Grinigh COCONUT OIL Whitestrips Dental Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips Kit, 14 Treatments - Lasts 6 Months & Beyond - Non-Slip White Strips with a Fresh COCONUT Fragrance - 28
Price: $29.99
4.63 / 5   (24 Reviews)


Bright and white

09 Aug, 2018
These coconut dental whitesritps are really amazing.  They work so well, easy to set up and super easy to use.  This kit comes with 14 treatments and has a fresh coconut smell to them. ... read more »

A different approach to tooth whitening

24 Jun, 2018
I love whitestips, so I figured I would try these coconut oil strips instead.  I used them for two consecutive nights, and noticed a little sensitivity, so I skipped the third night, and the sens... read more »

Gentle whitening

14 Jun, 2018
These are great whitening strips! I had only even whitened my teeth once before and I swore I would never do it again because it made my teeth so sensitive. Not with these! I left it on for about 45 m... read more »

I love coconut oil. This was a nice whitener.

15 May, 2018
  I’ve used several brands of whiteners over the years. This one worked nicely. I’m not use to using whiteners that take an hour for each session, but I pulled/swished with coconut... read more »

Effective whitening for sensitive teeth!

07 May, 2018
Grinigh Coconut Oil Whitening Teeth Strips are an excellent new product! Great for people with or without sensitive teeth looking for professional whitening results! The package comes with 1... read more »

Husband gives these two thumbs up

06 Apr, 2018
I ordered these for my husband as he's always brushing and flossing so I thought he'd want to give them a try. After five days, he says not only do they just work but his teeth haven't... read more »


02 Apr, 2018
I love this product!! I have worn a strip each day for three days now and I already notice my teeth looking whiter!! I love that they used coconut oil as an ingredient to make your teeth shine and tur... read more »

White strips the more natural way.

30 Mar, 2018
I recieved these in the mail, and used them the next day. I hadn't whitened in about 4 years because I wanted to avoid doing so while pregnant or breastfeeding. I found these failry simple to u... read more »

Hate going to the dentist! Try these for whitening!!

27 Mar, 2018
If you hate overly priced whitening strips these Grinigh Coconut Oil strips are great. With this Kit you get 14 treatments. This whitening treatment lasts 6 months and up. It only takes 1 week until y... read more »

A good teeth whitening

26 Mar, 2018
Grinigh COCONUT OIL Whitestrips Dental Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips comes with a 14 day treatment. It has 28 strips so it comes with a top and a bottom. The instructions are easy t... read more »

Coconut Oil Whitestrips

22 Mar, 2018
These work really good. Could already see a difference after the first strip!  read more »

Mixed Feelings....

21 Mar, 2018
I have always wondered how tooth whitening strips worked, how they stayed in place, and whether it was worth trying. I just didn't want to pay the high prices on a set that I saw at the stores. I... read more »

They seem to work taste good

21 Mar, 2018
  Grinigh COCONUT OIL Whitestrips Dental Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips Kit, 14 Treatments - Lasts 6 Months & Beyond - Non-Slip White Strips with a Fresh...   These ar... read more »


21 Mar, 2018
Very good product.. works great you just have to give it sometime to show actual results.. read more »


21 Mar, 2018
Review 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ THE COMEBACK STORY FOR YOUR SMILE. Removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking. Did you know? Your smile is what 55% of Americans will notice first, so 2-8 shades whiter will... read more »

Whiter Teeth

20 Mar, 2018
Do you have stains on your teeth from drinking coffee or smoking? Coconut oil whitestrips are so easy to use! They stay in place on your teeth (non-slip) without having a nasty taste in your mouth. I... read more »

Amazing products

19 Mar, 2018
I am completely amazed at how effective the product is. It gives immediate and great results. Love this Product. Definitely recommend this product read more »


19 Mar, 2018
I can’t see a difference read more »


18 Mar, 2018
These are a great buy I’m hoping they work   read more »

Great teeth whitener

18 Mar, 2018
I honestly didn't think that this would work. I was definitely surprised when it did. Very healthy teeth whitening option that doesn't contain any chemicals. I definitely want more of the in m... read more »

Grinigh whitestrips dental

17 Mar, 2018
Wow! I really like this Grinigh coconut oil whitestrips. It has a great bonding unlike the other whitestrips I have tried. It is much easy to put on my teeth. It is much comfortable than the other bra... read more »


16 Mar, 2018
Great product concept and whitening ingredients with unusual Amazon packaging. People love the coconut ingredient   RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Grinigh #productreview read more »

Works really well

13 Mar, 2018
i love this. It woks with my teeth. My teeth looks whiter. Smell coconut which is very comfortable. Highly recommended  read more »

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