be better for my job since I am a stay at home mom who works part time from home. The quality is wonderful, I have no problem hearing out of them and it cancels out the... read more »


17 Jul, 2018
got these for my husband for christmas cant wait for his to use them they look really nice read more »

Comfortable in ear and good sound quality

17 Jul, 2018
These earbuds are a good value for the price. They are more comfortable than some in-ear earbuds that I've tried in the past and the sound quality is pretty decent.   #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Bright Enough To Light Patio

17 Jul, 2018
One thing Ive noticed about some solar lights that are LED, is they often arent bright enough to allow you to see outsode. These are bright enough to see whats oursode when you look out the window..... read more »

Good stylish earbuds

17 Jul, 2018
We go through a lot of ear nods at our house with 7 people always listening to music or podcasts.  When I find a good deal and ones that are stylish I am excited. These ones look cool with the wo... read more »

Very nice

17 Jul, 2018
These are a great value. The sound is good and they are comfortable. The fabric cover cord doesn't tangle easily as other wired headphones we have had before. I bought these for one of my kids and... read more »

Terrific Earbuds

16 Jul, 2018
These earbuds are so pretty and work so great, look awesome and are very easy to use.  They come in a nice box, with easy to read instructions.  Very easy to operate and simple to use. ... read more »

good earphones

16 Jul, 2018
this is a review of Wood In-Ear Headphones Earbuds, Omars High Definition Cherrywood Wired Headset with Mic, Noise Cancelling Earphones for 3.5mm Jack iPhone, iPad, Car Kit, Huawei, Nokia, Tablet... read more »


15 Jul, 2018
These are soft, sexy and try to size. Much nicer than tightly whities read more »

The packaging alone shows the quality of the ear buds

15 Jul, 2018
I just received these today and I at first I was a little weary because of others reviews saying not suitable for small ears lol. But it actually fit very well! The sound quality is amazing and I love... read more »

Great sound

15 Jul, 2018
these are my new faves! Very comfortable and have awesome sound quality. Wished they were different color but oh well who cares they sound awesome read more »


15 Jul, 2018
Beautifully made earphones with a wooden finish that gives it a very premium look and appearance. Lightweight and super comfortable to wear thanks to the soft silicone rubber earbud tips that blends p... read more »


15 Jul, 2018 #RankboosterReview #sponsored #Barsetto Great coffee pods. I needed something for my Nespresso machin... read more »

Good Quality!

15 Jul, 2018
Nice quality earphones! Its simple design make it look classic. Has different ear pieces to fit. Not a bad product! read more »

Spinning tough

15 Jul, 2018
I used to install new locks. Made it easy to put in new0 dead bolt. Charges good, battery lasts and enough power to get the job done. read more »

Great Sound

15 Jul, 2018
Have a great bass and they are very well made. I hate it when you find a beautiful pair of earphones and buy them only to find out that they sound cheap- these won't disappoint you like that! Thes... read more »

what a surprise

15 Jul, 2018
these came so well packaged! I did not even know these were earbuds at first when I unboxed them. they feel very sturdy and well made and fit well in my ear. and there are several extra bud replacment... read more »

Great headphones!

15 Jul, 2018
I was really surprised at the quality of these headphones.  The shipping was fast and the packaging is really nice.  These would make a great gift.   I have bluetooth headphones bu... read more »

Perfect for use while gaming

15 Jul, 2018
My husband loves wearing headphones to talk to his friends when he plays games on his Xbox One.  He doesn't like the big gaming headphones because they are usually super big and bulky. ... read more »

Great audio full bass.

15 Jul, 2018
I got these to replace my old speaker headphones that didnt have great audio. i wanted inner ear plug style to try them out. my bluetooth set was liek that. I have to say i was pleasently surprised at... read more »


14 Jul, 2018
Wood In-Ear Headphones Earbuds, Omars High Definition Cherrywood Wired Headset with Mic, Noise Cancelling Earphones for 3.5mm Jack iPhone, iPad, Car Kit, Huawei, Nokia, Tablet, iPod, MP3 Devices, ect.... read more »


14 Jul, 2018
These are by far the best headphones ive ever owned they came in a very nice box nothing cheap and have different size replacement buds and not only do they look really kool but they sound amazing the... read more »

Decent earbuds

14 Jul, 2018
These are decent earbuds, not the best but not the worst. They have a decent sound quality. I really like the wooden part on the earbuds. Comes with three pairs of silicon tips: small, medium and... read more »


13 Jul, 2018
Very strong flavor, tastes like Nespresso name brand ones but at about 1/4 of the cost. I would highly recommend. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Barsetto read more »


13 Jul, 2018
Écouteur Intra-Auriculaire en Bois Cerisier OMARS Oreillette Filaire avec Microphone Anti-Bruit Haute Définition pour Toute la Musique Jack 3.5mm Kit Main Libre iPhone Samsung Huawei Nok... read more »

Quality Sound And Quality-Looking Earbuds

13 Jul, 2018
I was very impressed with the packaging, the quality, and the workmanship of these earphones. It looks like someone really took the time to package these. Some people want earbuds to just function pro... read more »

awesome sound

13 Jul, 2018
these have such good quality and the sound is amazing.i do like the wood color earbuds and the mic does come out clear and great.i use them daily on my phone.and the ear pieces dont mess with my ears... read more »

You Need These!

13 Jul, 2018
Absolutely worth the price! I wore them the same day they arrived and I love them! I've been using them ever since. I appreciate that the box includes additional ear molds. Normally I struggle to... read more »

Very happy customer

12 Jul, 2018
Very nice set of headphones very well made clear loud speaker and plus it has a mic exactly as described highly recommend this product and seller read more »

Love Them

12 Jul, 2018
These headphones are nothing short of amazing I usually have to have My headphones on maximum volume just to be able to hear especially during a conversation. It also HAs Tremendous bass and... read more »

Very comfortable!!

12 Jul, 2018
These are very comfortable and work great!! Definitely recommend!!! read more »


12 Jul, 2018
This headphone is awesome works great and sounds great. I highly recommend this product  #rankboosterreview #écouteur read more »

Omars In-ear Noise Canceling Earphones

11 Jul, 2018
I love listening to music on my phone, but I hate hearing the outside nose while using the headphones that come with the phone. I have looked at noise canceling headphones for a while, but they are ve... read more »

Classic wood and premium qulity inside

11 Jul, 2018
Classic wood and premium qulity inside  #   #Omars  #   read more »

wood grain

11 Jul, 2018
its a must have if you like designer ear buds.  the wood grain was the best selling point.  the price and carring bag were also desiding factors.  i love them read more »

Wood grain look

11 Jul, 2018
I just love the look and little carting bag and the price being under 30 dollars was a clear selling point.  Get some NOW read more »

listen up

11 Jul, 2018
Very cool, well made and stylish earbuds.  Fit great and have a very clear sound.  They are very stylish and made for wither sex.  Highly recommended earbuds. read more »


11 Jul, 2018
These Wood In-Ear Headphones Earbuds, Omars High Definition Cherrywood Wired Headset with Mic, Noise Cancelling Earphones are very high quality and sound amazing and they way the earbuds are angled ma... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
Cioo  read more »

Great Sound Quality

11 Jul, 2018
I got these high definition cherrywood earbuds from Omars. The sound quality is amazing, and these earbuds fit awide variety of different cellphones. I bought these to use with my iPhone 7, all you ne... read more »

Beautiful headphones!

10 Jul, 2018
These are very stylish headphones.  The box and packaging is very impressive.  There's an extra bag for storage, which has a neat magnetic closure so the contents will be certain not to... read more »

Great sunglasses in this price range!

09 Jul, 2018
This sunglasses come in a neat box, with it's own carrying bag and cleaning cloth. Offering 400 UV protection, these are ideal for wearing during sunny days...However, these are pretty big, so I w... read more »

Pretty Glasses

08 Jul, 2018
I was invited to check out these sunglasses from Diamond Candy and liked the look, so thought why  not and placed my order. This set is a pair of classic, round, mirrored sunglasses. I picked... read more »


06 Jul, 2018
my daughter loves these read more »

Diamond Candy Womans Sunglasses

06 Jul, 2018
They are great looking and the lenses are dark.  That's the way I like them in the bright summer sun.  The testimony of how good looking they are, is that my 23 year old daughter saw the... read more »


06 Jul, 2018
Theae super stylish women's sunglasses. I usually have a tough time finding sunglasses that fit me well.  These sunglasses aren't too loose or tight.  The sunglasses block out the su... read more »

Great projector !

01 Jul, 2018
Works great ! definetly recommend this product to others read more »

A bit expensive but worth it

26 Jun, 2018
This is a great little dog brush. Really grabs the hair and cleans their coats really well. Best part about it is the retract button that ejects the hair off of the brush so you don't need to touc... read more »

So easy to remove damaged screws

24 Jun, 2018
  There is nothing worse than having kids and all of their toys requiring batteries that are held in place with screw on covers. I always tend to strip those screws... read more »

Heavy duty

23 Jun, 2018
Heavy duty and works great.  It has a good easy grip.   Nice bits.  Strong. read more »

Excellent Quality Cordless Drill/Screwdriver!

20 Jun, 2018
My husband is a regular handyman around the house.  We have projects going on around the house all the time and have planned one or two renovation projects for the summer.  My husband does n... read more »

Powerful Massager

18 Jun, 2018
the Massager is very strong and the vibrations good. The material is soft silicone and was comfortable with lubrication. It worked as expected. If you are looking for a anal prostrate massager, this i... read more »

My Brother Loves it!!

15 Jun, 2018
My brother, who is a DJ, uses this screen during his gigs. His clients really love the ability to have a slideshow on a large screen that can be seen by everyone at the event. It really adds to his bu... read more »

LED Tactical Flashlight Morpilot 3 Pack Pocket-Sized Water Resistant Torch, 350Lumen Ultra Bright with Adjustable Focus 5 Modes for Camping Hiking Emergency Hurricane Outage Storm Christmas Gift

13 Jun, 2018
I just got 3 really nice flashlights that operate on just 1 "AA" battery, very bright, adjustable focus, from Amazon! Very bright, multi function, good price! #Morpilot, #Rank... read more »

Powerful tool

13 Jun, 2018
I got this 18v cordless drill driver for my husband and he is very happy with it. It is a powerful lightweight tool that is easy to use and comes with six high quality HSS drills, six S2 bits, on... read more »

Well made

12 Jun, 2018
Powerland Perceuse visseuse sans fil (Li-lon, 18V,2 vitesses, Mandrin amovible monobloc (10 mm), Eclairage LED, Livré en coffret + chargeur rapide)D011  Price: €54.99 read more »

Great quality!!!

08 Jun, 2018
Nice thick material and the wrinkles come out easily. Sturdy thick edges and mounting holes so it should work great if moving it around a lot.  #rankboosterreview #sponsored #henzin read more »


07 Jun, 2018
This screen is huge and perfect for my new projector .I didn't enjoy the smell but that wore off after the first night. Excellent packing as well. read more »

Drill it

07 Jun, 2018
All I really need to say is WOW!!! this is a great small cordless power drill/screwdriver. I was surprising amazed of the power it had straight out of the box. I have several dewalts and I would put t... read more »

Great dog crate bed

07 Jun, 2018
This is a very well made dog crate bed. It fits perfectly into my 24" crate.  the color is pretty and it is easily wiped down. If you need a layer to absorb accidents it is perfect. I lik... read more »

Where has this been?

04 Jun, 2018
This is a great product to have for your (male) spouse or just to get for yourself if you are Male. The outside container is hard plastic while the inside is very soft silicone. It also comes with a h... read more »

Guitar Strap

03 Jun, 2018
Seems like a nice guitar strap with a decent price. read more »

I Think I Received a Defective Unit

02 Jun, 2018
I don't think I can use this. It seems like it would be great, if I could attach it. It comes with two inserts, one on each end. One end has two screw holes, one end does not. I can't figure o... read more »

Can't wait for rainy Colorado weather.

02 Jun, 2018
I'm finally prepared fits exactly as expected. read more »

I love this

31 May, 2018
I have a growing makeup and skincare collection that I was keeping organized in plastic containers and still do for masks and lotions but thos rotating organizer is perfect for My makeup. It's she... read more »

Pretty Item

29 May, 2018
The watch is large so it was a little big for my small wrist but it was a very pretty color and the watch band was comfortable and you can adjust it to fit many wrist sizes. The two small date dials a... read more »

Perfect Addition To Our Patio Table

29 May, 2018
I bought this cute trash bin to sit on our patio table outside. It holds quite a bit of litter, such as tiny bits of paper, coke tops, cigarette packs from messy neighbors and more! The top swings in... read more »

Lip lovers!

28 May, 2018
Hotbthis about 5 days ago and i cant exspress my excitment for this product! Iv tried alot of lipstain products and majority leave my lips looking dry and ugly but this particuler brand left my lips l... read more »

Very Nice

26 May, 2018
This projector screen is great! It comes with a carrying bag for easy and convenient travel. The screen is made of durable material that can be easily wiped clean. This is a great product at a great p... read more »

Great little shower head

25 May, 2018
CNASA LED Shower Head for Bathrooms, CNASA Ionic Shower Head Double Purification with Natural Mineral Filter Solution, Softens Water, Prevention Dry Skin and Hair, 200% High Water Pressure 30% Wat... read more »


24 May, 2018
Perfect gift to my hubby.. Love how they make it..very soft.. read more »


24 May, 2018
Nice small plug. Vibrates very strong and it feels awesome in my butthole. Really enjoyed this one.  #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Viina read more »

Very Pretty watch~

22 May, 2018
lovely, rose gold, light pink band with rhinestones around the face. Very pretty and stylish.This would make a great gift for any girl. I bought it for my self and i love it~ A++++ read more »


21 May, 2018
#rank booster #sponsored #brand name cute trash can for desk top or beside bed. well made. compact size. easy to use. read more »

Basic Battery Flashlight & Cheap Knife

19 May, 2018
It's a normal small flashlight that takes batteries. Nothing special about it. It works ok but is very cheap. The knife that comes with it, is very bad quality & wouldn't feel safe using i... read more »

Perfect size, quality and convenient!

17 May, 2018
Love this little trash bin!  I needed one for by my bed and this is the perfect size!  In my picture I show it with the bag it came in which fits great. Of course you don't need to use w... read more »


17 May, 2018
Thank you. Works, but didn't realize the dials in the back were fake. Still a good watch tho. read more »

Definitely a cheap looking watch...

16 May, 2018
I have a collection of inexpensive watches for men and women and this one is by far the cheapest looking one for women. The "leather" bracelet looks cute and is very comfortable to wear. The... read more »

Iphone 7 plus

16 May, 2018
Fits perfectly. Works fine, will order again for the future used read more »

Really satisfied your needs

14 May, 2018
Never image to have such realistic tocuh for my needs. It is so easy to use and indeed to please from it is unbelievable. You really don't need to find any other ones, this one will really statifi... read more »

Great assortment.

11 May, 2018
This is a great assortment of 20 different marshmallow squishy style animals. Vibrant colors have a neat assortment. Comes with lanyards as well. read more »

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