Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Lights, SHAVA Diamond Wireless LED speaker with auto color changing, Speakerphone with TWS feature for Bluetooth Speakers Light Up, great for party, gifts and presents
Price: $19.99
4.64 / 5   (42 Reviews)


Little but Loud

07 Jun, 2019
This little sparkle, dazzled, musical speaker is something that packs a lot of sound.  It is so much louder than your usual portable speaker.  The design of it is quite the eye catcher. It i... read more »

Great sound

08 May, 2019
This is adorable! The sound quality is excellent, and the color change makes it unique. Ive never seen one like this before, which makes it an eye catcher. I highly recommend!!? read more »

Beautiful lights in speaker

06 May, 2019
Great color changing speaker with blue tooth capabilities. Excellent sound quality as well. Perfect for a gift or even your self! A+ read more »

Nice but short battery life

02 May, 2019
Contents of the box Speaker, AUX, and Charging Cord Box Speaker Speaker Mesh Aux, SD, and Charging Ports Color Range The Diamond Wireless LED Bluetooth&n... read more »


27 Apr, 2019
Just beautiful with the lights, sound is absolutely great.  read more »


21 Apr, 2019
This is a portable Bluetooth speaker with lights, Shava Diamond wireless LED speaker with auto color changing, speakerphone with TWS feature for Bluetooth speakers that light up and they are a great o... read more »

Awesome stereo sound

20 Apr, 2019
A stylish and flashy look with a good stereo sound. Pair 2 speakers with one device simultaniously for a true stereo sound. Tft card slot for mp3 function. Lights on or off and charge lasts 5-8 hrs de... read more »


19 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #shava Beautiful colors! Great sound! Also used as a night light! Great purchase! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G7S9WJX read more »

Desk speaker.

14 Apr, 2019
Use this at work as a speaker for my pc, it works well. The only issue is that the aux cable it came with doesn’t work. So other than that the lights are great and my co-workers are wanting spea... read more »

Love the colors!

11 Apr, 2019
This is another of the recent bluetooth speakers that have come in to my home. I picked up four at the same time, mostly from the same seller, so some of what I have to say may be similar to other rec... read more »


10 Apr, 2019
I have three little girls who LOVE to fall asleep to soft lullabies. Problem is... they're afraid of the dark and in two different rooms. I purchased two of these and couldn't love them more.... read more »

Awesome product all in one, great gift idea

08 Apr, 2019
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Supported (White), 7 This is truly all... read more »

My office is the best hang out spot now!

05 Apr, 2019
I needed  for my office to help give it color and music. I am in love with this speaker. The girls in the office have now moved break time to my desk area because of the fun speaker.  read more »

Sounds As Good As It Looks

03 Apr, 2019
This SHAVA Diamond Wireless Bluetooth LED Speaker is more powerful than I expected. The sound is crystal clear with no buzz or humming when turned up. What drew me to this speaker was the design. lt h... read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

03 Apr, 2019
This is a great little colorful speaker. It produces great sound and has a lot of really cool colors. It’s super easy to charge with a USB or computer, the cord could be longer but that’s... read more »


31 Mar, 2019
This is not only a pretty light but a great sounding speaker! Love how the lights are at night at an angle. You can hang it up! Its perfect. A really durable light for your night fires! I am super... read more »


25 Mar, 2019
I love this bluetooth Speaker I have it in my kitchen so I can listen to music when cooking. The light on this is very bright. The Speaker sounds very good  read more »

LIght up your tunes!

21 Mar, 2019
This fun little speaker would be a perfect gift for a teen.  I will use it as a prize for an upcoming Easter Egg Hunt that I host for the children in my community.  I know it will be a hit!&... read more »

Nice speaker

16 Mar, 2019
Very easy to connect to my phone.  Nice volume. Changes colors automatically.  read more »

Love this Speaker!

15 Mar, 2019
This speaker has been wonderful. We've used it in our bathroom and hellllooo mini concert! It connects easily to bluetooth and the sound quality is great! Love that you can control the volume with... read more »

This is a great speaker and beautiful light show!

14 Mar, 2019
We really love this speaker.  The sound is suprisingly good.  Nice and load with even base and trebel.  The lights just add to the awesomeness of this speaker.  There are a few set... read more »

Beautiful, Fun Speaker w/ EXCELLENT SOUND!

14 Mar, 2019
This speaker by SHAVA is an awesome multifunctional piece, much more than just a speaker!  On top of delivering serious quality audio as a speaker, the SHAVA Diamond adds an array of colors to... read more »


13 Mar, 2019
this is a great little speaker.  its loud for the size and wattage.  it lights up.  i actually got it for the lights and enjoyed the speaker read more »

Great visual

13 Mar, 2019
This awesome little speaker has a great visual effect. I love how easy and fast it is to connect and disconnect as needed. It produces some nice clear and loud sound. Exactly what I was looking for! read more »

Impressive sound for it's size. A great speaker to use bedside.

13 Mar, 2019
The moment I pulled this speaker from the box I was impressed with it. It is very well made. For the amazingly affordable price tag, I couldn't have asked for a better more fun speaker! I enj... read more »

Gorgeous colors and good sound quality.

11 Mar, 2019
I really like this portable bluetooth speaker. It is very decorative and pretty. The speaker changes several different colors. It was very quick and easy to sync it with my phone. It holds a charge fo... read more »

Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Lights, SHAVA Diamond Wireless LED speaker with auto color changing, Speakerphone with TWS feature for Bluetooth Speakers Light Up, great for party, gifts and presents Price: $19.99

07 Mar, 2019
Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Lights, SHAVA Diamond Wireless LED speaker with auto color changing, Speakerphone with TWS feature for Bluetooth Speakers Light Up, great for party, gifts and presents... read more »

Highly recommended

04 Mar, 2019
This is a great speaker an nightlight I love it and reccomend it to all read more »

Loud and bright

04 Mar, 2019
Perfect for nighttime. Beautiful lights and sound. Great deal. read more »

Pretty and Practical

03 Mar, 2019
This portable bluetooth speaker with lights by Shava is and LED speaker with auto color changing lights, control panel on the side and comes with a usb for charging and a handy carrying strap.  I... read more »

Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

02 Mar, 2019
I love this new Changing lights Bluetooth I recently bought from Rank Booster. It has great sound and last for hours. read more »

Great volume, easy to pair

02 Mar, 2019
Loving this Bluetooth speaker! As you can hear,  it has great volume for being that small.  Not only that,  but it's super easy to pair.  You don't have to be tech savvy to... read more »

Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Lights, SHAVA Diamond Wireless LED speaker with auto color changing, Speakerphone with TWS feature for Bluetooth Speakers Light Up, great for party, gifts and presents

01 Mar, 2019
These speakers are amazing!   I will be ordering more for gifts.  I love the way they can be paired to one device.  The sound quality is incredible and the lights add to the other great... read more »


28 Feb, 2019
Great sound and the auto changing colors are awesome! Very easy to pair, I did get two but I haven't tried using them together yet but I will soon!   #RANKBOOSTER #Sponsored #SHAVA... read more »

Perfect for small bedrooms and laptops

27 Feb, 2019
Today I received my bluetooth speaker light and when I removed it from the box I was a bit curious if there was any kind of charge in the light so I simply tapped the power button and in a voice I hea... read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

27 Feb, 2019
I got this for the new place i am moving into and i was testing it out and the sound is amazing for being such a small Bluetooth speaker i have to say i have been very impressed so far by this what a... read more »

Lovely speaker

26 Feb, 2019
This is such a pretty speaker the sound quality is great. I have purchased a previous speaker from this seller and the product is amazing quality read more »

Perfect Sound!

24 Feb, 2019
Yes, I Bought A Few Bluetooth Speakers for My Boat & House! I Love It! Sounds Perfect & Looks Great with the Lights! Thank You! read more »

Bluetooth speaker

24 Feb, 2019
This is a portable speaker that lights up. Good product, doesn’t get too loud though.  read more »

Great sound

24 Feb, 2019
Got it. Charged it. Used it. It's works as expected. I love the colors. It has really good sound. #rank-booster read more »

Pristine loud and clear!!!

24 Feb, 2019
I love this bluetooth speaker!!! Its so worth the price! The colors change but that's just the aesthetics of it.  The sound is spectacular and clear. It has just enough bass and no tin can so... read more »

Great buy

21 Feb, 2019
This portable speaker by SHAVA is amazing. I love that it lights up and can be used as a nightlight and speaker. Just put on soothing music to help the littles in your house nap. Its wonderful. The so... read more »

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