HeQiao Foldable Table Lamps USB Rechargebale LED Desk Lamps Touch-Sensitive Book Light for Office Home Kids Bedroom (3-Brightness, 180 Degree Rotation, Eye Protection) (Ivrory White)
Price: $9.99
4.86 / 5   (36 Reviews)



23 Feb, 2019
This is a great little compact lamp for a smaller desk or a kids nighttable. It works very well and seems to be durable.  read more »

thumbs up

25 Sep, 2018
The fact that it is foldable makes it easy to carry for indoor and outdoor use. Just pop it in your bag and is ready to go. Being portable with a built-in rechargeable battery makes it a great choice... read more »

Good desk lamp!

10 Sep, 2018
My daughter uses this lamp on her drawing desk while drawing and also at night when reading a book.  It is portable and it last a few hours charged! read more »

Holds charge and strong light

02 Sep, 2018
This works great. It holds a great charge and charges quickly. I use it on my desk and love the dimming effect. Don’t buy this though if your purpose is to brighten a whole room because it&rsquo... read more »


29 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love this little lamp.  Although it may be small in size it shines brightly and I’m able to work through the night without disturbing my sleeping family.  read more »

Slim & Functional

23 Aug, 2018
My husband has been wanting a small desk lamp to keep in his corner of the room because it gets very dark. We each have a corner of our living room where our computer desks are set up, and both of us... read more »


13 Aug, 2018
I love this light. I use it all the time, with my laptop. It charges fast and holds a charge for quite awhile.I like the softness of the light, it is easy on my eyes.  All it takes is a very soft... read more »

awesome light

12 Aug, 2018
I love this table lamp. It's so easy to use. Just touch the base and it comes on. There's 3 setting of brightness. The light part is adjustable so you can put it in any position that you need.... read more »


07 Aug, 2018
This lamp is very nice and makes a great reading lamp at night I dont bother my boyfriend when he is asleep  read more »

awesome light

04 Aug, 2018
This light is the best so bright 3 different brightness changes. Easy touch function and turned right on when i opened it which is nive. Very durable and sleek it has small built so it doesnt take up... read more »

Had to cancel order

30 Jul, 2018
Sorry I had to cancel the order.    read more »


30 Jul, 2018
Perfect light for my late night reading in bed! It fits my table and doesn't take up too much space! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Awesome light!

19 Jul, 2018
I do a lot of crafting and while I do have a nice overhead light, it's not the best for intricate/detailed work. I also have a lot of electronic items, so free electrical outlets are rare. This la... read more »

The best on a small desk!

15 Jan, 2018
This lamp has a lot of things that are great.  I love the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of space.  When I need it, I just open it up and touch it.  It is great for over your ke... read more »

Excellent 3-Way Desk Lamp - Contemporary Design and Small Footprint!

13 Dec, 2017
I enjoy working on my lapdesk, but there is never enough light. This LED rechargeable desk lamp is the perfect solution. A sleek, slimline design in white that adds to my decor, but takes up almost no... read more »

Works Well

12 Dec, 2017
This little light is very bright, but has three adjustments for eye comfort. It is touch sensitive and swivels for easy use. It can be folded for easy transport and for the price it is a nice little l... read more »

Very disappointed

07 Dec, 2017
I received my lamp 2 days ago, it was on time and despite the box being damaged the lamp itself appeared to be intact. On first examination the lamp appeared to be exactly as described and I was reall... read more »


04 Dec, 2017
I Really Enjoy My Foldable Table Lamp USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp. Works Great & the charge lasts a long time- Perfect for reading! And, it folds up perfect for any space in your home! A Must buy!... read more »

Great for small areas!

04 Dec, 2017
I love that this lap is rechargeable! I don't need to charge it for a long time and it holds it charge for dayyyyyys! The 3 illumination setting is awesome - sometimes too bright of a light will g... read more »

LED Touch- Sensative Desk Lamp

27 Nov, 2017
I was very surprised with this light! It came with a USB charger, all you have to do it plug that into an iPhone cub to charge it when need be. It’s small, compact, and very convenient! The... read more »

LED Desk Lamps

20 Nov, 2017
Nice and bright lights. Will be keeping these on my nightstand for reading and for power outages. read more »

My daughter loves it

17 Nov, 2017
I got this for my daughters play desk and she loves it. Gives just the right amount of light, not too bright. I love that it's LED.  read more »

Awesome compact portable Lamp

14 Nov, 2017
Absolutly love this HeQiao Foldable lamp. It is very compact and i love that i can move it anywhere and not be constrained to one spot or to where the cord reaches. My husband actually took it from me... read more »

Great investment

05 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this lamp! I just found a new hobby of drawing and I like to sit on the couch next to my partner at night watching TV and drawing. Problem is, I can see worth a darn. But this l... read more »

The most useful lamp we own.

03 Nov, 2017
This is my second lamp of this same kind.  It is the most useful, versatile, durable light I've ever owned.  Compared to a more expensive, taller LED lamp and another more expensive ... read more »

Love the design and how user-friendly it is!

02 Nov, 2017
I love the design and how user-friendly it is. I can use it as a regular desk lamp or as an emergency light around the home when the lights go out. The LED lights are very bight and the light is very... read more »

Office Entertainment

28 Oct, 2017
Everyone who comes into my office loves this little lamp, People stop by just to play withit. It works geat for just that little bit of ectra reading light. read more »

Perfect for my beading workstation!

27 Oct, 2017
 I really like this foldable, rechargeable by USB, LED table lamp by #Heqiao ! It's touch controlled with 3 brightness settings. It also has built in glare reduction. Nice for my beading work... read more »


26 Oct, 2017
This light is perfect for my nightstand and i love the different light brightnesses i can have. read more »

Awesome desk light!

26 Oct, 2017
This is a very slim, sleek design.  I have had it on my desk for one day and already someone has asked to buy or for me to share a link.  It is rechargable which I love and that also lends t... read more »

Smart LED Lamp

23 Oct, 2017
We were very impressed with this lamp.  It is portable, easy to set up and super easy to use.  With just a touch it changes from off to soft light, medium, to bright.  three d... read more »

Great Portable Light

20 Oct, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Foldable-Rechargebale-T…/…/B019K52MLA This is super nice desk lamp that has many qualities that I really enjoy. It is portable so I can use camping, indoors or in... read more »

LED Lamp

20 Oct, 2017
I bought this lamp cause i likes different lights and because its rechargable. It very slim and compact so you have more room for your clutter on the desk. It has the 3 different brightness settings w... read more »

Foldable tabel lamp

05 Sep, 2017
Lots of great light right where you need it!  Compact and convenient.  A winner. read more »

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