Lot-Yes Descant Soprano Recorder Music Recorder Instrument For Kids Kids Flute Kids Recorder With Cleaning Rod + Case Bag (pink)
Price: $6.49
4.74 / 5   (23 Reviews)


Excellent for home school music class

23 Jun, 2021
This standard recorder is an excellent option for doing elementary home school music class.  It does not come with a music book so you will need to purchase this if you intend to use this for les... read more »

What a nice harmonica!

16 Jun, 2021
This is a very nice harmonica and it comes in a lovely case.  I got it to donate to one of our local charities that gives free lessons to poor children.  This harmonica will brighten a child... read more »

A Terrific Way to Introduce Music to a 7 Year Old Girl!

16 Dec, 2020
I remember when I received my first recorder in kindegarten. This brought back so many great memories of learning my very first instrument. When I saw this Pink Soprano Recorder by #LotYes brought bac... read more »

Absolutely Recommend this

15 Dec, 2020
Amazing. My daughter loves that its pink which is her favorite color. Reminds me of my old standard recorder i had as a child. This is a must have for girls who prefer pink over the standard black rec... read more »


30 Oct, 2020
Nice pink recorded, daughter needed one for music class and to practice music at home, came wth cleaning rod and bag, thick plastic, durable, served its purpose read more »

Awesome recorder

17 Sep, 2020
This recorder is so cute. My granddaughter will love it. It's a great color and the sound is terrific. read more »


05 Aug, 2020
I got this for when my son goes to 3rd grade and they teach him how to play one. Since this is pink he will keep this one at home and keep his other ones at school so he won't forget to bring it b... read more »

My granddaughter loves it!

05 Aug, 2020
My granddaughter loves it! My wife, not so much... It is noisy, but my granddaughter is learning to play it. I would recommend this if you have a patience for noise. It's well-made and can be t... read more »

Cute toy

01 Aug, 2020
Very nice little instrument. It sounds good. My 5 year old really enjoys it!  read more »

Love the color works great

28 Jul, 2020
My kids needed these for music class I love the option of colors but pink is my favorite color , if you need one of these it's a good starter flute read more »

great for homeschool music lessons

23 Jul, 2020
I homeschool my daughter and this year we are incorporating music into her studies. The recorder is usually a child’s first introduction to an instrument in school so I decided to follow along w... read more »

Nice Recorder for Kids!

09 Jul, 2020
I needed something to keep my Grand-daugher amuzed during the summer. She wanted to play the drums so I compromized and got here this recorder! I played one when I was a kid and loved it. This is just... read more »

Great little beginner instrument.

08 Jul, 2020
The sound is decent, although it leans to being sharp and I was a professional flautist. My daughter likes the color and has enjoyed practicing on it. She is six and the holes are almost a little larg... read more »

10 stars!!!

05 Jan, 2020
This is even BETTER than the recorders that my kids' school is selling for twice this amount - and this one is a much prettier color!  When is amazon ever NOT the answer?! =)  read more »

Great for homeschool

13 Dec, 2019
Perfect for my kiddos to learn during music class.  read more »

Arrived shattered

01 Dec, 2019
Little Missie loves music, just like all of my family. I am so glad to see my kids are music lovers and am always looking for new things to add to our growing collection of instruments and noise maker... read more »


27 Nov, 2019
Great for girls. Good size. And comes with a bag good for travel. read more »

Great for beginners

25 Nov, 2019
My 8 yo daughter all of a sadden got interested in a flute and asked if we can pay for flute lessons for her. Okkk. Knowing how she is and let's be honest all kids want things and then lose i... read more »

So cool

23 Nov, 2019
Not one of the cheap ones u buy at a dollar store. Comes in it's own carrying case. Also has the tool to clean it even it's own cloth. The color is great. The carrying bag also comes in some v... read more »

These recorders are amazing!

20 Nov, 2019
I love the colors the seller offer and it is very affordable! Definitely recommend buying and they sound very good!  read more »

Nice instrument!

20 Nov, 2019
I had one of these when I was a kid, and just had to get this cute pink one for my neice. Comes with the cleaning rod and cute carrying case. She's only 4, but it's a great way to introduce a... read more »

Children’s Flute Toy

13 Nov, 2019
Nice music/sound maker! Granddaughter loves to blow and dance just like Peter Piper. #Lot-Yes Descant Soprano Recorder did right by making this toy with bag included. read more »

Recorder Flute

11 Nov, 2019
The recorder was exactly as described. The sound of the recorder was a beautiful soprano sound. I used to play this as a kid and enjoyed it. It came with a nice carrying case and a cleaning tool. The... read more »

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