HoneyGifts Hand Crank Wooden Music Box You are My Sunshine Valentine Birthday Gift
Price: $7.99
4.69 / 5   (39 Reviews)



31 Aug, 2021
The box is a little small, but not bad for the money. i would buy this again...too cute read more »

Cute gift!

24 Jul, 2021
Very cute little box! Works great looks nice made very well perfect little gift for a little girls or a special person in your life!  read more »

Beautiful Tune!

19 Jul, 2021
    This music box is made of natural wood, non-toxic and odorless, textured and polished, smooth and splinter-free.  It's a hand cranked music box and it's compact and... read more »


18 Jul, 2021
This is a song that means a lot to my family, it's a perfect little gift to give my granddaughter  read more »


14 Jul, 2021
Smaller than I thought but like it anyways  read more »

Super cute

12 Jul, 2021
This is a perfect gift. Must get read more »

Cute little tiny box

12 Jul, 2021
This is cute and the sound is good. It is very small, but it works well for us because my daughter is using it for her Barbie house.  read more »

Didnt meet expectations

11 Jul, 2021
Unfortunately this wooden musical box did not meet my expectations. Smaller then I anticipated. You have to turn the handle for the music to plaum I thought you would turn it or crank it and then the... read more »

very very small

09 Jul, 2021
this music box is very small.when you turn the crank,the song really sounds off.doesnt matter how fast or slow you turn it.the little wooden box looks cute with the carved design read more »

Really Cute

06 Jul, 2021
This little music box is really cute.  It was smaller than I was expecting but the details on it are exquisite.  You have to manually keep turning the handle to produce music - it's not... read more »

small but beautifully made

05 Jul, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #This is an adorable little girl Valentine's Day gift. The music plays as long as you are turning the handle. Once you let go, silence. I wish some of our ot... read more »

Great gift for loved one

04 Jul, 2021
I ordered this as a gift to my sister.  It's small but so adorable. You have to hand crank to make the music play.   read more »

So tiny and cute

01 Jul, 2021
This is the most adorable little music box I've ever seen. I collect music boxes and this is a great addition to my collection.  read more »


01 Jul, 2021
This was super cute music box! I did expect it to be bigger, but it was still cute. It made a great gift to my daughter. I loved that it played, "You are my Sunshine". I think the music box... read more »


29 Jun, 2021
So this tiny, palm size music box is super cute.  My only cons is the beginning of the song is out of tune/vibrates wrong and it is very, very tiny. Cute that it can fit anywhere though. I couldn... read more »


28 Jun, 2021
very cute and fun. a bit smaller than I expected. I like that it is made with wood.  read more »


27 Jun, 2021
This is simply an adorable little music box. Perfect as a gift or as a tchotchke for yourself. Sweet tune. Handcrafted look. It is charming and well made.  I plan on gifting with some other sun t... read more »

very cool

27 Jun, 2021
I got this as a gift for my wife and she loves it. I wish it was made of a high quality materials. but it is ok. I still like it read more »

HoneyGifts Hand Crank Wooden Music Box

25 Jun, 2021
A great little gift.  My wife actually loved it, especially since I sing the same song to her often. Just be warned the box is much smaller than it looks in the ad.  But overall, the smile i... read more »

Cutest thing ever

25 Jun, 2021
Purchased item for my nice. Her reaction was priceless!!! This small yet beautiful gift brought a lot of joy and smiles not only to her tender heart but to those who's ears she chose to share... read more »

Beautiful gift box!!!!

21 Jun, 2021
HoneyGifts Hand Crank Wooden Music Box You are My Sunshine Valentine Birthday Gift.This is a beautiful gift box for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc.Great for jewelry like... read more »

So Cute and musical

20 Jun, 2021
This hand crank wooden music box is really cute, made well and plays you are my sunshine, but you have to continue cranking it in order for you to be able to hear the entire song. It is easy to use, m... read more »

Beautiful Music Box

15 Jun, 2021
My husband and I purchased this as a gift for our soon to be newborn nephew. We wanted a keepsake he could have as a baby and keep his whole life. This was such a cute, old fashioned style crank music... read more »

Love it

15 Jun, 2021
This wooden music box players put together beautifully very well-designed very cute and I love how you can see how it works from over and you know flipping song read more »

Lovely Gift~

12 Jun, 2021
        HoneyGifts hand crank wooden music box is so lovely~ I like the natural wood material with unique engraving on the outside of the music box. The music box itself feels nice... read more »

Music box

10 Jun, 2021
I bought this for my husband his grandma always sang the song to him you are my sunshine. It's just a little box but it made this big man of mine feel good read more »


21 May, 2021
This music box is not only very well made but its so beautiful. The details and writing make it so special. By turning the crank slowly you get to hear the song play perfectly and it doesn't skip.... read more »


11 May, 2021
My daughter absolutely loves this her-prize I got for her. It is very detailed and very beautiful.  read more »

My favorite thing

11 May, 2021
I absolutely love this!  It reminds me of a music box I used to have and it's so dainty and makes such a focal piece.  I actually wish they had others with different music because I woul... read more »

For my Grandaughter

10 May, 2021
I love thissong.I will be redoing the outside. The music is perfect. read more »

Very nice piece

21 Aug, 2020
Its relaxing to hear it as you twist the handle thingy. It produce a nice clear music.  read more »

sounds wonderful!

25 Jul, 2020
If you crank these, they actually sound like the song. I think this is such a cute gift idea! I love them. Beautiful music  read more »

Simply Adorable

11 Jul, 2020
This is simply adorable.  I knew it was going to be small so that wasn't a problem.  "You are my Sunshine" is the song I sing to my grand daughter every night so she just loved... read more »


06 Jul, 2020
Just LOVE LOVE LOVE this little music box...It's small but, a great idea for a gift....Turn the handle crank and, it plays you are my sunshine.  Would make a great piece for a little girls ro... read more »

So Sweet Sounding

06 Jul, 2020
This is just as cute as the pictures show and the music is so sweet sounding.  Even though I looked at the measurements, it's a little smaller than I expected.  But the gifting card and... read more »

Music Box

02 Jul, 2020
This music box is adorable. You turn the little crank to hear the music and You Are My Sunshine happens to be the song I woke my daughter up with when she was small so this will make a great gift. The... read more »

SO sweet, well crafted

29 Jun, 2020
This tiny music box by HoneyGifts is precious! It is a wooden box, lightly carved with subtle decoration. It opens so you can watch it play. The song sounds great!!! Feels delicate, but not cheap... read more »


29 Jun, 2020
This handcrank wooden music box is gorgeous! It says "you are my sunshine" inside the lid and the music is lovely! The decorations on the box are stunning and make this a perfect gift for my... read more »

Tiny box

26 Jun, 2020
It's a lovely music box, but it's more of a trinket. Not for little kids. It's a keepsake, the designs are good andusic plays as you turn the handle  read more »

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