Mugig Music Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker & Music Player with Colorful Night Lights, Touching Plants for Music
Price: $23.99
4.78 / 5   (50 Reviews)


Well made

21 Aug, 2018
This was the perfect gift for my 13 year old niece who is a musician and has a “green thumb”. She absolutely loves it and I am happy with my purchase. The sound quality is surprisingly goo... read more »

flower pot

20 Apr, 2018
;pve this.... bought asgoft...myy daughter loved the music....cute bluetooth speaker with daNCING  flowers...#rankbooster.....#Mugig read more »


16 Mar, 2018
I actually used a fake plant nice colors and sounds my toddler lov s it  read more »

Music flower pot

07 Feb, 2018
I love this!!   Sound is great and perfect look on my table.  Easy to link and came just as expected. read more »


31 Jan, 2018
Didn't realize it holds a real plant, but it's cool...  #Rankboosterreview #Planter #awesome read more »

Recommend. Excellent quality

29 Jan, 2018
was really impressed by the audio quality. Small but excellent. Cute and perfect      read more »


28 Jan, 2018
this bluetooth pot is really cool  i have a plant that needs to be repoted so i am going to use this pot and play music for it    read more »

Sweet Sounds

27 Jan, 2018
I am super excited for spring. This little music pot is going to be perfect on my deck with a pretty ivy in it. Of course I can’t wait for spring I had to see how it worked so I did a trial run... read more »

Great gift for my boss

26 Jan, 2018
i got this for my boss. I’m hoping she loves it. It will help with conference calls and being handsfree.   read more »


24 Jan, 2018
~ What ~ Measuring 4.9 by 4.8 by 4.7 inches, this decorative flower pot that looks like wood plays music via a Bluetooth collection or piano notes when touched plus has 7 changing light modes. Weighi... read more »

Play your plants!

23 Jan, 2018
It has a wood desighn on the outside and a speaker built into the bottom. There is a hole in the pot so you do not over water whatever is planted in on. And a spike that will go up into the roots of t... read more »

Musical Flower Pot

13 Jan, 2018
I actually ordered this little flower pot for my daughter but found it to be so cool and decided to keep it for myself, what a great conversation piece this is to say the least. It is made of wood and... read more »

Adorable And Fun

12 Jan, 2018
This musical plant holder is awesome. You can literally play your plant like it is an instrument. You can also play music through the blue tooth option. It's wireless so you can move it around lik... read more »

It's a flower pot, a Bluetooth speaker with HD sound, a color changing night light, & a fun piano instrument, makes for a unique & thoughtful gift.

08 Jan, 2018
My Mom loves to grow plants like spider plants and the like in our home.  I saw this really cool medium sized flower pot that's combined with a Bluetooth speaker and an LED night light and ju... read more »

Bluetooth nightligh flower pot

02 Jan, 2018
Now how cool and awsome is this little flower pot right here. It's bluetooth so you can connect your phone to it and it will play music out of it as well. You prize plant will enjoy the music you... read more »

Fun speaker

02 Jan, 2018
Gave this as a gift.  It is fun, and the speaker quality is great.  It has a sensor so when you touch your plant, it will play a piano tune.  It is so cool #Mugig builds quality product... read more »

The Speaker That Makes Me & The Plant Happy!

01 Jan, 2018
The Mugig Bluetooth Speaker flower pot with touch sensor and LED lights is a genius product. The pot has hole that goes through to bottom to drain water. It also has a metal rod that goes up through t... read more »

Pretty cool

31 Dec, 2017
 It may not be the prettiest part there is but it is definitely fun to play with. Just walking by touching the plant is cool. If you like things that you can play with and have some function this... read more »

Really nice concept

29 Dec, 2017
This flower pot is really cool. Product came package well with complete instructions. I love it. Its a awesome concept to incorporate a flower pot with a speaker and touch sensor that will change the... read more »

Great speaker

27 Dec, 2017
i gave this as a gift to my mother in law and she absolutely loves it!  The speaker is loud and clear with no distoriton.  #rank-booster #sponso... read more »

Surprising sound

27 Dec, 2017
It's just so CUTE...but the sound is perfection! Bluetooth and easy to set up. Truly amazing!! read more »

Works and sounds great

26 Dec, 2017 I got this soon after I ordered it and in great conditions it works great and looks really good on my table. It has a... read more »


20 Dec, 2017
I've bought a lot of bluetooth speakers lately, because I want to listen to music in most rooms in my house. However none of them compare to this mugig. You guys, this is actually a planter!! Like... read more »

Genius musical planter device.

20 Dec, 2017
This planter is also a Bluetooth speaker, but that's not it, when the plants roots touch the metal prong you can play music and change the lights with a touch of the plants leaves. It's a cool... read more »

I loved

16 Dec, 2017
Its excellent read more »

This is such an unique item

15 Dec, 2017
Wow, you actually put a plant in the pot and then plug in your bluetooth and it becomes a speaker.  For the nightlight, you can touch the plant and it changes colors.  Has USB to charge it.&... read more »

May just be the most awesome gift ever.

13 Dec, 2017
Who knew a plant pot could be so darn cool.  Every one that comes near it wants to touch it.  My plant has never recieved so much love.  There is a hole on the bottom for water to drain... read more »

Makes a great gift

08 Dec, 2017
The Mugig Music Flower pot is a niffty little product. Its great for small houseplants. I love the wood design, which makes it attractive in any setting. I connected to the bluetooth using my phone an... read more »


07 Dec, 2017
this item is very small but is super cute read more »

So Cool!

07 Dec, 2017
This is so cool! Its a  Musical Flower Pot that is a Bluetooth Speaker  & Music Player with Colorful Night Lights.  All you need todo  is have the plant toughing it for M... read more »

Great gift for any plant lover

06 Dec, 2017
This is a very unique gift for a plant lover. Made by Mugig, this Music Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker & Music Player with Colorful Night Lights, Touching Plants for Music is a really cool idea. It... read more »


06 Dec, 2017
I really love this. I love the idea of it as well as the actual product. I have seen lots of research about the beneficial effects of music on plants, and how it helps them grow more than if not expos... read more »

Great little pot, not very loud

05 Dec, 2017
This is a great way to incorporate a Bluetooth speaker into a room with a decorative plant. I tried to touch the plant to make the music play and it doesn’t always work. The speaker work wit the... read more »


04 Dec, 2017
really nice product plays and sounds great. A little hard to figure out how to use and somewhat smaller than I thought but I still love it read more »

I Love This Flower Pot!

03 Dec, 2017
This flower is the neatest thing! Whoever came up with the idea is ingenious! The flower pot not only holds a flower, but is a bluetooth speaker with color changing lights! Ok, so that is really neat,... read more »

Blooming Music

03 Dec, 2017
You can't help but love this vase/speaker.  It is so cute, small but packs a whopping sound.  Sound is clear, loud, and portable.  My friends and family all want one read more »

Super Awesome Music Playing Flower Pot

02 Dec, 2017
The Mugig Music Flower Pot is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. IT comes with the charging cord as well as instruction and the flower pot. It is a flower pot that you can plant a real flower in... read more »

Fantastic Bluetooth Speaker and Flower Pot

02 Dec, 2017…/…/B0769GWFV5 This an adorable flower pot and Bluetooth speaker that are one unit, what an amazing idea. Since music make plants grow bett... read more »

Love It!

02 Dec, 2017
This music flower pot is very neat! It comes with a user manual and a usb cord. I like the wood look and how easy it is to use. First I let it charge for awhile using the USB cord that I plugged into... read more »

This is one tight Bluetooth Speaker

30 Nov, 2017
It's beautiful. I like the sound box. I just wanted to buy a new flower pot for my little plants.  overall I love this little cute vase speaker. I can play my songs via bluetooth connection... read more »

Its Okay

30 Nov, 2017
Really was hoping to enjoy this, but ended up getting very frustrated. Turning this thing on is a pain in the butt and will make you very frustrated. I find myself wrestlying with it for 5 minutes bef... read more »

Neat gift

29 Nov, 2017
This faux woodgrain flower vase would make a unquie gift for anyone who loves plants and music. Simply put a plant inside and touch the leaves of the plant to make the music start to play. It can also... read more »

Love it

28 Nov, 2017
This is the best speaker I've ever had it's loud and clear and has nice colorful lights and it can actually be used to pot real plants so it's a pot and speaker in one it's just all ar... read more »

This is amazing!

27 Nov, 2017
This buy was special. it can hold a real plant and it works in the kitchen with our bluetooth devices to listen to what ever we like. Looks better than the picture and it has great sound output.... read more »

Makes me want to have a plant!

27 Nov, 2017
I dont exactly have a green thumb but this certainly makes me want to have a plant! This bluetooth flower pot speaker is so unique, and would make a great gift for anyone. It was super easy to set up... read more »

Love it

27 Nov, 2017
And it looks even better in my daughters room.  read more »

The Cutest Little Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker

26 Nov, 2017
I am so surprised that I was able to get this Mugig Music Pot. I actually had no idea anything like this even existed. I had to read over the Amazon page a few times just to make sure I wasn't cra... read more »

Very nice

26 Nov, 2017
The speaker works great, the light show is wonderful, I have been streaming music from my I Phone since planting my plants and I love this thing.   #Mugig #Sponsored #RankBoosterRevie... read more »

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