Moveo Water Bottle All-in-ONE - Fruit Infuser - Blender Bottle - Water Cup & Pill Box - Water Bottle Filter [Addition] - Easy to Carry BPA Free Tritan Material Travel Bottles (Bottle Gray Standard)
Price: $9.99
4.81 / 5   (77 Reviews)


Perfect addition to summer beverages

20 Jun, 2020
I have fallen in love with this little bottle. With summer here and fresh peaches abundent I have never enjoyed water so much. The strawberrys were good this year, and I enjoyed them in the bottle, bu... read more »

It works!

01 Jan, 2020
Love this infuser! It is also a pretty good size. Very durable as well. This is the second one we get.  read more »

My hubby love this!

07 Dec, 2019
We use this bottle for everything. We mix up a lot of different fruit and vegetable. I wish I got one for myself and will recommend it to others. Great Price read more »

All in one water bottle

05 Dec, 2019
This one really does it all!! Fruit infuser or protein shaker to plain ol water bottle! Exactly what I needed and completely leak free!! Super happy with it and will be ordering another for my hubs an... read more »

Nice color

23 Nov, 2019
I love the smoke color of this water bottle. It has a very nice design and clean lines. read more »

It's Obviously Perfect

20 Nov, 2019
It is the perfect fruit infuser bottle, because my daughter STOLE it from me, lol. She has been carrying it none stop and I am happy because I know she is drinking more water. read more »


17 Nov, 2019
Portable and easy set up. There is plenty of room for fesh fruit to make some great tasting, healthy fruit infused water. The blender ball included worked great to mix my powdered supplements to a smo... read more »

Infuse water bottle

11 Nov, 2019
This infuse water bottle is made nicely. The lid fits well with no leaks. Comes with straw and shaker ball. Will be checking into ordering the water filter you can use with this bottle as well. read more »


06 Nov, 2019
 Hsaplg made. But does the job.  read more »


05 Nov, 2019
Easy to carry. Pill organizer great surprise. Well made, not cheap  read more »

Just what I needed

31 Oct, 2019
I have bought water bottles before but this one by far is the best. The extra compartments are a plus! read more »

Great bottle

28 Oct, 2019
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #moveo this is a wonderful, good priced bottle. Use it daily. Works perfectly.  read more »

Perfect bottle

27 Oct, 2019
This is the perfect infuser for those who don't like to drink just plain water. Fill the center with your favorite fruits and let it sit to get those natural flavors in there. The bottle makes a g... read more »

Water bottle

23 Oct, 2019
This is a wonderful water bottle I love that it has a tube to put fruit or iced  read more »

Bottle is very versatile

21 Oct, 2019
I like the versatility of this water bottle, having a shaker ball for protein shakes and a chamber for fruit infusion is great. The cap spot for pills and vitamins is handy too. I also like that it ha... read more »

Helps Keep Me On Track !!

17 Oct, 2019
I am never drinking enogh fluids in a day which result in a lot of leg cramping. At least now I can have a tool to make sure I am drinking enough !  I love it !! read more »

Perfect size for all day use.

13 Oct, 2019
Good material and very protective with the heat. The size carry a good amount of water for all the day. Brings all parts needed to infuse your water with fruit or vegetable. read more »

Great infuser

11 Oct, 2019
I love adding fruit to my water and this is perfect.  Great quality. Not a super heavy bottle to carry around. Perfect for on the go. read more »


10 Oct, 2019
Water bottle is awesome I love putting my kiwi in the center container to make my water tasty. Also my daily meds come right along with me to work and say to remember when your water bottle holds is f... read more »

Very nice quality

09 Oct, 2019
Great water bottle with lots of functions read more »


09 Oct, 2019

Great present

07 Oct, 2019
I got this for my brother who uses it for work.  The protein powder ball is great for shakes. And he uses the infuser to make his cucumber water. Very affordable and well constructed. read more »

Worth the price which is reasonable

04 Oct, 2019
Bottle is of great quality, durable and worth the price. It check all boxes that you require, also comes with the filter which makes great. easy to carry around. read more »

great looking bottle

03 Oct, 2019
I have been using this water bottle for a few days now and it works great. I have used the fruit infuser for not only fruit but also for ice and it works great.  I have not eaten a seed yet!... read more »

Fruit infuser water bottle

03 Oct, 2019
Item worked just as indicated. Great price for the water bottle. I would definitely recommend it.  read more »

Great water

02 Oct, 2019
I love this water bottle it came equipped with a blender ball which was a nice surprise it gets me to drink a lot more water read more »

Great for everyday and travel

01 Oct, 2019
I bought this bottle on a recommendation from a friend. I LOVE it! I went from drinking little or no water a day to drinking what I should using this water bottle. I feel so much better and... read more »

A must have!

01 Oct, 2019
I love this bottle. It not only has the basic features of just holding and maker water it come with a vitamin container and a fruit infuser. I love that it has the lid that can also be used as a a cup... read more »

Great for outdoors.

30 Sep, 2019
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored iii.     Moveo Water Bottle BPA Free All-in-ONE - Fruit Infuser - Blender.   I REALLY LIKE THE BOTTLES BECAUSE YOU CAN PUT ANYTHING YOU L... read more »


30 Sep, 2019
Really impressed with this bottle. It doesn't leak, the shape is easy to grip, and I love the loop on the handle  - easy to loop through a backpack strap.  Great idea to add the pill box... read more »


29 Sep, 2019
Perfect water bottle just what I was looking for  would recommend a+++ read more »


29 Sep, 2019
This is awesome great product  read more »


29 Sep, 2019
the best fruit mining protein drink bottle that I can use to make gravy with too    i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #moveo read more »

Love This Water Bottle!

28 Sep, 2019
 I received the Innovative ALL-IN-ONE Water Bottle in the mail, it arrived neatly packaged and came sooner then expected! What i love about this Water bottle is its a really good size !! This wat... read more »

This is great

27 Sep, 2019
I love all that this is. I love that it holds pills and that you can change how you use it. Worth the money #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #dealsbyella #moveo read more »

Awesome Water Bottle

26 Sep, 2019
This is an awesome bottle and even has a part for my vitamins. It also hs an awesome handle to help carry while jogging or working out.  It is a fruit infused blender bottle that can also filter... read more »

Good deal!

26 Sep, 2019
A little confusing to figure out all the pieces at first but super cool and very handy! Good quality materials! I ended up purchasing a second one! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Moveowat... read more »

Great water bottle

26 Sep, 2019
Great water bottle! It’s actually nice to have one that tells me how much water I need to be drinking on the side! I love That I can put fruit in it and and not have to worry about drinking a se... read more »

Healthier choices, refreshing fruits!

24 Sep, 2019
I love my new BPA-free Moveo water bottle!  It's so easy to add yummy fruits, just like at high end resorts.  I'm drinking more water and making healthier choices.  The water co... read more »

Great waterbottle

22 Sep, 2019
I constantly drink water and after only drinking water for many years people can get bored or even disgusted by the taste of it. Being able to flavor the water by infusing berries into it is great. Th... read more »

My new go to water bottle!

22 Sep, 2019
First, I want to say how wonderful and helpful the company is. The person that I contacted with a small issue was very pleasant, quick to resolve my problem and polite.I am impressed with the customer... read more »

Very nice water bottle

20 Sep, 2019
The design of this water bottle is a very great idea! I love the pill container on the top! It's awesome. read more »

Very Durable Infuser Water Bottle

20 Sep, 2019
This water bottle is so amazing. I put some fresh fruit in the cylinder inside and added my water. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight and this morning it was so delicious. All-natural flavored w... read more »

Love the bottle

20 Sep, 2019
Bought this Moveo Water Bottle and think it's a great bottle! Love the look, easy to hold, carry and drink out of and it's a good size. I like the infuser, it keeps all the fruit in and the bo... read more »

Water bottle

19 Sep, 2019
Easier to use read more »


19 Sep, 2019
I just love my new Moveo All-in-one Water Bottle. It is well designed, smart, and practical. No, it's not wireless. It's design is above most water bottle available in the market today. It is... read more »


19 Sep, 2019
The Moveo Water Bottle BPA Free All-in-ONE - Fruit Infuser - Blender Bottle - Water Cup & Pill Box The size of the infuser is great and the pill cup is very convenient. I love that it tells me ho... read more »

Great travel cup!

18 Sep, 2019
Got this for my son, he was looking for one to add natural fruit to his water. He loves it. Works as expected. Quality made product. #RankBoo... read more »

Great Water bottle!

17 Sep, 2019
This is a really nice and sturdy water bottle. It is thick plastic and I love that it has a fruit/veggie infuser. Definatley recommend this water bottle if you are looking for a sturdy and nicely m... read more »

Water Bottle

17 Sep, 2019
Very Cool!! read more »

Must Have

16 Sep, 2019
This bottle is a must have.  I hate drinking water but with this bottle it makes it simple to put some lemon or cucumber to help flavor the water.  Healthy too.  Durable and beautiful! read more »


16 Sep, 2019
Fits regular water bottle and my slender coffee thermos. Pocket holds keys and iPhone x and small pocket carry my emergency allergy pills. I bought the water bottle that goes with it and I can infuse... read more »

Water bottle

15 Sep, 2019
Absolutely Absolute loved the moveo water bottle. Was easy to use and just the right size. read more »


15 Sep, 2019
I was very disappointed when I received this. I was waiting on it to come in because my boys were leaving for a camping trip the next day and were going to take bottle on camping trip with them. But o... read more »

all in one!

14 Sep, 2019
This really is an all in one sports bottle.  BEST SPORTS WATER BOTTLE  This is a very flexible gym water bottle.   You can use it with all the components that it comes wi... read more »

Decent bottle for the price.

14 Sep, 2019
Comes with 2 bottles. It has got an infuser. Might be a bit hard for little kids to use but works well for an adult. Quality is OK. read more »


13 Sep, 2019
I love the design of it and the pill holder and cup come in handy. read more »

Great Water Bottle!

12 Sep, 2019
This water bottle is of good material, and doesn't drip! At first I struggled to figure out how the cap of water bottle worked, in order to be able to drink, but after some reading of the manual I... read more »

Great Water Infuser bottle

11 Sep, 2019
So far the bottle is holding up with quality build. As from other reviewers, theirs is not holding together as well.  I mostly use for lemons. I have not used for anything else. I will start t... read more »

All in one!

11 Sep, 2019
Great concept to have a blender and infuser with the bottle. And the pill holder makes it complete. read more »

Comes in handy!

11 Sep, 2019
Great infuser, I have been using it daily for work and my water intake has increase greatly with this! A must have  read more »

Great way to create fruit infused drinks

10 Sep, 2019
I am very pleased with my Moveo all in one fruit infused / blender bottle. I have created a variety of healthy drinks using it so far. My favorite had been mint ,cinnamon and fruit infused water .I... read more »

nice little bottle

10 Sep, 2019
Great price, quality and multi-functional #RankBoosterReview #moveo read more »

Great water bottle

09 Sep, 2019
Love this water bottle. I pack it with fresh fruit in the morning ad some green tea and I'm good for the whole day! read more »

Great buy

08 Sep, 2019
Watch the video for a full review. It is easy to use and clean. It's also helpful to take you medication on the go. Great buy all around. read more »

Fruit Infuser

08 Sep, 2019
Moveo Water Bottle All-in-ONE - Fruit Infuser - Blender Bottle - Water Cup & Pill Box - Water Bottle Filter [Addition] - Easy to Carry BPA Free Tritan Material Travel Bottles (Bottle Gray Standard... read more »

Water bottle

07 Sep, 2019
I love the multiple uses of this bottle. It can be used as a regular water bottle, a shaker for protein drinks, and it has a pill box.  read more »

Good product and good price.

06 Sep, 2019
I love this water infuser! It’s easy to clean and easy to put together. Just pop in some fruit and let it sit for a bit and you’re drinking whatever you created. My favorite is strawberrie... read more »

Love this Bottle

06 Sep, 2019
Amazing bottle. Great quality  read more »


06 Sep, 2019
#RankBooster #Sponsored #Moveo Makes being healthy easier. I love the ability to make healthy decisions without much of a fuss. Makes my water amazing! read more »

Awesome fruit infuser

04 Sep, 2019
Absolutely love this drink bottle. Holds the fruit well. You can taste the infused water. Good quality bottle. Great color and come with spiral mixing ball for protein shakes! read more »


03 Sep, 2019
Great bottle! It's the perfect size. It holds a generous amount of fruit so the water gets amazing flavor. Easy to clean. Easy to carry. Excellent product! read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

03 Sep, 2019 #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Moveo read more »

Great bottle that will hold up over time

01 Sep, 2019
I’ve had a few bottles similar to this one where I paid much more. This is a nice solid bottle which is perfect to fill with fruit. Try it with frozen strawberries or frozen cucumbers! They work... read more »

As expected

29 Aug, 2019
This water bottle fruit infuser is as expected it's a good quality bottle. It came really quickly it was packed very well. It is bpa-free. And I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Who am I pl... read more »

Great buy

25 Aug, 2019
Color: SG-Black I've never tried a water bottle diffuser before, but I do own a large glass one that I got as a shower gift 2 years ago and I loved that one. I wanted to buy a travel size one t... read more »

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