Namay Stainless Can Opener with smooth edge, safe, portable and healthy,suitable for kinds of cans
Price: $9.99
4.87 / 5   (30 Reviews)



26 Jan, 2019
You always need a good can opener, not only for camping trips or road trips but also for a power outage.  This is a classic can opener but it's very comfortable to the hands a must have in ev... read more »

Easy to use

28 Oct, 2018
This can opener is easy to use and cuts well and safely. I have issues with gripping sometimes due to my thumb, but I've had no problems with this product. read more »

looks durable

22 Oct, 2018
i don't know about you but can opener don't seem to last in my household. i tried the one from target walmart dollar tree and gave up... this one looks more durable. i am happy so far read more »

Work Well

19 Oct, 2018
The Namay Stainless Can Opener is very easy to use and really lightweight. The dial is not hard to turn like many other I have used. I was happy with my order and would recommend to anyone. read more »

Works great!

18 Oct, 2018
In the past I had an electric can opener. I used to always keep one on the counter and used it for every can I had. But over the past few years, I have moved to using manual can openers and declutteri... read more »

bought these because of the suitability for kids

14 Oct, 2018
I have a 7 year old and 8 year old and they will do crazy things with other things. I let them use them last night and no one got hurt. The quality was a big surprise they were made of quality metal a... read more »

Great qaulity

10 Oct, 2018
Bought for my friends wedding, I am sure she will put it to great use. read more »

Very nice opener

08 Oct, 2018
I bought this can opener just in case if the hurricane hit us bad and there'll be no electricity so I wouldn't be able to use my electrical can opener.  And I like this my ourchase a l... read more »

Lightweight but sturdy

03 Oct, 2018
Great can opener.  It's lightweight but sturdy.  I bought this to go with our camping gear but as soon as I got it I decided to put it in my kitchen drawer because it was so nice.  read more »

works is smooth too.

22 Sep, 2018
This can opener is easy to use. when I open cans with this it's vary smooth and never rigid which is great. easy to clean i can put this in the dish washer usually i put it on the top rack. ... read more »

can opener

21 Sep, 2018
works great, opens so smoothly. would definatly buy this again read more »

Good quality

19 Sep, 2018
I found that I didn't have a hand can opener.  I was very interested in buying one.  This product is light and well made. read more »

Stainless Steel Can Opener Works Like It's Supposed To!

17 Sep, 2018
I bought this stainless steel can opener to replace an old can opener that didn't quite hold an edge anymore, and this one is great.  I love the stainless steel material which keeps it fro... read more »

Works wonders

15 Sep, 2018
This little guy has totally done it's job,  I was finally able to replace the cheap can openers I originally had  read more »

Wonderfully functional

14 Sep, 2018
The Namay stainless can opener has replaced my crusty, ancient manual opener at last! Serves its purpose flawlessly and with ease. Thanks to Rank Booster, I was able to try this product at a promotion... read more »

NIce can opener

14 Sep, 2018
Very nice sturdy and works well.  It was smooth and easy to use.  Stainless makes it look great.  Left the can opening smooth and no rough edges.  I have used it on all size cans a... read more »

Nice, smooth + easy Can Opener

08 Sep, 2018
I really like this can opener! It works well; is easy to turn & goes smoothly around the can. It does what it's supposed to do, so I'm happy! Great can opener, if you're looking for... read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

07 Sep, 2018
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #namay read more »

works well

07 Sep, 2018
easy to use cuts well read more »

Can opener

06 Sep, 2018
this is a manual can opener, but I prefer manual ones. Great quality and fast shipping!  read more »

It works well.

05 Sep, 2018
You really learn to appreciate the handy ease of these things when you go without one for over 3 weeks and are forced to open cans by prying them open with a knife. I'm so happy to have this one.&... read more »

Really works

01 Sep, 2018
This is only the 2nd can opener i have ever had that actually will take the lid off with no problems. I normally have to say a few choice words but not with this opener. read more »

Fantastic Kitchen Tool

01 Sep, 2018
This can opener works amazing!! Great grip and smooth control when turning. Doesn’t take much effort to turn, my 8 year old did it with no help.  read more »

Namay Stainless Can Opener with smooth edge, safe, portable and healthy,suitable for kinds of cans

31 Aug, 2018
Namay Stainless Can Opener with smooth edge, safe, portable and healthy,suitable for kinds of cans.  I interviewed it and now I use it because I love it. read more »

Great can opener

30 Aug, 2018
I have purchased several can openers lately to keep on hand for a storm if it comes. A few other ones were very hard to turn. This one is smooth and opens the cans easily. i am ver happy with it. #ran... read more »

Sharp can opener

30 Aug, 2018
Bought can opener not only for price but in case my electric one would break.  Heavy duty and nice and sharp.  Not bulky to use. read more »

better than the dollar store

29 Aug, 2018
The Namay stainless can opener with smooth edge is a great tool for the kitchen. It is made of hard plastic and that is the only thing I dont like about it . Kinda like the ones that you can get at th... read more »

Namay Stainless Can Opener with smooth edge

21 Aug, 2018
This is very helpful in the kitchen and I really like this being so easy. read more »

Amazing little gadget

20 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love this can opener. It is very easy to use and lightweight. I highly recommend this can opener to everyone. Buy extras for the camper tents churches and any other organizations that coo... read more »


11 Aug, 2018
  So smooth opening cans. The first time I had to look because it felt like it wasn't opening the can, it was just so smooth and effortless. Love it!!  #RankBoosterReview  #Sp... read more »

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